Thursday, February 20, 2014

Drape Drapes & More Drapes ( HALF PRICE DRAPES !!! )

I'm torn with the living room window - ( actually if truth be known I've been torn with every. single. decision i've made in this house.

Not one of them has come easily ( and normally I make flash decisions with very little or no regret at all )

The living room window is long and narrow.................this window will not be changed as it only opens up to the front porch - so a good painting and some pretty drapes should be ok - I knew I wanted a faux silk or taffeta - and I wanted a solid color - although.....................( and it's the although's that are killing me )

Here's what tormented me this week

I LOVE this color - but just may be a little too dark for the cottage-y feel of this house
( although the contrast could be quite beautiful with a white couch in front of it )

Love this Vintage Plum color - soooo pretty for the summer
( although I'm not really interested in buying seasonal drapes )

There's something about these stripes that I just love - a perfect contrast with all the white going on in the room ( although I think they'd start to feel circus-y after a while ) still - they kind of scream Paris, don't they?

LOVE how luxurious the gold is - ( although all of my accents are pewter and silver )
still - there's always spray paint !

Navy could work ( although I have absolutely nothing to tie that into either ) still there's something very cottage-y about Navy and White...................

so do I fall back on my Grey's ?  and if I do - what shade do I pick??? ( although I may just be getting tired of my favorite color at this point anyway )

Can't tell you how much I love this honey color ( although again it seems sort of summery to me )
but it would accent the ebony floors so beautifully

Also love this shade of blue - ( although it may be too " cool " for my living room the end I chose grey - blah blah blah - lol
Graphite to be exact - did you really expect anything else from me ???

I know they're dark - not the greatest choice for an already dark room maybe but
the sofa and chair are getting slipcovered in white so it should be a nice deep contrast -
AND they'll always be open - against a white wall................

Inverted pleasts - ( don't get me started on how long it took me to choose a pleat )

oh and just before I checked out - I grabbed 4 panels of these - maybe for the office ( we have 2 windows in there )

I bought them from HALF PRICE DRAPES  ( it's like Pinterest - it sucks you in lol )

If anyone is in the market for a wedding dress - you can order these curtains and sew them together - Voila - instant dress - and then you can hang them in your bedroom after the big day - now THAT'S
upcycling at it's finest LOL

Have a great day all !
Much love,

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  1. I love the graphite drapes. They will look beautiful. I cannot believe that last set you

  2. I love the choices you made. I think they will go perfectly with the color scheme of your home. The first thing I thought of when I looked at the black and white striped ones was Beetlejuice's black and white suit. I've lived in my house for over 10 years and have yet to find a set of drapes I liked. I'm going to check out the half price drapes site.

  3. What a luvly assortment of drapes :) I do luv the ones you chose... graphite, what a stunning shade. But the last ones... really?? Hahahaha... who knew. I am still trying to wrap my mind around them.
    Happy today!
    Hugs, Gee

  4. Drapes are tough. For my living room, I bought 2 pine closet doors at HD and pained them white wot create "shutter" hey don't close but fill out the window wall so my sofa has a "frame". I have only 1 set of drapes in my whole house despite being a decorator. I have tried several in my house and always ended up liking the bare window look better in my "cottagey" house. When I do drapes for clients 99% of the time I do linen which tends to recede a little bit more.

    I think a soft blush color would look nice in your house....the stripes are definitely too much.

  5. I love the first and second ones. The second does look very calming and summery. The first, more for something bright to cheer up a long winter. So basically I'm saying you need both, so you can switch them off. :-) BTW, good luck with the Olympics hockey match (is it called a match? I have no idea.) I just know that Canada and the U.S. are going to be battling it out. I'll be happy with whoever wins because I have so many wonderful Canadian blogger friends!

  6. You just cant go wrong with graphite!! They are perfect. We just bought drapes yesterday from Ikea and bought a very dark grey set too. I can hardly wait to get our first dormer done and hang them. I paint today!!!!!

  7. I like the printed ones. The good thing about drapes is that you can change them in the future without too much pain (except for on the wallet)

  8. If you get hate mail from my husband....ignore it! ;-) I am now officially addicted to HPD!!! :-D

    LOVE your choices in the graphite and the black and white print ones. It will be lovely I know. <3

    1. LOL - he can join John's team !!!
      Good luck and thanks Laurayne

  9. I hope your choice is just right; with so many choices, it can be overwhelming! ♡

  10. Bullseye! Graphite Grey, it is, for it could NOT have been any other, of course, no kidding, no joke, not a chance, no way, Jose, not for Suzan, her snazzy, signature hue!

    They're going to look absolutely gorgeous!


  11. Love your selection! I also hard for me to stay away from gray :) I need to visit that place, I need new curtains in my bedroom and I know is not going to be easy :/

  12. I would have chosen the graphite as well!!

  13. Out of all the ones you showed, I think the graphite is the best. I think you made an awesome choice! I checked out the site, I've never heard of it before but it looks pretty darn good!
    Debbie :)

  14. good choice - the graphite. me, I always go with color. and I change colors and themes, a lot. drives hubby crazy lol

    1. I'm so happy the books in my bookshelves have color Debbi lol - because I'm pretty much a black and white and grey all over kind of person ( I LOVE color in people's homes though - just never seem to do it in my own )

  15. Geez- You chose grey? Seriously? What I am wondering is why the heck you even put yourself through the gymnastics of trying to decide? You should have only had four choices...light grey, medium grey & dark grey. And you would win no matter which one you picked. I have those "luxurious gold" ones in our bedroom.....yes-I do....inverted pleats and all!;>) xo Diana

  16. Way too many decisions. My favorites were the black and white stripes and the grays.

    I solved the problem at our house. We have no window coverings; look on in everybody, our lives are open books. We have one curtain on an entryway window, but nothing on the windows in the door. We have a valence in the kitchen - I would have a wooden shelf instead, but then I couldn't open one of the cabinets. If we ever go to open shelving, then the valence immediately and a shelf is in its place. We have half curtains in my work room. There are no curtains in our bedroom, the living room or dining room. And, we love the open look in such a tiny space.

  17. Suzan,
    You have to go with what you love. Grey is what you love so I know you will be happy with that choice. I like the graphite too but I think the grey are my favs. Good luck.

  18. Thanks for introducing us to Half Price Drapes. It looks awesome. I'm going to order drapes for my dining room!

  19. I was gonna say gray.... any of 'em.

  20. Love the grays the best with your color scheme. Very pretty!

  21. Well, I love the navy and some of the other colors. The stripes are beautiful but can you imagine being a little tipsy and looking at those? :) The graphite is beautiful and will look gorgeous with white walls & the slip covered furniture. Can't wait to see it all done! All of your silver and pewter will make the room pop.


  22. too many choices but I am sure that with your eye for detail what you have chosen it will be perfect-love dee x

  23. Love them all.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  24. Great choice, those drapes are all pretty fine. Love the luxury of the graphite.

  25. The grey drapes will look perfect in your living-room... I hate choosing drapes as you're supposed to keep them at least a little while before changing them... And as my dining-room and living-room are facing the garden and a field, I have no window treatement for now!!!

  26. Oh geeze..I haven't even started thinking about drapes. I guess living in town, I'm going to need them. Thanks for giving me new decisions to agonize over my friend! LOL!

  27. Oh...and I forgot to say, I love your graphite choice, as well as those black and white ones. Classic. I kind of liked the honey ones too.

  28. Well, I'm glad I didn't get TOO involved in that website...seeing as they don't ship to the US. :/

    LOVE the graphite. I'm with you...I can't seem to stay away from my grays....


  29. Love the grey but the blues are so striking I can see why you were torn. Can't wait to see this room finished. You are going with gusto girl!!


  30. Drapes to me are the hardest to pick, it always takes me a long time! I do love the grey and the other patterned one you bought! I hope greys stay ins style for a while since I've just falling in love with it! Mr. Charmer is mad at me cause he is painting the 3rd grey color on the wall! Won't tell you what he said though.

  31. Graphite without a doubt! They're gonna look fabulous, I just know it. I've been searching for drapes for a guest room for ages... got to check out HPD.

  32. I LOVE the black & white :) that would be my choice.


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