Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I have to tell you all that if I'm not cheering for Canada - my next in line is the U.S.A. - always - without fail.

It's not like living in Europe where there are soooo many different countries - it's just the 2 of us on this glorious continent after all - so if a medal is not coming to us - I WANT it to go to my neighbors.

I know there's stiff competition out there -

Hockey - men's
Hockey - ladies
and every type of figure skating there is.  ( as well as many other sports obviously but those 2 stand out for me )

So - this morning I watched with pride as Canada took the silver for figure skating - and the U.S. took Gold - both were very deserving of the medals they're taking home - making both countries proud.
( And I was glad that Russia took the bronze as well - being the host country )

Then one of the commentators mentioned HOCKEY - and his words were -  "stay tuned for Men and Ladies hockey folks - we'll be playing with our ARCH RIVALS"

Ok - is that not the funniest thing?  It sounds like cartoon villains to me -

Except we'd better take GOLD in one of them -

We have to share because .....................
That's just the neighborly thing to do of course ( the proverbial cup of sugar if you will :)

( unless we win both of them - then sorry - we keep 'em LOL )

Have a great Tuesday everyone !!!


  1. I'm loving the Olympics this year!! I saw a couple from Russia skating that blew me away!! And they also have a 15-yr old girl I thought was amazing. I get all wrapped up in the performances, and feel bad for anyone who loses. They did a lot of work and self-sacrifice to get over there...but I know not everyone can win. The name of the game. :)

  2. Suzan, I have been following figure slating since 1988...I remember Canadians Brian Orser, Tracy Wilson and Rob McCall, and of course Liz Manley at the Calgary Olympics. I am so excited to finally see an American couple win ice dancing! It's so hard to move up in that sport, and I'm with you always cheering on our neighbors!

    1. Congratulations - it was like watching poetry - seriously beautiful ice dancing!!!
      And of course I'm super proud of our 2 also - just beautiful to see !

  3. Did you see the article the article by Rosie DiManno? I love all my Canadian blog friends, so I was shocked to see such snarkiness by a Canadian about Americans! Admittedly, I didn't watch all of the ice dancing, but I'm with you...if it's not the Americans, I want it to be the Canadians!!


  4. Frankly, I like seeing someone else besides the U.S. getting medals. I'm happy to share these with Canada. But boy, after that performance by the Gold medal winners last night, I would have wondered about the judges if they'd not received that medal. It was so fluid and amazing! The sport I've enjoyed most though, was the slopestyle. Crazy, dangerous and so exciting!

  5. I feel the same way, Suzan. I was happy for the US to take the gold and Canada to take the Silver and extremely glad Russia took the bronze. It has been a good run so far. I am not as much of a hockey fan but loved the skating and the skiing. I know Canada is all about hockey so praying that we ALL do well in that. xo Diana

  6. Those ice dancers were awesome! It was so cool to see Meryl and Charlie win - and I don't think it would have mattered where they lived! LOL! The story of how they've skated together for 17 years and how their Moms have always traveled to watch them and how flawlessly they skated was so cool. But the Canadians were just as fun to watch too I thought!

  7. I love watching the winter Oympics, especially the figure skating and all the outdoor winter sports. I was happy for the US couple, they've skated together for so long and they were fantastic. I also loved the Canadians, they were fabulous as well. I enjoyed the skating from all the countries and always enjoy the spirit of the Olympic Games. The athletes are so dedicated and work so hard for so many years, and many get very little recognition for it. It's so nice to see the spirit of competition shown in such a positive way!

  8. I can't get into the Winter Olympics I find it incredibly boring and for once we're not doing too bad.

  9. Sorry, but I like seeing other countries take medals - most specifically the underdog countries like Belarius, The Netherlands (gotta love their speed skaters), etc. I'm sure that the media just likes to build arch rivals - although in hockey, I think they're right.

    The ice dancing was phenomenal and any one of the top three teams had my vote (although my heart is still with ANY Canadian athlete).

  10. Well, the ice dancing results are being reported as suspicious through some media outlets but it seems to be the way that sport flies... so close, how do you tell apart the gold from the silver...both beautiful performances under a very subjective microscope.
    I love reading as much media from other continents as I can given there is a tendency to push some stories more than others in the North American media. I love hearing how it is reported in Russia. Very different perspective. All in all, some very interesting stories coming out of the Olympics that tie us all together.

  11. I'm rooting for North America too! If the US can't get gold, I hope for Canada. I think that the sports where they are judged on technique, not speed, are sort of rigged anyway.

  12. I just haven't been into these Olympics for some reason. I love the ice dancing but haven't been able to just sit and watch. I do hope that Canada wins if the U.S. doesn't!


  13. I'm older and have watched the Olympics change over the years. It's so strange now to see coaches coaching numerous athletes from different countries. And changing citizenship in order to compete for another country isn't that unusual either. I think I've heard the announcers comment on at least four or five athletes that competed for country XYZ and are now competing for country ABC this time around. It's just a different world. I think of how excited we were watching the 1980 USA - Russia hockey game. It was a bunch of college kids beating the Russian team. Now it's not quite as exciting with NHL players on the teams. I still love watching the Olympics and there probably aren't too many people that spend the hours watching that I do, but it's a different game now.

  14. I'm pleased to hear that Canada got a silver in the pairs skating. I've been missing the Olympics and any news of them as our daughter doesn't have TV hooked up and I haven't really had time to check on line either. Go Canada!!!

  15. You are so funny! I like to watch the snowboarding!

  16. I don't think Canada will win gold or silver in men's hockey, they just don't seem to be fully there. It's too bad Russia got beat out in men's hockey, I would have liked to see Canada against them in the finals...memories of '72 and Paul Henderson...
    Debbie :)

  17. Congrats on your men's hockey win today over the US!


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