Saturday, February 22, 2014

Rubber Ducky you're the one..........................

Morning all :)

Most of you know that I was pretty happy about the pool that came with this house

What the seller's forgot to mention was the indoor pool - in the dining room

3 of them to be exact - one each for John and I - and a smaller one for Soda

Instead of concrete we have warped floors to dive in from..........................

Lovely - it's just lovely - to have somewhere to kick your shoes off in the middle of winter.


$&^@#*&^$)_ -  well a couple of other words as well but they don't count

John had to go buy a " wave " ( never heard of that before - but never lived in a house with a peaked roof before's a heating contraption that keeps icicles from forming and making their way into your home ) and it's a quick fix because roofers can't work on the roof in the winter.

Suzan says - Will you be near a dollar store by any chance?
John says - Right beside one - what do you need?
Suzan says  - Could you see if they have any rubber ducks?
John says - I beg your pardon? ( picture that with a British accent please )
Suzan says - You heard me - I'd like a rubber duck
John says - WHAT THE HELL FOR?
Suzan says - what does it matter ?  I'd like a rubber duck -
John says - Suzan we have an emergency to take care - I don't have time for your nonsense
Suzan says - It's NOT nonsense - I have a reason for it - can you pick it up for me or not?
John says - I'm going to look like a bloody fool standing at the cash with a rubber duck in my hands.
Suzan says - No one will notice John - people have lives you know

I have pains from trying not to laugh at this point because now I'm picturing him standing at the cash with a rubber ducky in his hands and I'm almost peeing my pants here.................. can you picture it?

He looked like he wanted to throw it at my head when he walked in LMHO

Suzan says - Thanks so much John - if I didn't dig down deep and find a way to laugh about this I'd go insane
John says - And you call this SANE???
John says - Do your blogging buddies know what I do for your ridiculous blog?
Suzan says- Do you really think it's ridiculous?
John says - Amongst other things
John says - It's worrisome that you don't see it yourself

I'm still laughing - seriously - which is much better than crying, right?

Swimming swimming in my swimming pool
when days are hot - when days are cold
In my swimming pool...............................

Have a good weekend everyone -
I'm going to get John to practice some synchronized swimming with me................

Much love,

P.S. - this was not disclosed to us - so it's going to the insurance company first - who either accept or decline the claim - and then they contact the previous owner ( who is definitely responsible as we were not advised of this problem )


  1. Was this condition disclosed to you in the purchase contract? I don't know about laws in Montreal but I suspect they're similar as in most of the US -- that is, a seller must disclose to a buyer known "defects" in a house, whether there is an independent inspection contingency or not. I would find it impossible to believe that the people you and John purchased the house from had not experienced ice damming resulting in such leaks in the years they lived there. You get the same kind of winters more often than not, and the same conditions would form over and over again. You could have mold issues as a result of the leaking, too. If you have not already talked to a legal representative, perhaps you should consider doing so now. You should be apprised of what your rights are under the law.

  2. The things that man does for you! And with a British accent thrown in for FREE. So what do you do with that outdoor pool? Are you skating on it?

  3. Oh my goodness - what a mess for you! So glad you're able to keep your humor goin!

  4. Sorry to say, all this just sounds like normal life. Not fair, but you know that those sellers knew about it!! Good luck in solving the problem.♥♫

  5. I hope it works out for you Suzan but if the insurance company finds that this situation did not happen with the previous owner since they did whatever to avoid that happening, i.e. annual clearing on their roof etc., well then they may say it is of your own doing. I know that sounds crazy but I saw this happen in a recent sale with our friends. The previous owner dealt with the issue by removing ice, constant shoveling etc. which the new owner did not do and when they opened the wall there was no mold and no sign of water damage from previous years. Therefore, the insurance company stated it was up to the new home owner to "manage" their property so that these things don't happen AND given the design of the house and geography etc. etc......they were responsible and not the previous home owner since he could not forsee their lack of maintenance. Oh boy, I hope that is not the case for you. You know insurance companies....they don't like paying.

  6. I have a new image for you to picture. Your dining room is pool-free and this little duck is floating merrily in your outdoor pool. Oh, and it's 75° - outside. Ommmm Ommmmm

  7. I hope the problem is easily solved.

    I keep thinking that John is going to accuse you of causing these little/big issues just so you have something to write about in the blog.

  8. Oh no. Glad you are laughing instead of crying!

  9. How disappointing for you. Did John actually go to the Dollar Store and get that rubber duck? If so, he is amazing!!!

  10. Suzan,
    It is always something!! Just think how fun and nice that pool will be this summer. I am coming and we are going to hire a pool boy to bring us drinks by the pool!

  11. You are probably asking yourself, "good God, when does this end?". I feel for you both, really, truly, sincerely, I do. Chin up and hope you make it through to spring without having to buy more ducks. Our move is 3 days away and I am having major misgivings. Patty

  12. I'm so sorry you have to go through this. As you know, I've had many problems with my cottage myself, and I wouldn't wish it to anybody, you least of all. But I think we have the same kind of humour and it helps a ton! I did not get a rubber ducky when I was flooded though!

  13. So sorry Suzan and hopefully the insurance company can resolve this for you. I can just picture John standing at the counter checking out with his rubber ducky. I'm sure the clerk thought nothing about that as they see everything you could think of.
    Have a better week. Just think about that cruise coming up soon.

  14. Good grief ~ what next? *changed my thoughts to good language* I'm so sorry you have to experience this. I think John did well with his purchase. Don't you wish you could have seen the clerk's face? :))


  15. Well, up, before more gets in.

  16. Good luck with the claim, Suzan. IF you had a home inspector the previous owners are off the least here they are. What a royal pain in the butt, Suzan. That is just miserable. I can just PICTURE John standing there with the rubber duck trying to look nonchalant. xo Diana

  17. Oh Suzan...I know what you are going thru. The winter right after we moved in to our home...we got an ice dam on our roof above our kitchen and we hade major damage done to our cabinets. Plus a small fire between the walls. The people that own our home before us moved out of state and we had no idea where they moved to...but luckily for us, our insurance company covered all the damage we had.
    So sorry to hear that this happen to you.

  18. That is not how you are supposed to spend your weekends :( I hope you can get that problem fixed fast.

  19. I really DID lol just picturing John at the check out line with the rubber ducky. {And I love that you requested one!!} Hope things get fixed soon. :( XOXO

  20. And for posts like these please send my heart filled thanks to John I love him too.

  21. Oh Suzan! It's always something with a reno isn't it?? I'm so sorry and I hope you get it fixed quick. Ice damns were a problem for us in Montana, but we never had an insurance company pay a claim. They figured we should have dealt with it and we should have known. I don't think they are considered a "hidden defect" here. I hope you get satisfaction...and I cannot wait for your first "lounging in the pool" post.

  22. We all need a video of John saying"Rubber Ducky" in his British accent. The only thing better would be if he was Scottish saying "Rubber Ducky". The rubber ducky needs an Annie Sloan painted raft to rest upon since this mess might be happening again. I am so glad you have not lost your sense of humor. I imagine sanity is stretching thin at this point. Hug your duck today.

  23. I am totally seeing your pool area all decorated right now. It will be stunning. I think this water fiasco is a tease to get you ready for some fabulous pool parties in your near future! Love the duck. John will now have a swimming buddy!

  24. Suzan, I am so sorry you are going through this, did the home inspector not find that problem. You have flooding and I have ice, None of my eastroughs seem to be working and all the water is spilling over to sidewalks and steps and freezing. I have had two bad falls already, too bad I can't sue the former home owners. I hope what John did fixes the problem. I almost spit out my coffee reading about him standing in line with the duck lol Love your pool, its going to be amazing in the summer. hope the problems with the house are over now. hugs Tobey

  25. Oh My! So many unexpecteds when you buy a house - hoping you discover all the 'surprises' before you are all finished with the renovations!
    Love the john says suzan says it provides for all of us though :) Tell John at least one blogger friend loves waht he goes through to contribute to this blog!

  26. Oh no, what a mess. I hope they come through for you, that sounds like an expensive fix. Surprises can be fun, this kind aren't.
    Debbie :)

  27. Oh Suzan, that is such a shame. I do hope the insurance will make good on this for you and that it can be repaired asap.

  28. Oh my gosh Suzan! I'm so glad you didn't start on the dining room yet. That would be awful. Love the way you are handling this! That rubber ducky was a good distraction for you :)

  29. Oh Suzan... I'm so sorry about the leaks. These kinds of surprises are such a bummer, especially when you're working so hard on this reno. I hope it gets resolved soon, and to your satisfaction. This winter has certainly been causing all kinds of problems.

  30. All I have to say is better you than me. Hahahaha! I'm not laughing with you...I'm laughing at you...


  31. i can't even believe he picked up the ducky that man is such a keeper lol


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