Monday, October 22, 2012

Tom Petty says it best - Free Fallin'

Good Monday everybody!
The below is a post from last September ( when none of you knew me from a hole in the head! )
So last night I crept out in the dark of the night and started snipping away and thought ( this feels vaguely familiar ) so I'm reposting ( and adding a few photos from last nights criminal activity )
And by the way, I know I am the only one in blogland that feels this way but I DON'T LIKE AUTUMN, at all - it's too close for winter for me - and it represents an ending in my mind -  it's my least favourite season - so maybe that's why I'm content to not spend any money on decorating for it lol

And I'm free, and I'm free falling...........................

John is in Europe this week - and I was just too lazy to walk down to the market to get my flowers ( even
though I did walk to my hairdressers and back - which was about 7 miles in total - very very proud of myself!!!! )
So I decided to steal from my garden - this is my first attempt at drying hydrangeas - I am in love - the different shades look soooo pretty - I think these will stay for a long time,
And I say steal because it is in fact what I have done - my neighbour split in with us to purchase these plants so technically they are only half mine - I literally went out in the middle of the night in my housecoat with snippers.................and because it was the middle of the night there were slugs on them, ughhhhh.
I had already bought 4 dried hydrangeas - so only added to what I already have.
Am I completely nuts?
Yep, that would be me

and if that were not enough I ran back out again and cut these from a bush that we just planted ( and of which the costs were also shared )

Is it ok to commit an act of petty theft if it makes your heart happy, lol
I even had the thought of taking snippers when I take Soda out for her walk late at night
and snipping here and there, can you imagine?  Would that make her an accomplice?

My new best friend ( power to the people my friends )

If you see me walking around your neighbourhood - be careful, be very very careful.

Do you think I could actually blame Soda?  Hmmm, she looks a little guilty to me

You look like an angel
Walk like an angel even bark like an angel
But I got wise
You're the devil in disguise 

........................Tell it to the judge, lady.

So now on to this year -  I was a little braver last night ( or the bush has grown since then - because last night's bounty brought me this

Vintage water jugs make great vases - especially when sitting on books :)

but that was waaaayyyyy before I knew how to do this!




 oh and what's that I see peeking out over the tree tops?

It's the file for Danni's " stuffed acorn squash " - told you I was saving this one to try Danni!!!
You can find the recipe HERE - and here's what sold me!  Doesn't it look fabulous?

And that is how I managed to get some Free Falling done around the house - 
NOT A PENNY - except maybe a day or two in jail if I'm ever caught and even then I would blame Soda - sorry sweetheart I love you, but................................

I have a feeling no one would be able to identify you anyway


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  1. The hydrangeas are beautiful. I did not get one freaking bloom this year. I am pulling the bush out next spring and moving it. I think it gets too much sun. Love the red/pink leaves on whatever shrub from which you are cutting.

    I think you are getting a little dangerous with Picmonkey... :)

  2. How funny you are!! I was imagining you creeping around out here where I live in the country in your nightgown and your little dog (which the coyotes would totally have as a midnight snack)!! I was looking to see what was peaking out over the tops of your fall trees on your screen and what a pleasant surprise!! Thanks for the shout-out and I'm hoping you'll move that from your screen into your kitchen! Now I need to go plan a craft that is "jail acceptable" just in case you get caught and I need to send you something with a file hidden it it!! Oh...and LOVE Tom Petty!!

  3. Soda is a cutie! I have a little white dog too, a bichon. She's a total princess.

    Guess what, I am not a fan of fall either. Nope. I like looking at the colours, but that's about it. Give me late spring when the trees are in bloom and summer any time.

    Your hydrangeas are gorgeous though. I picked some hydrangeas at our previous house a couple of years ago, but the cat has been slowly gnawing at them and destroying them, lol! She does that to tell me she's hungry and she needs feeding. Such a tool.

  4. There are some bushes around the corner from me absolutely LADEN with bright orange berries. The branches are dripping low to the ground - the green leaves area almost an afterthought by the Creator - so beautiful. I'm SURE no one would notice me with my shears.... And I'm sure the bush wouldn't miss a snip or two. In fact, it would thank me. It's far too heavy as it is... I could bring my little white dog, too. Although, he is a little conspicuous in his favourite orange sweater... Maybe I'll call it camo and he'll blend right in with the berry bush...

    1. LOL - grab them - as quickly as possible!!!
      And actually the orange should hide him perfectly tee hee

  5. Love the hydrangeas. I can't wait for mine to get that big. I got my first ever blooms this year by feeding them the contents of tea bags.
    Your dog is a cutie!

  6. I must have never wanted a hair cut bad enough to walk 7 miles total for it, I have however contemplated steeling hydrangeas from people's yards. Ones that are zero percent mine.


  7. What a cute picture of soda! I love bringing the outdoors in via flowers,twins,vines etc.I am lucky to have plenty in my yard to pick from.

  8. hi Suzan the photos are beautiful.I just love the pink leaves what type of flowers are these.I took some photos of my garden and put them on on my blog and was amazed at just how good they looked.Yours photos look amazing-love deex

  9. Cute, I just cute some hydranges too. I am curious if you did anything to them to preserve them?

  10. I cannot believe you walked seven miles to your hairdresser, but would not walk out into your backyard to fetch hydrangea blooms. Soda is in disguise because she is so ashamed of Suzan not claiming what is hers. You left the bushes, right? So that is half, or more than half, left. I am proud to say last year I stole my hydrangea blooms from the city parkway while the gardeners were working. I think they figured I was supposed to be doing that! Yours are gorgeous by the way. So go forth and steal more blooms! Just don't tell John.

  11. Beautiful pictures, lovely hydrangeas and the burning bush is always perfect in fall! (oh, and the more you prune your burning bush, the bushier it gets, so you can tell that to the were pruning it to keep it healthy! lol)
    Debbie :)

  12. Since the bushes are half yours, you should only get half the sentence if caught. No one in Canada serves more than half their sentence so that cuts you down to a quarter. Carry on with your thievery and let the dog take the rap if you're caught. ~ Maureen

  13. too funny susan and i love all the flowers great pics your really enjoing picmonkey lol

  14. Hmmm, now I don't feel so bad about contemplating sneaking out to ABC Restaurant in the middle of the night and raiding their over-abundant hydrangeas (notice I said - over-abundant - they really have too many blooms I think). I haven't yet and if my better half has any say - I never will....LOL. I will have to content myself to living vicariously through you and Soda!
    Peggy @ The Painted Pear

  15. Ha, you are funny girl. I love your free fallin and now I will have that song in my head all day. Don't do me like that, don't do me like that:) Thanks for sharing.

  16. Love the pretty!
    And your doggie is the cutest little thing!
    Thanks for linking this week!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  17. Hi Suzan!!

    Just trying to catch-up with all my emails since my Montreal trip in Sept.

    I love Hydrangeas!! And I really love SODA!!!!! How cute!!!!

    Have a great day!!



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