Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Door Plates - before and after

Today I painted 20 door knob plates for Nella's doors - they went from this

Ughhh - nasty looking things 
To this

and a close up

OMG - I so want these
Talk about Art Deco at it's finest - aren't they something else?
Now I realize there are only a select amount of people who could get excited about this -
but I am definitely one of them -
These are very costly to buy - I have seen them from 49.00 to 129.00 ( and one site listed
them at 349.99 but the handles themselves were art deco shaped as well )
THERE ARE 20 OF THEM........................even buying the cheaper ones at 49.00, the cost
would have been 1000.00 dollars -

Hmmm - maybe there is a business opportunity here, lol

I used Rustoleum Satin Nickel finish - what do you think?


Party time! Linking up to these gracious hostesses

Miss Mustard Seed
French Country Cottage
Decorating Insanity


  1. How. Lovely. I love Art Deco and I love door plates. I am definitely one of the select few who love this. Love the satin nickel finish, it makes them look very glam.

  2. No. Me. I want them!!! So there's at least 3 of us!

  3. Maybe I should sell them and tell her I lost them, lol
    I could start a bidding war!!!

  4. Oooh, I love art deco too, and you totally salvaged these! Great job Suzy!


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