Thursday, February 27, 2014

Painting pine floors ( again )

BONJOUR - HI !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last night I decided to paint the hall landing ....................
It's in terrible condition really - and this is another quick fix that will have to be readdressed down the road - but I couldn't look at it another day...............

When we lifted the carpet the floor looked like this

Looks like they were painted many many years ago - with a " runner " painted onto them ( nice idea not so crazy about the colors though :)

So.........................the problem with painting this area is that you lose access to everything upstairs which includes the bedroom and the office - kind of necessary to get in and out of those spaces.

John's out of town for a couple of days - so I jumped ( and I mean that literally as you'll soon see )
on the opportunity to get this particular job done

Now you'll see why I had to wait until John was gone - ( I've also decided it's time to lift that 50 year old linoleum from the office - can you see it in the corner of the photo ? )

I needed to get into the office after the floor was painted but that's quite the hop skip and a jump wouldn't you say?

Not so when you're as graceful as a gazelle !!!

First I hooked my foot onto the railing ledge like so...................

And sailed through the air
With the greatest of ease
Until I came crashing
down on my knees................

I think it might have been the camera actually - I could have done it if I didn't have to photograph it for the blog don't you know - and holding Soda in one arm didn't help matters much at all.

My knees are bruised - I'm walking with a limp - but the floor is painted !!! ( and the camera and Soda are intact )

3 things I've learned today

1) I have the ugliest feet - I'm just going to tell people I was a ballerina in my younger days and that's why my feet look the way they do - all twisted with bunions and all - ( I took ballet as a little girl - does that count? ) John calls them clodhoppers -

2) Paint fixes everything ( except feet )

3) I'm not a gazelle

or a ballerina ( even if my feet say differently )

I'm more like my zodiac sign - ( now aren't you impressed how I flew across the landing? )

Worth it?

I think so - I'd attempt to fly over double the space to have this end result

I use Behr Porch paint for all the interior floors - with a gloss finish - it's an extremely durable paint!
It ties in with the bedroom perfectly

Ok - I want a tea - so I have to fly ( literally )  don't even picture it - it's ugly - and I'm going to attempt to get back in here with a tea in my hand -

Sochi has nothing on me....................

Have a great one all !


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  1. LOL-I think I could tie you for that ugly foot contest. lol And SOME PEOPLE used to tell me I had pretty feet-lol They should see them now-oh -to go back to those beach baby days~but I digress.

    Your floors look fantastic. I have used Benjamin Moore porch paint and Behr's and I have to tell you that Behr held up much better with the wear and tear-which was surprising to me. I have also used Dutch Boy with very good results for basement floors.

    What a wonderful difference that made, Suzan. It is amazing what paint can do to a floor. I have even painted linoleum and tiling with very good success. John will be surprised when he gets home. HOPE he doesn't find you in a splatted mess-crumpled and fallen because your gazelle jump missed the mark!
    When is your new kitchen floor going down? xo Diana

  2. Oh, I love the look!!!! I'd like to know what you put in your tea to have the kind of energy you have!! LOVE what you did to that floor. Makes me want to rip up our ancient, ugly 'plum frieze' (no kidding, I told you it was ancient!) carpet upstairs and paint, rather than recarpet.

  3. It's really pretty! The gloss should be easier to clean.

  4. The floor is absolutely gorgeous.
    Does anyone like their feet? I've seen way worse, and you have painted toenails in the dead of winter - extra points.
    I believe someone should invent some type of scaffolding/swing unit to be utilized when one is painting their floors.

  5. The white looks terrific! Makes me want to rip up my carpet and paint floors!! (Thankfully the urge will go away by the time I get home from work...) :)

  6. Love your floor, Suzan. I do remember the days of painting floors mostly cause we put down a plywood subfloor but since the shoemaker's family goes barefoot it would be months before tile happened. I stenciled a lot of those painted floors, too.

  7. Leaping lizards!! It looks fantastic.♥♫

  8. LOVE the white floors! as for your little jumping disaster....I guess a nice bottle of Aleve can keep you company while John is away. Take care of yourself Suzie-Quzie! <3

    1. A bottle just may be a teeny little bit too much lmho - you trying to kill me ??? - they hurt today - but not as much as last night :)
      Thanks Laurayne!!!

  9. wow, white floors...I admire your courage. lol. living in NC surrounded by red clay, I've opted for red/brown floors. :0)
    the floor looks great!

  10. A hook in the ceiling and you could mimic Pink on her long straps and gracefully unwound yourself across the space. Okay, solve this one - I need to either refinish or paint (leaning toward paint) the downstairs hallway. THE hallway to both baths, the upstairs and all bedrooms and office. Any ideas? I am not athletic as you! Beautiful floors, BTW.

  11. I hope you feel better soon! i'm sure that fall was no fun at all. The floors look fantastic though!!

  12. You're funny, Suzan. A girl with a mission - I love it. Good call, jumping at the chance while John was away. Sleuth decorating, I call it here at my house.
    ps - your feet aren't ugly. I've seen some fugly feet in my day, just sayin'....

  13. I love the image of you, Soda and the camera flying through the air.

    I also love your painted floor and now you have me thinking that I might just want to paint the ugly wood floor in my creative space. I am going to start laying the ground work which means that I need to start dropping hints to Steve. I don't expect him to paint it - that is my job. But, he hates big changes so I gradually have to make him think that it is his idea.

  14. Suzan, you are the best. LOVE the floor and love the story,
    Big hug from here

  15. Suzan, the floors look terrific - so much better. You really did an outstanding job. I have a mental picture of you flying through the air with your camera and drink. LOL
    Your feet look good to me - after you turn 55 they start looking terrible - bunions and stuff.
    It's from cramming your feet into those high heels with the pointed toe's. We would NEVER be caught dead in anything but heels. Now I can hardly walk due to high heels.
    The house is looking really good - you are working magic.... have a great one.

  16. Oh bull-ogna, you are too a gazelle.

  17. This turned out amazing and be careful my Gazelle, we want you in one piece. John will so amazed when he see this. Do you think he will notice immediately or just come in and be oblivious. I can't wait to see the kitchen floor project. Pushy and nervy I know, like you haven't been doing anything, you can smack me now, LOL.


  18. i so love reading your blog as i have said a million times.... those floors are so you and look fab..... and oh yeah nail polish on your toes wow i am impressed lol i can't even reach my ugly feet xx

    1. You're just too sweet - thanks SO much -
      I couldn't look at my feet if they at least didn't have nail polish on to try to camouflage them a little lol

  19. Suzan, I can have the worst day at work, read your blog as soon as I come in the door and feel so much better! You make the world a better place! the floors and all you have accomplished in your new home!
    Carolyn from Cincinnati

    1. And then I get a comment like this - and I'm overwhelmed by the kindness out there in Bloglandia - seriously overwhelmed -
      How incredible that you feel that way - because that's exactly how I felt reading this!!!
      Thanks SO much Carolyn ( from Cincinnati ) hugs from moi ( in Montreal )

  20. I L-O-V-E those painted floors!! well worth the flight/jump attempt

  21. you make me laugh every time! It looks so much better white and porch paint would be pretty durable since it is an outdoor paint. Maybe it will last a while. Your feet aren't that bad and you have pretty polish :)

  22. What a difference a day makes!!! Sing that for us, Suzan!
    Feet - not so ugly! Your baby toe is like my baby toe - it kind of hides behind the toe next to it! My feet are short and round like me.
    The floor is fantastic! John will be so surprised. I'm curious as well as to whether he will notice or be totally oblivious.
    I have learned the hard way not to be drinking anything of any kind when I read your blog! OK, in my mind the picture of you, the camera and Soda! OMGosh! Now double OMGosh: you, Soda and a tea! Yep, I'm seeing it!
    Painting this or any other floor: John's away; paint very early in the morning; put Soda in his kennel or at least locked out of the place with the paint (or wherever he is usually kept when you're out). Get yourself all dolled up (or not) and go "wandering". "Wandering" is my technical term for taking off for the morning or the afternoon or for the entire day. No specific plans. Brunch, lunch or supper. Make the rounds of all your favourite second hand / antique / clothing / home and garden shops. Heck, you could even take Soda with you! Wandering is a very great way to treat yourself for a job well-done. My wanderings don't generally lead me to purchase anything but I always have a great time. And I usually wander alone. Most people don't understand the concept of "wandering".
    You could always hook up a zipline to get things back and forth (not for you). I can see Soda in his/her winter coat with a hook on the top to slide him/her along. Attach a basket and put in your camera and tea and anything else (still not you).
    Getting it set up could cause a wee bit of a problem. Tie one end off, fling the other end around your neck a la (can't find the accents grave et acute) white scarf for Jean-Michel Jacques, a Famous French Fighter Pilot (there's a dirty joke there that I'll tell you some day), do your gazelle-magic, tie off the other end on the door knob on the other side and then the gazelle-magic back again. Comme ca! (can't find the circumflex (sp?)) Where the wee problem lies is in the flinging-of-the-scarf: too tight and John finds you sprawled on the newly painted floor and Soda, tea and camera in a basket hanging on a zipline. Yep, the "John Says - Suzan Says" would not be good (funny but not good).
    Take care,

    1. I'm laughing my head off here Cathy - you're too too funny !!!
      Soda was whining downstairs - and I'm not all " there " as you know - the floor was dry to walk on 2 hours later - but could I wait 2 hours? Oh not, not me LOL
      Knees are sore - but not as sore as last night - God that was painful - xoxoxo

  23. Oops, forget!
    That is a picture of a bull is it not? You are a Taurus (heaven save us all). Me, too, (double heaven save us all). We're darn fine people. I'm the 15th of May and will be 60 this year. Made it! Hooray me! Early pension here I come!
    Cathy (spelled correctly this time!)

  24. Wow, your floor looks really nice painted white! I love it. Good think John is away so you could get this done. And hey! Your feet look great! I have a hammer toe and squishy toes and unpainted toenails. LOL Enjoy your weekend. Pam

  25. luff luff luff the floor hope its all dried up by the time John gets home it looks lovely

  26. You have a gift, Suzan. No, wait. You have lots of gifts. One is you make people smile, and Lord knows that's a gift and very much needed. Two, you do amazing projects. Three, you can fly. I didn't see you land, so as far as I'm concerned you're graceful as a gazelle. And your feet are NOT ugly. I think they're cute. Love the polish. Your floor turned out great. Enjoy!

  27. Oh, I wanted to tell you I'm following you on GFC. Cheers!

  28. I love your white painted floors! Someday I WILL have some painted floors!

  29. I would love to see John's face when he sees it! It looks so much better, even he will be impressed. I have to do my studio floor, I am thinking of a white wash, but I might have to re-think that after seeing yours!
    Debbie :)

  30. Absolutely stunning, a dream hallway/great space. What a great change. Love that white.

  31. Hi Suzy! Thanks so much for sharing your floors with us. They are so, so beautiful!!

  32. Oh Girl! This is an amazing transformation from ugly to the beauty of white.
    Yet the ugly floor was not really that bad, I kind of love beat up wood floors with layers of what ever has happened to them. It kind of makes me feel like I would be living in an old French antique shop where years and years of traffic has walked those floors....But your white painted floors are so Nordic in a JDA living magazine home.
    I so wish I had old wood floors to do exactly what you have done minus the bruised knees.

    I have been working my fingers to the bones tearing up carpets from bedrooms that have cement slab floors under them, to then scrape patch and sand to prep them to paint them with the same paint line you used, but for cement and garage floors, of course I will primer paint first and then paint. I would use a plank vinyl wood looking flooring, but find the painted Nordic homes of wood floors painted and the slab floors painted charming and old world.
    Nervous to attempt this look, but I will give it a try and then if I don't like it I will lay flooring over it. I too have to paint over some over spray of paint from wall painting that hit the floors in construction.

    As for your feet it's way to cute that your hubby calls them clodhoppers, I have always been told my feet look like Barney Rubbles feet, boxy, chunky...Ya-ba dab-a dooo!
    I cannot wait to see more of your flooring when it's all decorated with you beauty.

    See you soon :)
    A beautifully inspiring weekend to you.
    Ps. Can't wait to see what crazy thing you do next.


  33. Well a gold medal for you and your leaping skills. Especially if you're going to do it with tea in your hand! Sorry you fell, but you know, even the best of the Olympians fall sometimes. Ballerina feet...I'm totally using that excuse for my ugly pair. Your landing looks lovely and I'm so glad you got it done while John was gone. He'd never be able to make that leap.

  34. Wow they turned out fabulous. Amazing what paint can accomplish.

  35. love the floors and picturing you flying through the air with the camera and Soda, made me laugh so much. sorry hun I love you but I had to laugh, hope you aren't too sore. my floors looked like this and I opted to sand and stain, it was a lot of work and very messy. why didn't I just paint duh. maybe I will try that in the kitchen when I rip up the ugly linoleum. we are our worst critics aren't we, your feet are not ugly, silly girl. heal up and stop doing Olympic leaps, the Olympics are over. have you ever heard of the word, REST RELAX , hugs Tobey

  36. I'm so relieved to read Soda is ok and the floor wasn't damaged by your jump... The floor looks gorgeous by the way!

  37. I love the floor.
    You are so funny.
    I love to visit...I always LOL.
    Have a great weekend.

  38. Love these - look so good, had similar painted floors at my old house, which I loved. Have pinned onto my DIY Tips board, Alice @ Mums Make Lists

  39. They look fantastic!
    I love painted wood floors!

  40. Wow that looks so good!!! We live in a neighborhood where all of the houses are old and historic and some of the floors need a little TLC ;) This would be a great way to refresh the look!

    1. Thanks so much Elizabeth - my neighborhood is very old too - so a lot of the floors get painted here ( or have to be replaced )

  41. Wow. Just came over from Carolyn's Homework Inspiration Board Creative Party. I love the floor, as well as someone's comment that they've painted other things with porch paint. Sparked an idea in me. My question is: Did you use a roller for most of it, and if so, what loft did the paint require? And what did you have to do to prep that previously shiny section of floor? Thanks for this post. I'm definitely going to follow you now!

  42. Just beautiful Suzan! Absolutely beautiful! And that foot isn't all that bad.. try not to break anything.

  43. That landing is so nice with its new coat of paint. What a great cover up. What we do in the name of 'redecorating' eh?

  44. I LOVE the new painted floors, wow, what a difference! Now, with that flying ability you possess, I wish you could fly here and work your magic on my floors ;)

  45. Girl, you ARE amazing!!! love the look of painted floors, yours turned out fabulous!!

  46. Beautiful floors! Love them painted.

  47. I'm obsessed with painted floors. They look so good! And your feet are not ugly!


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