Thursday, March 22, 2012

Let's just call her done.......................

And another one bites the dust.............................



The hardest part of this makeover was removing the inserts and that wasn't really so difficult -
just time consuming...................this is how they looked - brass or copper color -

sprainted ( I swear to God that word just typed it itself - lol - meant to type spray painted obviously - but love the sound of that - so all future references will be sprainted - )
So..................sprainted the grids with Painters Touch black satin..................

and I added a couple of appliques

this is as true to the color of the pc that I can seem to get - it looks " dirty " and worn which is exactly
how I wanted it to look -
I first painted it Paris Gray ( ASCP ) but it looked to crisp and clean for this pc - so went over it with
French Linen very lightly and than sanded - again lightly - did not want to go down to the original finish because it is not a wood color - looks more like a tobacco color - definitely not a look I wanted peaking through.

I changed out the hardware

there were 2 sets of double holes on each door and drawer here - so I hid 4 holes each with these back
plates - and drilled another hole in the center for the actual handle - so behind this there are now 5 holes,
hmmm - one looks a little crooked - have to fix that, lol

I put glass handles on the top part - for a little glitz - I like a little bit of sparkle on everything I do - can't help myself...................

And here are a few close up of details -

Now here's where the honesty comes in -
I still have to paint a little on the interior ( upper I don't care about painting the bottom interior yet because I am keeping this for awhile ) I haven't finished the shelves - and I had a crisis with one of the bottom doors,
The screw heads broke off when I was trying to reattach them - so they are now stuck inside and I have to
dig them out - fill them - and make new holes - don't even want to think about it - if anyone has an easy solution to this - please please please share.  I would be eternally grateful and would give you permission to
use my new word SPRAINTED whenever you wanted to, lol.

But for now,

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  1. So pretty! I love how vintage it looks and it holds so much! Great job! Would you link up to my Friay party?

  2. Hi Jenny - thanks so much - I am linking up now!
    Have a good one,

  3. So glad you came by and linked up! Your cabinet is amazing, it turned out beautifully! Great term "sprainted" I think you need to copyright that one! Now that you're done would you like to come paint mine? eeeck!

  4. Very nice! I found you from 2805! Hope you'll come visit me, too!

  5. Hi Debra - thanks - after I finish the oh let me see now 10 pcs I still have to do? Sure I would love to come by - where do you live, lol?

  6. Hi Cyndi - just visited your blog - Wow - what a lucky boy for having such a creative grandmother - love that bedroom - beautiful job!!!!
    Did you spraint anything in there, lol?

  7. Cyndi, this hutch is stunning, What a big job. I turned ou just gorgeous. I found your blog from the party At the Picket Fence.

  8. That's a great improvement, and I love your new word. I bet it will take off in blogland.

  9. Thanks Cynthia - thanks Janette!
    I love my new word, lol

  10. Not a bad piece to start with, but a definite improvement with the new colour!

    Queen of the spraint here. I am sooo adopting that word!

  11. I love that word - and I'm being honest when I say my fingers just typed it on their own, lol
    A fall out from always trying to find the fastest way to do something!


  12. Wow, you did a wonderful job! It looks lovely!
    Thank you for sharing!

  13. Love it! And from now on, I will be sprainting things.

  14. This piece is just amazing and fabulous. Love the new hardware and added elements. You have a wonderful French piece now. Love it! I am a new follower too!

  15. Yippee!! You're a feature this week!

  16. Beautiful job! I love the extra details you added and the fun new word I learned : )

    I would be honored if you get a chance to stop by and share at my weekly Chalk Paint link party.

  17. It came out gorgeous- what pretty hutch!! Sharing at the party tonight- thanks for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday!

  18. Tanks so much Courtney - believe it or not, yours was the inspiration for this piece!!!!!!

  19. Hey doll, I'm featuring your hutch on this weeks Show Off Saturday!

    Thanks for linking up!

  20. Hi,
    YOu have been featured here:


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