Friday, March 16, 2012

Oh Oh - It's hereditary..............

My Daughter found this in the garbage outside her apartment building a couple of days ago -
And called me - here was the conversation.
Hi Mom, I found a a really cool piece of furniture and was wondering if you could do something with it.
What does it look like Lindsay?
Well it's round and it has a hole on the top to keep things in
A hole in the top, there must be a top piece missing Linds,
No, I think it was made that way and it has a really neat door, I've never seen anything like this, I think it's an antique.
Could you send me a photo of this piece honey?

LOL, here it is - it really is adorable but that hole is definitely not to toss things into - can't wait to fix it up for her - and cover that hole - before her cat decides to jump into it and call it home.  It most definitely is not a cathouse!

Have a great weekend everyone - it's almost going to be suntanning weather on Sunday!

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