Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Same View - Different View Points

Good Morning !

This is the view from my office window - it'll change with the seasons but other than than this view won't change much - I'll still see the tip of the Church steeple just down the rode - the trees will stay in the same place - and the houses will remain exactly where they are - nestled in on firm ground with long roots to this neighborhood.

But there are days - when my perspective on things change greatly -
Sometimes I look out and see a scene from yester year..........when things were slower and easier in
some respects - for this transplanted city girl I see a little bit of country and it warms my heart on cold days.

Some mornings I get up and stumble to the computer before I do anything else - I do some catch up reading which always ends up with reading the news.
There are days when everything seems so black and white with not much color in the world at all.

And still other days all I see are details - far too many of them - they leave my vision clouded and unable to see the overall beauty.

Sometimes I find myself sitting with a cup of tea and looking out as though watching a movie - and marvel at central casting who decided where each and every tree should go in this scene..........

There are days when my world has a little more bad news than I can bear - and I have no choice but to slip on my Rose Colored Glasses -

And then other days when I don't have time to stop to enjoy a moment to myself - those are the days when everything seems to go by in a blur.

Sometimes I view it as a painting - and can get lost just staring at it - as though it were my personal museum and I'm awestruck

Things don't change so much as how we see them do.
The world - at it's core - is still the beautiful place it's always been -
Sadness finds it's place into our hearts - evil will always lurk - but beauty abounds

And so today I choose to see it for just what it is........
A beautiful gift
Mine for the taking and I'll take it with a grateful heart.
Snow and all

Take time to enjoy your view today :)

Much love,


  1. You have such a charming blog!
    I like your pics too :-)

  2. Lovely post! thanks for the perspective, especially on the heals of yet ANOTHER snow storm tonight and tomorrow! xoxox

  3. kath said it charming you are but in such a down to earth real way i am always happy when i see you in my mailbox xx

  4. I wish I could Suzan but with having snow again yesterday and getting an ice storm tonight and all day tomorrow I can't. The house is just at a stand still. John and I are going CRAZY!! ! ! Winter will never end this year.


  5. Absolutely Beautifully Written.

  6. That church steeple just down the road...it's lovely...as are your photos.

  7. Funny how the same thing can look different- depending on our state of mind. Or the time of month haha.
    I personally love your view Suzan. So pretty.

  8. Beautiful perspectives. I will keep this in mind tomorrow morning as I am driving to work in yet another 10 inches of freshly fallen snow. I drive 11 miles through part of a national park, a beautiful ride except for when you are taking your life into your own hands trying to steer a course to arrive safely at your destination. I really don't notice the beauty on those days.

  9. Well put Suzan! Some days it's harder than others to remember to put it in perspective!

  10. Hi Suzan!!!!

    It's so true that it's not the scene, but, what's going on inside us as to how we look at it. Great thought my friend!!!

    Enjoy the rest of the week!!!


  11. Sorry!! I forgot to mention that I LOVE your picture beautiful!!!!

  12. Aww..thanks for a great reminder on the many ways to change ones view!

  13. Beautiful post and reminder! The photos are great my friend.


  14. Those are very true and important thoughts. Just a change in the filter can make life so much nicer. Thanks!

  15. I think I could be grateful for a view like that! Nice post Suzan.


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