Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Spring Mantel

The weather has been so warm outside that I decided it was time to match the inside ( still in winter mode on the inside!!! )

I bought an orchard - which I can never keep alive - but at 12.99 it was the price of a small bouquet
of flowers and will definitely last longer than a few days.............

I spray painted my little owl - because copper just wouldn't do

5,99 - should have bought more of these!!!!!!!!!!
 and so I was having one of my reflective moments................and kind of spoke out loud my thoughts that
 no matter what happens in the world - no matter how many tragic stories we hear - how many losses there
 are, nature has such a way of restoring our soul every spring - the flowers sprout - buds appear on trees - the
 snow melts to reveal new grass .............and John replied
 " and the dog still needs to be walked and I still have to pick up it's crap"

 yes, Spring is so rejuvenating,
 isn't it?


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  1. Love the clock! Orchids are easy, just don't water them a lot. Once a week I take mine to the sink and run water through it. The water should all drain out and you should have blooms for a good while!

  2. thanks Gina - appreciate that info
    we'll see how long I can make it last!


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