Sunday, March 18, 2012

Restorationhardwareish ( one word )

I am still in the process of painting this

and I went with ASCP Paris Grey - because it turned out so great on this one

but it just wasn't cutting it - for some reason it looked dull and flat ( not the finish, lol, just the appearance )
so tonight I'm putting a coat of French Linen on top of the gray - and sanding a lot of it off as soon as it dries
and I am so excited by the look - it's a color out of the Restoration Hardware line of rustic furniture - somewhere between a chateau and an industrial color - amazing - keep in mind my camera does not take the best pics - so you'll have to take my word for it - it's amazing.
maybe I should hire a professional photographer for photos of this one, lol.

I'm not finished ( I wish I could wait until a job is done before I come running to my computer and start manically typing and uploading photos but hey that's just who I am )

and again the photos do not do it justice - but you can sort of, kind of ( ish ) see where it's going?

This is going to be my new obsession, I can tell already..................can't sit here chatting - have to get
back to my new baby. I want to paint my kitchen walls like this - I'd love to paint my bedroom floor like
this - see how I get?
Somebody stop me!


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