Friday, February 21, 2014

The BEST book !

You all know of my deep love for Paris AND books - so when my daughter bought me this antique book she found I was beyond thrilled !!!

It's old - it's big - and it's beautiful

It's all about France ( Paris in particular ) !!!

It's a nice thick one - with perfectly aged yellowing pages

I can't wait to get " into " it

and store some of my treasures !!!
isn't it fabulous?
She found it at Michaels in Florida - you'd better hurry - I think it's probably a best seller :)

I have a smaller version in pink - but it doesn't look as authentic as this one ( and if this one doesn't look authentic in the photos it's because of my lousy photography skills - or lack there of ) because it really looks like an old book in person :)

I have another post coming up on gifts I received - one a couple of months ago that I had forgotten until this week - shame on me - since it's from a fellow blogger and deserves a huge shout out - and
another I received this week.

Despite the fact that the leak in the dining room has turned into a disaster beyond belief  - I feel blessed.

Much love,

Partying here !
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  1. Hi Suzan! When you started telling us about the great book you got I was SO jealous 'cause I was thinking "well, that is an antique...I could probably never find OR afford one like that". You made my day by telling us that it is at Michael's! I am going to get one today...thanks for sharing your book with us.

  2. I love those book "safes" -- or storage boxes. I like "safe" better. I have a large one I put out in spring and summer - it's got beautifully colored birds on it and "gold" leafed pages and it looks absolutely authentic until you flip the cover, then inside it's a lined box. I treat it as a book, though. I found mine at TJMaxx a couple of years ago. Different kinds crop up every now and again. Chin up, Suzan. It's this weather, it's driving everyone and everything, including our houses, bonkers! Today is a blizzard here with only a few inches of snow, but it's the light gritty kind and has blown up to white-out conditions in consistent 50 mph winds - yikes! I stayed home from the office. Do you play chess online by any chance, I'd challenge you to a game! Hang in there, eventually spring will come and all this snow will melt all at once and cause massive flooding in the northern hemisphere, and the temperature will get into the 50s and we will all swoon with joy! You are making your vision come true in your new home, and that takes time! Well, that was pretty trite, wasn't it. Oh well :) We cheer with you when it goes right and weep with you when it goes horribly wrong and get ticked off with you, too, when you feel like blowing the place up. Now there's a cherry thought, heh.

  3. I will not even attempt to cheer you up about the new water problem in the house. I know from experience it is so disheartening to think you have made giant strides in a home remodel just to be shoved back. On a lighter note - love the book box. I am addicted to them and have them stacked in every room to hide my junk, er , treasures. Some are prettier than others, but I love them all. They work so hard. Let's not even discuss the weather. Mother Nature is so far down my naughty list, I do not think she ever rise to the nice list. PAINT - the answer to the blues every single time.

  4. It is a very cute find by your daughter, and it is good you have your sense of humor still.

    The leak news doesn't sound good. I hope it warms soon.

  5. Don't tell John the book is hollow. Then you can stash all the good snacks in there and have them to yourself.

    I nominated you for Apartment Therapy's 2014 Homies - Best Home Projects & DIY blog. To vote, sign in to their website...

  6. I thought it was a real book?! Glad your happy dear, on my coffee table right now, I have an actual PARIS book that I adore!

  7. I love this, Suzan! I wonder if they have one of LONDON? Not that I don't want to visit Paris, but I'm kinda stuck in the British Isles for now and find it hard to move on. BTW, Congratulations to your hockey team!!!!! ♥♥

  8. The "book" looks divine and I bet you can find time to read that one! Would it make you feel better about your leak if I told you my brand new (but vintage looking) dining-room window is leaking since our violent winter storms? It might need to be changed.... Just when the walls around it have been replastered and were ready to be painted...

  9. I love Paris . . . I love your book . . . and I love your attitude about all the ups and downs of your move.

  10. Suzan, I love this. I wish our home would get finished I am going through shopping, creative and decorating withdrawals!!!!


  11. That is a sweet 'book'. I think I saw some Paris themed things at Michaels in Fredericton so check out the one near you too. A disaster? Oh no! I'm so sorry. I know these can be very costly to repair. :( I hope you can enjoy the weekend though. Hugs.

  12. Well, you had me fooled - I really thought it was a book! Love it and how sweet of your daughter!
    Yikes, about the leak! You are amazing to still be blogging on through all these mishaps. I really hope things start getting better for you soon! I know you're beyond ready to have some normalcy and finished house.
    Hugs and more hugs,

  13. You had me fooled too and then I LOL and LOL again.
    xx oo
    Have a great weekend.

  14. Your daughter is a doll. I want one of these!! What is it made out of?


  15. What a GREAT gift. Does your daughter want to adopt a second Mom? I would love to get one of those! I think I missed the post about the dining room ceiling-gotta see if I can find out about it- xo Diana

  16. What a very thoughtful gift. I am hoping you find that leak soon!

  17. You got me on that one! I've seen similar ones at Home Goods. Sorry to hear your leak problem hasn't gone away :(

  18. Oh Suzan, this is cruel and unusual punishment. I don't live anywhere near a Michael's and I love this "book." Hmmm...maybe I can diy it? ~ Deborah

  19. How funny to get a souvenir gift from Florida that says Paris! Your daughter knows you too well. I thought I was the only one who visited craft stores on vacation.

  20. Wow, now that is a book you must have been ecstatic!! It looks like a fabulous book, and something you will treasure.
    Debbie :)

  21. What a neat "book" and what a wonderful place to store treasures.

  22. My 7 year old daughter is in love with the eiffel tower. We are moving soon and she wants her new room to be Paris themed. This would go great and we live in Florida! :)

    Amanda @ A Mother's Craftuition

  23. This is so pretty! I love your humor! :D

  24. I have a similar one but it's brown and gold. I bought from Michael's too but I'm loving yours more. I'm going to stop by and see if I can exchange it. Anyway I bought it to put momentos of our family trip there.


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