Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My knight in shining armour

When I met John he could not hammer a nail in the wall, ok well maybe he could do that but just that, believe me when I say nothing more than that - so for many years I was the handy man around the house.
Well baby, look at him now....................

My french window grid

I still have to paint it - and there are still 3 more to make- I also want to make picture frame moldings
for the walls inside the ledge because they are deep enough to warrant a little architectural detail but we are soooo close - I keep walking into the living room to look at it - I couldn't be more impressed if he came riding down the street on a white stallion and scooped me up ( unless he had a miter box in one hand )

I'll do a tutorial on this one when it's completely finished - it's not quite as simple as I thought it would be - I have a very bad habit of saying everything is easy with a flick of my hand - truth be told I am wrong about that
more than I am right - but still all in all it only took a couple of hours to make this grid - and
cost under 25 dollars - ( it's the measuring that kills me - I tend to always want to skip that part )
with sometimes very disastrous results, lol.

And this is how we ate dinner this evening

I think that's parsley on the plate but it could be wood chips - who in the midst of this mess
would even want to decorate with parsley - and then I didn't like how it looked so I was
going to start over and had to stop myself because sometimes even I can see the insanity
peeking out of my brain and laughing at me.  Sitting in the midst of tools and sawdust and
a miter box on top of a yellow towel and worried about decorating my shrimp dinner.
I'm surprised I didn't put tea lights all over the place, lol.

So again - this is how the window started -

xmas photo because it's the best shot of the all white window!

and here it is so far

Have a good one all,

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  1. Love the touch of parsley! You have to have style even in the midst of renos, lol! Love the window grid, it adds so much to the windows. Can your hubby teach mine?

  2. Love it !!!!! What a transformation, they look so much warmer and cozier. Your Hubby did a great job! Does he know we are all talking about his handy work! I just posted your dressers on Facebook!

  3. thanks guys,
    I think he should start a workshop, lol - going to look at facebook now!!!

  4. They look beautiful, and you really have me considering if I could paint my window frames black too! They are metal and kind of a weird grayish brown color, hmmmm. Except they already have the inserts, and they are inside the glass, I just realized. Dang it.


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