Saturday, March 3, 2012

It's the little things.................

I am always searching for unique drawer pulls for the pieces I do - glass being my favorite.............

I came across these tonight  - at 31.50 per pull - they are pricey - but what an impact they would make
on a dresser. Furniture jewels really

And that got me thinking of all the little things I would like to get for this place - like these

I spent a fortune on our last place for switch plates but they were nothing like this
Perfect for my victorian flat, don't you think? Except it would cost just under
2000,00 to do it. ( spent about 500.00 dollars on our last place and thought that was over the top!!!!

And while I am at it I should get these

in pewter to go with the switch plates,

and these

these would also cost just under 2000,00 
( I think they are worth it, am I nuts? )
aren't they gorgeous?
if you just bought 1 at a time, lol?

Suddenly the glass drawer pulls don't seem so expensive.


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