Saturday, March 17, 2012

Antique armoire ( not sure what it is actually )

So do you remember this item that I found at a second hand shop?  It was not for sale - and was being used to house ticky tacky ( and I mean tacky ) ornaments - old Elvis paraphernalia etc.......and I talked the lady into selling it to me - we went back and forth on the price until it was mine...............
 and because I have been drowning in things it has sat like this for far too long- isn't the lovely
 royal trim beautiful? ( not ) what were they thinking????????????

 This piece was in some serious need of TLC - lots of wood filler - lots of wood glue - lots of clamping -
 lots of little tricks to bring this baby back to life.

 I am nowhere finished but thought I would share the first coat - ( paloma - ASCP ) which I was told was a light gray - and for sure looks like a light gray in the photos but which is actually to my nimble eyes a very pale mauve or lavender - pretty for sure but not what I was expecting at all - anyways it is only the base coat but check out the details............

disregard all the pillows perched on top!!!
and all the sheets sitting inside
as a matter of fact, disregard all the mess, everyting
except the actual piece of furniture, thank you very much, lol

this pc is loaded to the brim with details
bottom drawer

again the bottom drawer, she was begging for a little sparkle

if you think I'm sexy - just reach out and touch me
aren't her legs gorgeous?

I have a confession to make - the oval ornate piece on the top is an add on - there was too much damage
in that area to repair decently - so I covered it up - I'm good at covering things up, lol - all the rest of the
details are original - and there are so many of them I figured these ( one on each side ) would blend in
I am not sure but I think I will paint the top coat white - and only sand down to this color - I know it would be a dream to distress and show wood and I usually do that - but for some reason I am really loving the clean look of this - the interior will go white - although I wish I could be brave and go for a dramatic pop of color.

This is my current project and hopefully will be finished by the end of the week......................
Tomorrow is a paint free day, ( oh, just looked at the time - actually it is already tomorrow - so I suppose later we are going out and enjoying the beautiful ( although scary because it is so not normal ) tempurature.

Have a good Sunday all - the day of rest.


  1. Oh, she's a beautiful piece! Yes, she needed rescuing and some TLC big time by someone like you. She was definitely not appreciated by her former owner. (In my mind, it's a she, lol!) Great job, I love the grey.

  2. Suzan, I love the gray! You really brought it back to it's frmer glory...gorgeous piece!

  3. Yes, she is definitely a lady - she looks a little bit country so let's call her Anna-Belle - I have just put a coat of french linen
    on top and sanded it so that bits of the Paloma are coming through,
    she's so lovely................can't wait until she's done.
    The consignment shop is waiting for her ( torn again about letting something go!!!!!!!!!!)


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