Sunday, March 11, 2012

I know I shouldn't be checking on Craig's list but.......................

I'm overwhelmed with things to finish - space is a real problem so I know I should stay away for now - BUT
I saw this on CL last night -

Look at the details on the side posts - this piece is what my dreams are made of - what I could do with this!
Isn't it special?
Can you guess what they are asking?
This is a true antique piece so guess wisely...................

If you guessed 150.00 WRONG
If you guessed 100.00 WRONG
Ok - I guess I could do this for awhile - because it's free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What the hell?
I didn't think this was possible - who simply gives something like this away?

I offered 50.00 for it because I am a big spender, lol - a little incentive I figured -
but I doubt they will even see my email - since I was number 63 - and why would
they go through that many ( I never would )
Last time I looked there were 579 hits for it.

You see what happens when I listen to John - he told me to stay off of it until we had
made some room for more...................

Oh yeah, and these are free also,

Twin toilets - oh what I could do with them, lol - I would paint them in Paris Gray and cream -

I would love to come home with them and keeping a very serious face explain to John that I was
going to restore them - paint them - and make a lot of money on these beauties..............I swear
to God it would be worth it just to see his reaction ( I suppose I need a life when I envision something
like that as entertaining? )

Have a good one all,


  1. LOL! You could turn them into planters or something! I LOVE that chest. I would freak out too and try to get it, even if I had no room. Hope you get it.

  2. How do you find out how many "hits" there are on a craigslist posting? I didn't even know that was an option!

  3. Actually here in Canada we have Craigs List and KIJIJI - sorry it was on Kijiji that I found it.............
    And on that site they show the number of hits - as well as the option to enlarge all photos ( which is a great option for seeing details )
    and even a google map so you can see how far it is to pick up!
    I have a habit of calling them both CL !!!!!


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