Saturday, March 24, 2012

What do you think?

All the things on my to do list are getting done, what an incredible feeling............

I have decided ( notice how I never say " we " I am terrible really, how does he put up with me? )
to PAINT our bedroom floor!  It's in terrible condition - well parts of it -
Someone in the past had a new furnace installed and I guess the only way to do so was to cut a huge hole
in the bedroom floor and lower it in - that isn't the problem - the problem is and I cannot believe this really,
is that they put a new floor in where they had cut out the hole - and left the perimeter alone - unbelievable because the perimeter is so small in contrast - I can't understand the reasoning?
And after having the floors changed in the dining room and living room I am just not up to that right now.
It was major - doing anything in Victorian era housing is major actually.  This is what they did

doesn't it look ridiculous?
When we moved in I bought a pale gray carpet which covered all of the newer floor - and that
worked for awhile - until I stepped on a lid of paint and left a dark gray footprint on one side -
and then dear little Soda can leave quite the mess behind her with her paws, etc, so I threw them
out yesterday and now I positively have to do something.

And here is how you get what you want:

"John have you noticed how dirty the carpet gets from Soda?"

"No but I've noticed painted footprints all along my side of the bed."

"Oh that was an accident - but the carpet was really dirty anyway
and I can't keep getting down on my hands and knees and scrubbing
it all the time - I'm 52 years old John"

"Umph, but you can move furniture around the house and paint it every few
months - and sand and strip and paint furniture almost daily"

"But that's not hard work John - anyways we need to have the floor changed,
I guess it'll be a couple of thousand dollars -"

No words from John on this one - just a set look on his face

"OMG - I just had an incredible idea John - we could paint it ( see, here you must use the word "we"  )
Let me go google it for some ideas and we could see how it looks , maybe that could work."

You're not painting the bloody floors Suzan - is nothing safe from your paint brush at all?

I run to the computer and open the file where I have saved all the photos to show him - and then
call him into the office -

"Here's a few, what do you think?"

"I suppose that could be an option - more affordable anyways"

"I don't know John - maybe we should just bite the bullet and have the floors changed "

"No - I think the painted floors may look really nice "

"Ok - I'll try it then, no harm done if down the road we have to change them anyway "

"Now you're talking rational Suzan"

Mission accomplished - since I had no intentions of changing the floors at all.

I am torn with color - although leaning towards white - I have seen some amazing colors and/or
painted patterns on floors that I would love to try.  There's a pc of furniture in my room that I am going
to have to paint around - hillbilly I know but no choice here believe me so pattern will be challenging.
I might do a french key pattern all along the new and old floor to try to camouflage that.

Will keep you posted - in the meantime here are a few inspiration photos that I just love




coastal living

coastal living 

Aren't they all gorgeous - can't wait



  1. Haha, too funny how we can "outsmart" our men, lol! What woman wants... I love the idea of a painted floor, it's different and you can do something really unique. Go for it! Can't wait to see the results!

  2. It's shameful really, isn't it?
    I can't wait either ( except this one is a biggie with all the furniture that will need to be moved ughhh )


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