Monday, October 8, 2012

500 followers and A Sponsored Give Away!!!

What a humbling number in my little world - and thrilling beyond belief.
AND finally I have a sponsored give away so I don't have to run out shopping and tormenting myself with finding the " right " gifts - AND I don't even have to ship this out - AND it's such a great giveaway -
oh blogging life is getting good lol
So let's get on with the story behind this giveaway..........................


I want to make sure everyone understands that - when it comes to technology I'm not the brightest chip on the circuit board - as I've mentioned many times, I struggled with every single step of the learning process when I first began blogging -and because I don't want to keep going on about how stupid I am every 3 or 4 posts I'm just going to leave it at that ( I'm only stupid with computers - I'm like the female Einstein with absolutely everything else lol - just take my word on that one, no tests please )

So when My Memories Suite contacted me to ask if I would like to host a give away for their product - I actually giggled to myself - thinking " these people have no idea who they're talking to here "
When they assured me that it was easy - ( like everyone told me blogging was ) I giggled to myself again.
So it was with a little trepidation that I went to visit their site and guess what?  I was hooked from the get go - really - I played for hours on it ( warning: quite addictive for us creative types ) AND IT WAS EASY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And you gotta believe me everyone - when I say it was easy, I don't say that lightly!!!

There are different packages available - I picked the wedding package ( because as you know one of my daughters is getting married next summer )

Care to see what this computer wiz I created?

and then I did this


and I couldn't wait for Lindsay to come over and see it -

Mom says - I can't wait to show you what I made for you Lindsay
Lindsay says - oh, that's nice I guess
Mom says - crestfallen - Oh, you're not crazy about it?
Lindsay says - It's not really my style Mom
Lindsay says - Can I play with it for a bit?
Mom says - But of course you can sweetheart - it's all yours
Mom says - But please try to keep it normal
Lindsay says - You spelled my name wrong
Mom says - No - I did not - that is what I named you - that's what on your birth certificate
Lindsay says - I've been spelling it LINZ for 20 years - you have to accept it
Mom says - No - I don't have to accept that at all
Lindsay says - and btw - we're getting married on the 23th of June - just for your information
Mom says - Why are you always hammering me with details???????????????

Here's LINDSAY's creations

Mom says - I think I like mine better
Lindsay says - sarcastically - I'll keep that in mind
Mom says - Don't you want it to be elegant and sophisticated?
Lindsay says - No, not at all actually - that's what YOU want
Lindsay says - If you fight me on this I swear Mom - I'll use this photo

Mom says - Actually I really like the 2 elephants -

Dear God - this child of mine is going to kill me before the wedding even takes place.....................


She played on the site for as long as I did and LOVED it - she can do her save the dates, her invitations, candle wraps - place cards - just about anything to do with paper or photos that she wants - it's really a fun fun program.

Just go visit My and let me know which one you prefer - that's it -
I wish I could give everyone one of these - really - that's how much I loved it - but I can only choose 1 winner ( I'll use again ) BUT if anyone is interested in purchasing one of these you can click on
the banner on the top right hand side of my blog - be sure to copy and paste the code I provide for a 10.00 rebate!
Would love to have you follow me - but it's not a condition :)

Think I'm going to play over there for awhile again,  Stay tuned for another awesome give away on Wednesday!!!
Big Hugs, to everyone of you

I was compensated with a software package to host this giveaway but the review is 100% mine.


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  1. Awesome Giveaway! Definitely the Photobook Studio. Thanks for hosting :-)

  2. Can you hear me laughing through your computer screen? This post is too funny, and I can SO relate to the blogging struggles. Congrats on your daughter's wedding and your impressive number. Wow. I will be old and senile before I get that many followers. Also, it's not that I don't believe you when you say it's easy. It' just that you don't know how bad I am at the techie stuff. LOL.
    Leslie (aka Gwen Moss blog)

  3. I hope you guys get your act together because one has the wedding in 2012 (you missed it!) one in 2013, and one in 2014!

    I'd probably go for a travel package if I had to choose just one.

  4. Congrats on the 500 - that's awesome and no small milestone. As Leslie said I'll be really old and senile before I hit that number, lol....

  5. Congrats!! Would love the Photobook Studio!

  6. lolol! Sounds like Linz takes after John a wee bit, Suzan....??? hehehe! I think you did a great job on those invites for being a rookie! Reach around and give yourself a big pat on the back. You deserve it, girl! :)

    xoxo laurie

  7. 500 is a wonderful milestone! I follow by email so I won't miss any posts! If you pinky swear this is easy, I might be able to do something with the Photobook Studio. I am very limited in my computer knowledge, but am willing to try something new!
    Thank you for doing the giveaway.

    1. I pink swear!!! I really really do!
      Good luck

  8. Hi Suzan!!!

    My Montreal buddy!!

    I love the Vintage Heart in the Girl category. Vintage anything is great!! Congratulations on hitting the BIG 500!!! I'm so happy for you!! I look forward to the next 500 he-he!!


    1. Hey Pam!!!
      Don't know about another 500 lol- so overwhelmed by the number 500!
      Good luck
      Big hugs,

  9. Congatulations!! lovin the photo book studio:)


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