Friday, March 9, 2012

before and after french provincial dresser

BEFORE  ok -but a little boring - and awful handles


this is the "truest" color match from my camera

I bought 4 glass handles for the top 2 drawers - and could not find anything I liked for the bottom - so
I " stole " them from the buffet / hutch I purchased last week - ( since I will be changing those as well ) and
painted them from brass to silver.

I used ASCP - old white - and the blue is a mix of duck egg and old white - my favorite color so far.

Listing it tomorrow - wish me luck - the weather is so nice that I'm thinking people will be in a spring
cleaning - decorating - changing rooms frame of minds, and I so see this piece in a nursery. ( that seems
to be a recurring theme of mine I think, lol )


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  1. Oh I love the blue and love the new handles. I was thinking of painting something with the old white and duck egg combination. Looks great!

    1. Thanks! it's half and half, ( just so you know )
      It's the second dresser I've done with that color,


  2. Gorgeous! Your finish looks somewhat glossy. Did you wax or us a poly finish?

    1. God - what horrid photos I took when I started LOL -
      That was just wax - really really buffed!


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