Monday, January 16, 2012

A little chat - about this and that

This -
is an old rattan ottoman/storage I have had for many years - and it has definitely seen better days - it was brown, than I painted it black - and now I have painted it silver - maybe a little too flashy?


is the newest dresser I am trying to purchase ( advertised as not in pristine condition )
and it comes with this!  Is it normal to get so excited about furniture? 

Oh yes - and a 2nd person contacted me about the buffet / hutch - the email reads
" hi for 50$ i will be interested thanks "
Don't know whether to laugh or cry at that, think I'll laugh because it really is a joke.
On another note, we have a new supplier for ASCP opening here in Montreal ( not sure when though ) - great news because although I have a wonderful supplier already she is in Bath, Ontario ( THE MELON PATCH 
check out her store - just google the name)
I will at least save on shipping fees - the paint is so expensive that I will take any savings I can get.
 Have started on this,

and think I will do this again ( it sold so quickly - maybe it's a winning formula!!! )

and that's all for now folks ;)


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