Sunday, January 22, 2012

In all her raw beauty

restoration hardware eat your heart out

battered beaten beauty ( even came with a mirror - not the one in the pic )
 My latest purchase - (the customer picked up the buffet/hutch  yesterday ) and this came in -
I don't like wood - I really do prefer painted furniture ( although I do have a couple
of wood pieces in my house, they are certainly not my favorites ) but this piece I  love just the way it is...................please disregard the handles - I set it up in my dining room without even wiping it down - I couldn't wait to " stage " it, lol - John looks at me like I've lost my mind, well honey, maybe I should
have told you earlier, I lost it some time ago and have been trying to fake it ever since. Has it worked?

I keep walking by it and saying this is the nicest find so far, although I say that about everything,
This is the best supper I have ever had - this is the best book I have ever read, this is the best movie
I have ever seen, you get the picture?  BUT I mean it everytime I say it - and this really is the best
dresser I have found to date.  I'm drooling on my desk right now, so will say ttfn and run and get
the windex before he wakes up!



  1. HOly shit that's a beautiful dresser! Change the hardware and it's perfect. I imagine you're gonna paint it? Has it told you what colour it wants to be?

  2. It is just lovely...I love the feet and the keyholes.


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