Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Progess on Buffet / Hutch

Well the work has begun -

I started of wanting to use completely different colors - leave my comfort zone - and I have ended up using my " go to " color from ASCP - Paris Gray once again.  Creature of habit I suppose - and I really do love
the Duck Egg Blue and Provence but I cannot see them in my dining room - and it is going to stay here for
a little while - at least until it's equal comes along and I cannot see that happening for the price I paid for quite some time............

It had gold metal grids in the glass panes - but for some reason the metal grid was outside the glass doors - making cleaning them impossible...........I was going to remove the glass completely and just leave the grids,
then I pondered removing the grids completely and leaving only the glass panes but I really think they belong on it - so I painstakingly removed everything from the frames - spray painted the grids with Rustoleum
Universal Advanced Formula ( first time using this particular spray and love love love it ) in a satin nickel -
and when I reinstall everything I'll put the grid on the inside of the glass - so at least the outside can be cleaned.

Here are a few pics - but it is nowhere finished yet

satin nickel finish

original color
added a couple of details 
in progress

and that's about that for this evening - think I'll go to bed - this will be an early night for me - 1.30 in the morning, lol


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