Sunday, October 28, 2012

End table before and after

Good Morning All !!!  I'm guest posting over at Kathe with an E's today - come by and check out another panic stricken moment in my crazy world......................if in fact it's today lol - she only asked that I SUBMIT it today - it may be for tomorrow's post actually!
In the meantime I had already posted this so you get
a double dose this morning

How do you like my catchy title?  Whoa talk about a bad case of " writer's block " lol -  I really need everyone's honest opinion on this one -  because I also have a bad case of " painters block ".

I tried gray - my go to color usually - uh uh - no like -
Than I tried all cream - uh uh - too boring
Than I tried white - uh uh - too stark -
and this is what I've ended up with - just a quick reminder of the before

I painted the top with Kathy Van Gogh Chalk Paint ( first time trying it - and LOVE it )  called  "mascara" and the bottom half with a behr color I already had..................

spray painted the gorgeous handles black

and was just getting ready to start distressing - actually had the sand paper in my hand - and for some reason thought this piece did not need it at all - I kind of like it the way it is - what do you think?

should I just leave well enough alone?
sometimes well enough - is enough

calling out to the universe, should it be distressed?  can't wait to get my hands on the rest of the set -
( you can see it HERE if you missed that post )

oh and did I mention that we bought this on the weekend - BECAUSE I SOLD THE LAST TABLE SET!!!
to a young girl that says it's her dream come true table and chairs - sometimes this business does the soul good!

guess I'm going to be " busy busy busy " - like this creep - and bracing myself for Sandy who is scheduled to arrive here shortly.................( the storm to beat all others )


big points if you can remember who he is lol  ( hint : he comes to town every winter )

C'mon table - you're coming with me!

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  1. Dear Suzan!!! I LOVE this table!!! And no, you don't need to distress it!!! And I know... sometimes we can't help ourselves, LOL!!!
    I miss you!!! Also, congratulations on selling the last table set! I have TWO I need to refinish! Cannot stand to see my laundry room so full, lol!
    I have been working hard on getting my new website done.
    It is in construction, but you can see it at
    My business name is ReStory Furnishings! I am working on migrating Condensed Love to ReStory. Hugs galore! Claudine

  2. I love the chalk paint on top, and don't think it needs distressed at all. I think the table looks fantastic as is!

    Frosty is my all-time favorite holiday show...despite the nasty magician. :)

    Be safe with the storm.

  3. im so jealous! that is such an awesome table!

    1. I'd be jealous too tee hee!!!
      Thanks Bethany - hugs,

  4. Love how it came out. Looks gorgeous. x

  5. Leave it as is. No distressing, it's perfect like that! The black is gorgeous.

    I sometimes stare at a piece for a while, until it "speaks" to me. Some pieces are quieter than others, lol!

    Are you going to paint the rest of the set the same?

  6. I am so glad you decided to paint it this way. I have a pair of night stands I have been undecided about and had just recently settled on painting them grey and white. I just didn't know if I would like it or not. Your table looks like a dark grey and white on here and I love it. So, now I can move on. But, today is wallpaper removal and painting walls. Thanks for sharing Suzane you keep me inspired.....

  7. Beautiful makeover!! Job well done.

    Looks like Snidely Whiplash to me.

  8. My vote is for Not Distressing. It's very pretty as is.

    And I believe that picture is of the British dude that used to live across the hall from The Jeffersons.

    1. Your vote wins Cheryl - definitely not distressing!
      And your guess is the funniest one of them all LMAO
      It's frosty the snowman's nemesis..............

  9. I would not distress the table I love the way it looks!


  10. fabulous right now no distressing needed but then i just dont happen to be a fan of distressing i cant put my finger on that guy its at the tip of my tongue im thinking something like jack frost lol so far so good on this SANDY story

    1. Thanks so much!!! I'm definitely not sanding it!!!

  11. Great redo on your table! I had to laugh a bit, the books on top in the picture include two of my favorite things, wine & design :)

    xoxo, Tanya

  12. Hey- GREAT job on that table. Personally, I like it UNdistressed but you can tell better by seeing it in person. Praying for you in the hurricane's path. I was gonna guess Dudley Doolittle but I don't think he hangs around in winter weather....and I know for SURE it isn't SANTA.....Is it your Winter Lover?;>) xo Diana

  13. This is just gorgeous as is! Love it and what a deal you got! I'm a new follower coming over from KATHE'S blog! Oh and that dastardly guy is the one always wanting the rent from the pretty girl?? right??? OK I went and looked it up....Snidlely Whiplash! Gosh I love Dudley DoRight!

    Hugs, Linda

  14. That is so classy, what a difference. I love the way the beautiful handles really pop against the light color. No distressing needed in my opinion. Stopby my blog if you get a chance.

  15. Hi Suzan!!!

    I LOVE the way you finished the side table!!!!!! And NO!!!! Please no distressing. It looks great the way it is!!! I love the handles!!!Sometimes we always feel we need to change them, but, these ones are classy for any time frame.

    Enjoy your week!!!


  16. What a cute table! I'd love to find one of these for my bedroom. And I vote "no" to distressing. I'm with you ... sometimes I paint and piece and decide not to distress. That character is from Frosty the Snowman ... the mayor? Hope you survive the storm!

  17. Suzan that is the prettiest little table! You did a wonderful job and if it was me I'd leave it as is. Hugs Peggy

  18. Holy cow...I love this sweet little table. It looks so classy now, my vote is leave it as is. It doesn't need distressing! Great job! :)

  19. this looks awesome! so beautiful leave as is!
    I saw you on the Adventures of a DIY mom link party

  20. Nope! Leave that sweetly transformed end table just like she is, Suzan! She's perfect! I truly believe there are some pieces that speak for themselves and just don't need any distressing. Congrats on selling that dining set, girl! Wooo hooo! Time to go shoppinnnnnnng! :)

    xoxo laurie

  21. I love the table and the black and white were a great choice!!

  22. Love the gay and white together (my fav combination). Beautiful!

  23. ooh i love the shape of this piece and you gave it such a great classic look!

  24. Great job! I love love quirky furniture, and you did this piece justice!

    1. Thanks so much Amy -
      You're a no reply blogger so hope you come back to read this!!!

  25. You may just have to toss a coin on the distressing. She's pretty cute the way she is, though! ~ Maureen

  26. Replies
    1. thanks so much Deborah! you're a no reply blogger - hope you see this - I'm following you back :)

  27. Another beautiful transformation. I just love how it turned out! Have a wonderful week and thanks for sharing with us this week!

    Take care,


  28. Oh no, I think it is perfect as it is! I love that little table, so beautiful.
    And that's Frosty's hat the magician is holding! (I
    Debbie :)

  29. Love your transformation! gorgeous as usual!
    House on the Way

  30. You know that I will distressed something in a swish of a magician's wand, BUT this table turned out so crisp in his tuxedo colors. I would just wax with clear wax and give him two eyes made of coal. Wait a minute! No, he is just fine as is!

  31. Dropping by via Transformation Thursday. I look forward to seeing you at my festive tablescape:-)

  32. I just love your cute adorable end table, great job!!


  33. Please do not distress it and pleeeeeaaaaassseeee Suzy, I will be there to pick it up asap!!!

  34. Looks wonderful. I love black and white together! Thanks for linking!

  35. I'm late to the party but NO! please do not distress. You know, sometimes too much distressing gets everything looking the same. That's just my 2cents you know. :) I love it the way it is! Always, always love black and white.


  36. Stunning as always my dear! Love the black and white! I say leave it as is! No distressing needed! Thanks for linking up to the Keep Calm and Link Up! Hope to see you back next week!

  37. What a cute table. I'm putting it in the Spotlight this weekend. Thanks for linking up...

  38. LEAVE IT ALONE! It looks gorgeous!! Amazing transformation!!

    1. Just wanted you to know this was featured over at Think Tank Thursday!! Thanks so much for linking it up.
      This weeks party is up and running. Would love for you to share your latest creations!!

  39. I love your blog! I'm so glad you stopped by at Doodles & Stitches and commented on my chicken wire armoire. I'm now your newest follower. Can't wait to see what you paint next :)

  40. Thanks so much for sharing your awesome end table makeover on Simple & Sweet Fridays. It's beautiful!


  41. The table looks fantastic. I would leave it as is. It's perfect. Great job!!

  42. You did an awesome job! I wish I could take a peak into that design book, by the way!


  43. I have seen this awesome little table on the web and so honored you also shared it over at Curb Alert's Friday block Party! Have a great week.
    Tami @ Curb Alert!

  44. oh wow! what a transformation! i really like how it looks without distressing it :) lovely!!

    your newest follower :)


  45. What a great transformation!! I would love for you to come link up to my Get Social Sunday party. YOu can come show off your awesome ideas!

  46. Very sweet!
    Nice job!
    Thanks for linking!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  47. What a great piece! Love the color contrast! Thanks for linking up to Keep Calm and Link Up!
    Barbara at Chase the Star
    chasethestar dot net

  48. Fabulous transformation! You are so talented at turning pieces into something beautiful!

    1. You are SO sweet - thanks so much Jennifer!

  49. Congrats! You were the most viewed link at last week's Keep Calm & Link Up! Come on by and grab a featured button!! Can't wait to see what you link up this week :o)

    xo, Meredith @


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