Wednesday, March 21, 2012


In Stacy's words ( to the right on my blog list ) I am TRULY,MADLY,DEEPLY exhausted - I screwed in 2 handles tonight on the buffet - primed one
shelf from the armoire and called it a day, I could not even manage to paint the 2nd shelf or even
clean the brush out,  it is sitting in paint thinner until tomorrow.
And this is what happens to me - I go and go - and push myself like it's some sort of internal test of my stamina and then I collapse.
I am overwhelmed and have far too many projects almost finished - nothing is quite finished so I run from one thing to another like a manic ( which  I am by the way - a complete maniac - which menopause does not
seem to be helping at all - my kids keep saying " but Mom - you've been menopausing our entire lives, lol )
I am seriously sleep deprived - seeming to be existing on cat naps at this point - I go to bed and my mind starts racing and I have to get up - just cannot lay there when my internal dialogue just will not SHUT UP, and so when the rest of the world rises - I am out like a light, but even then it's a few hours.
I remember asking my mother once what she did with the voice in her head meaning of course our internal dialogue - to which she replied Oh Suzan, Voices?  That doesn't sound good to me - Hilarious.

So this post will be about something I wish I could get into a little more, lol

all of the above are from House Beautiful - except the last 2 - which are Stacy's again from
Conspicuous Style. To die? ( to sleep? except she has my insomnia dilemma as well )

and on a funny note I came out of the hairdressers today and a young boy ( young - looked 10 years old )
screamed out from across the street Hey Miss - your hair is beautiful - lol - nothing like a compliment and
I'll take them where I can get them. Never mind the hair - because that's my incredible hairdresser's work - but to be called Miss?  At 52?  Come here little boy, let me give you a big fat hug!!!!



  1. You really need to chill Suzan. Take a day off, sit in the park, listen to the birdies do birdie stuff and watch the squirrels do squirrely stuff. Seriously, girl, just BREATHE!

  2. Omg I am so honored that you included my bedroom in this gorgeous compilation!!!! I totally feel like I'm part of that song "which one of these is not like the other".... But THANK YOU!!!!


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