Monday, February 17, 2014

Checkerboard Tiles on their way !!!!!!!!!

Oh thank you United States of America - where you can find anything you need !!!

As most of you know - I searched and searched for black and white stick on tiles for the kitchen to no avail -

Went to all the floor stores here and was met with almost a look of horror

" no one uses stick on any more Madame "

Well this Madame wants stick on - because I want to see how it looks MONSIEUR ................before I put something down that's a nightmare to remove and because I'm in a hurry - and because I'm fast running out of moolah - and because I simply cannot stand to look at the floor we put down ( the biggest mistake by far - the BIGGEST ) - so I contacted WAYFAIR - and found my tiles - and they're being delivered as we speak -

8 boxes of them - so there's enough for the mudroom down the road - including delivery - it's half the price we spent on the pitiful excuse for a kitchen floor we already laid.
I'm not even linking back to that post LMHO.................

looks grey - but it's WHITE

and the window is ready - so the next time you see photos of the kitchen ( the tiles should arrive on the 25th of February )

I will finally have this

and probably be a lot happier than I've been feeling lately :)

I also ordered some of this light grey burlap - because I'm thinking of removing 1 cupboard door and replacing it with a curtain

Suzan says - I ordered some burlap
John says - What for?
Suzan says-  To replace one of the kitchen cupboard doors
John says - OVER MY DEAD BODY - we just bought the cabinets - don't talk so ridiculous
John says - we could have kept the original kitchen if you wanted to hang curtains from cupboards
John says - It's going to look like a hillbilly's kitchen
Suzan smiles - Well hopefully it's going to look like a hillbilly from France's kitchen
John says -it's enough Suzan - with that old door in there

John says - You going to put chickens in the back yard next?

BWAHHHH - little does he know if they didn't scare me so much I would most certainly be putting
chickens in the back yard..................doesn't he know that's it's tres chic now to have les poulets?

On another note - this lady did not want to be painted

I've never met a piece of furniture that resisted being painted like this one - N.E.V.E.R.
Flaking - peeling - lovely brownish red tannin streaks coming was a nightmare.
Plus it didn't fit in the van ( the top piece ) so we had to scramble around looking for a way to get it to our place - my son in law saved the day - then he and Lindsay went to Florida - and I have no way of getting it back to the client until they return ) Disaster - truly a disaster!

Tips for Tannin stains - Zinsser Shellac - 2 coats over the discoloration usually does the trick - in this case I had to sand down the areas after the shellac because it didn't work - and start over - but once I sanded it seemed to cover up quite nicely - (I only did this in the areas where the actual stains appeared)

But sometimes even a nightmare can turn into a dream - here she is waiting for the top piece to be be lifted on..................

The handles were spray painted black - but I've since changed them to a pewter color - don't know if the photos do them justice but loving them now

And that's about it for the day - you all have a great Monday ( as far as Monday's go - and if in fact they can ever be great :)

Much love,

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  1. So glad you found your tiles, that must be a relief. I know you are busy but can you please email me?

  2. Yes, the United States...where you can find anything you need...and LOTS that you don't and never will. You did miracles with that hutch/cabinet. I would never have dreamed that it could look so beautiful! And sorry, but I'm with John on the cabinet. Burlap? Really? Mice can climb up burlap.

  3. Love the tiles, will be so easy to take care of!
    I hanker for chickens also!!!
    Tell John to keep coming up with GREAT ideas!!
    Have a good week... Vicki

  4. Great I have s french dresser to paint. Hope that Dont happen. I had that happen once on a mahogany piece. I said it was possessed because the dysind kept reappearing. A nightmare!

  5. Suzan,
    Love the tiles. Love Wayfair! They have everything. The kitchen is going to look smashing with those new tiles. I cannot wait to see the kitchen finished. Love what you did with the china cabinet. Also most french farmhouse kitchens have a skirted cabinet so you are on track with that. Don't let the critics poo poo your creative instinct. It will look great.

  6. I'm so happy you found your tiles! I know you are excited to get them in and we are excited to see them! It is going to look fabulous! I love the burlap curtain idea too and plan to do that in my kitchen if I ever get to remodel it. I love the look! Have a blessed Monday...:)


  7. Ha...I have chickens and a skirt under my sink, and I'm pretty sure I'm not a hillbilly, lol. It's going to look lovely!! Love the pewter-colored handles!!

    1. LOL - John thinks ALL North Americans are Hillbilly ( ish ) you should see some of those conversations - he thinks I speak like a hillbilly btw...............( I'll just pretend I'm Ellie Mae Clampett and put him in a head lock if he continues this ) Says he came over ( he's from England ) to teach us all how to speak English properly

  8. Can't wait to see the tiles, but you must mean Feb 26, unless your waiting a whole year for them lol I am with John (Can't believe I am saying that) about the burlap, but I hate sink skirts too. Can't wait too see the new floor down. My renovating is at a stand still until my neck and back heal after my fall. So I will just dream about mine and watch yours . hugs Tobey

  9. Dear John, I'm 'murican & I ain't no hillbilly! I would like to raise goats in my backyard, if it wasn't so small. Neighbors wouldn't care, they'd like it!

  10. Hillbilly kitchen, LOL, I say, John is a fun guy. I bet he keeps you laughing all day long. ;-) as he tries his best to make you English.
    xx oo
    As always, I love your posts.

  11. Well, congrats on the tiles...can't wait to see you stick it! ;)

    Pay no attention to the chickens behind the burlap curtain....


  12. That is fantastic Suzan, I know you will be much happier. I can't wait to see!


  13. You're going to spend you life in your kitchen once you have the new floor!

  14. yay i loving the tiles and oh that hutch is a big boy lol cant wait to see all done

  15. Hi Suzan!!!!

    The floors are going to be gorgeous with these tiles!!!! I love the look of black and white. I've been thinking of doing my dining room set a black and white. Very bold for me, but, I've been falling in love with classy black and white!!!

    I love curtain cupboards!!! It's more of a homey feel than a farmers kitchen and BTW I've seen these really fluffy chickens that people have as pets!!! They look so cute!!!!

    Absolutely love the hutch that you've been working on. We bought a hutch top and I was looking for a bottom that looked like this one, but, couldn't find one, so, I bought a dresser that I'll be painting and putting under the hutch. I love it because it has two doors in the middle, so, I can make it look like the two came together!!!

    Have a great week Suzan!!!


  16. Cannot wait to see the tiles. We had black and white tiles in one of our apartments in NDG and I loved it. If I remember correctly it was a deciding factor on renting the apartment!!

  17. Suzan, the checkerboard tiles are going to be so pretty. Do you plan to lay them on the diagonal, like the floor in the kitchen pictured? Wonderful job on the painted piece! Someone is going to be very happy when they get that one back home.

    1. Diaganol baby - done in my best Austin Powers voice lol -
      Thanks so much Lynn !

  18. Oh I can't wait to see the kitchen after the tile is laid and the window installed. It's going to look gorgeous. I love the painted piece you did. It will look beautiful together, I'm sure. Have a great week Suzan.

  19. I am so glad you got your tiles. They will be fabulous! My daughter put her stick on tiles down with adhesive just as if they didn't have the sticky back. They have held up beautifully over 8 years of heavy wear and tear and are just now starting to "lift" a bit. You will be SO glad to get rid of the AWFUL (yes- I am honest) AWFUL floor!

    Can't wait till John sees the burlap replacing a door-or two-snicker....

    Have a wonderful week - I know you are getting anxious and probably feeeling a bit "down" with all that is going on there. Only a few more weeks to get through, Suzan. You can do it, girlie! xo Diana

  20. Hurrah that your floor is coming!! And hurrah for the USA!! hehehe sorry, it's President's Day here, I had to throw that one in there. ;)

    Looking forward to the outcome on the curtain/cupboard discussion. :)

    I'm sorry you had trouble w/the painting. It looks really nice though, and I like the pewter handles.

  21. I thought of you tonight. Steve and I went to senior citizen Monday night movies to see The Monuments Men. Matt Damon's character speaks French (they show his translation in subtitles) and he does a horrendous job of it. One of the characters asks him where he learned French and he said, "Canada, Montreal". The character just scoffs at the thought. He wasn't impressed with Canadian French.

  22. I had stick on black and white tiles in heavy traffic areas for about 20 yrs. They looked just fine and would probably still be down if a puppy hadn't eaten a whole in them. You chickens are in the mail and you might want to let John know that I've sent them as a housewarming gift.

  23. Stick on I&E's are awesome so glad you got them, I want chickens but Julian said taking my goldfish murders into consideration he feels chickens won't flush....he's mean to me :P

  24. You are afraid of chickens AND squirrels??? !!! I'm glad you got your tiles..woohoo! Thanks for the tip on the Zinsser..I hope I never need it. I also hope I can remember it if I do! Looks lovely girl!

  25. Yay so glad you got your tiles. Chickens are really sweet. No need to be afraid. I would love to hear what John would say if he came home to some in the backyard. xo Laura

  26. I love black and white anything and this floor is going to be gorgeous!! I love the piece you painted...looks very elegant I think. Don't have a clue how you're doing that as well as working on your house...I think you need a break my friend.

    Oh, and please tell John that we're NOT all hillbillies even though we love our boots and hats in Texas ~ along with some two-steppin' on the dance floor, horses and the great outdoors. :)


  27. Awww Suzan, chickens are sweet pets! Aside from the fact their eggs are second to none...nothing like fresh eggs. And they make great weeders for the gardens...if you can teach them the difference between the plants & weeds, that is. Loving the dresser and so glad you finally found your tiles!
    Debbie :)

  28. Congrats on your tiles! I'm so glad you decided to go with the diamond pattern. Mine is ordered, its sheet vinyl but its free (Armstrong had to replace our floors because of staining from the glue they used).... so I'm excited. A little bit worried how it's going to be keeping it clean. I love the look though! The hutch is beautiful. You always do a great job!

  29. Glad you were able to tackle that stubborn lady and get her properly painted. I love a checkerboard floor. You're a chicken about chickens?

  30. So beautifully written! Great colors. Love this post of yours.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  31. Love the way the hutch turned out and the pewter handles were the perfect touch. Hey, I was in Sam's Club today. Guess what I saw...chicken coops. I stopped, went back and took a second look. They were kinda cute, up on stilts with a ladder and wire house. I am seeing you are correct about it being tres chic now to have les poulets! Tell John you can get a KIT-TO- GO!
    xoxo Ginger

  32. Well, you should have gotten some brownie points for taking the chicken wire out of the buffet cabinet! Maybe you should get some of those wind-up chicks and have them walk around that new checkerboard floor, just for laughs!

  33. I LOVE the John says, Suzan says... so funny! Love the painted piece, it looks beautiful.

  34. Even though the hutch fought you it look out pretty. Love your hillbilly french pot rack door! Can't wait to see the black and white floor, it will rock!

  35. Can't wait to see your new floors! I've been thinking of black and white tiles for our back entry, laundry and bathroom. The base of this cabinet looks great! It's going to be gorgeous all finished! ~Deborah

  36. Suzan, I'm so anxious to see your kitchen floor. I've been wanting to change my kitchen floor to b/w tiles and had gotten some years ago from Home Depot. Looked in there the other day and not a one to be found. I might have to get the name where you got them from. Of course, this will be another long drawn out project ,"because we've only had this floor for 25 years". Have a great week..Judy


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