Monday, October 15, 2012

Dining room set before and after

So here we go - remember this?

John could not understand what I saw in this - but I saw Vintage French Provincial - I saw curved designs on the back of a chair - I saw a scallop edge on the table bottom -
What I did NOT see was all the junk in the photo - I'm able to filter all of that out at this point - where that was ALL John could see - but isn't that an interesting array of items lol
There's a phone - a colander - stacked cups - a goose necked lamp - a porcelain frying pan - a cutting board - a water bottle etc - I should save this, it could work well as a shower game - you have 30 seconds to look at it and list the items !!!

John went to pick up the set - and I called him on his way back and asked him what it looked like

Suzan says - Hi - did you get it?
John says - Yup
Suzan says - You don't sound very enthusiastic
John says - Wait till you see it - I told you to come with me -
Suzan says - I don't need to see all of it - I saw the photo - that was enough for.......
Suzan says - I'll transform it John - you know that by now -
John says - LISTEN, the minute I get in the house I'm taking a shower, do you understand me - you
don't know where I've just been
Suzan says - You're becoming a germaphobic I think
John says - good-bye Suzan, I'm hanging up now -

OK - what I also didn't see was this  ( and nor would I have thought it possible really ) and you will want to take a shower after looking at it lol

I didn't see the color of the filth on the wood either as a matter of fact but each chair took 3 buckets of soapy water before the water stayed clear - you can see that here if  you like photos of dirty water

So first order of the day was to remove that fabric and in some cases there were multiple layers of fabric -
for the most part it practically disintegrated as I pulled - except where I needed it to - pliers were a neccesity here

then I cut out my new seat cushions - these had none at all - they were like sitting on wood chairs

Now here's an incredible tip supplied by JOHN himself - he's puffing like a penguin right now -
You know when you're reupholstering seats sometimes it's hard to judge where the screw hole is, right?
and if you try to screw in through the fabric - well, sometimes it works and sometimes it's a disaster, the fabric loops around the screws and fuggedaboudit -
I was explaining this to John - and he said - Well the solution is staring you right in the eyes - just keep the screws in while your stapling the fabric
LIGHTBULB ANYONE????????????????

I removed them before I took this shot - ( STOOPID  ) but trust me when I tell you this is a powerful TIP.
It's going to be such a breeze screwing the seats back in - ( unless all of you already do this - it honestly never dawned on me lol )

Oh and that piece of paper?  WHATEVER YOU DO DON'T REMOVE IT - there are chair police that go around imposing terrible fines for those of you that dare to do so

it used to be 50 to 500 dollars back in the day - I believe it's now at 75,000 dollars - and be careful who you try to sell your item to - if the potential buyer suddenly flips the chair over very quickly - chances are they're Chair Cops.........................

and so finally I had one chair done

hmmm - lets rip that all off says the other Suzan ( don't know her? you can meet her here ) it doesn't go with the way I want to do the table now that I think of it

perhaps this will look better

hmmm boring -

3rd time lucky?

Perfect for this set.........................

Ok now I have an even more important tip for you - and this one's all mine

Once you've painted the chairs - and cut the foam - and cut the fabric - and stapled it on - ( leaving the screws in place ) it's imperative that you stop and get yourself this

not 1 - not 2 - but 3 miniature cheese cakes smothered in chocolate -
and a glass of milk ( just because it does the body good ) ......................................

John says - taking a picture of your dessert are you Suzan?
Suzan says - yup - that I am
John says - I suppose that fits in with the chair makeover post somehow?
Suzan says - you got it mister - it's a tip actually
John says - on what? how to gain weight while reupholstering?
Suzan says - be careful John - be very very careful - your treading on dangerous ground now

Ok - once you've finished you snack - and cut your eyes at your better half - it's time to get started on the table............................

I'm scared to show it to you - because this is really a love it or hate makeover
SO PLEASE PLEASE BE KIND - BECAUSE JOHN SAID A VERY MEAN THING ABOUT MY DESSERT AND I'M FEELING KIND OF FRAGILE.........................and just because I'm nice I won't tell you what he can consume at one sitting - but it's quite astonishing really
Oh wait - I'll show you the before again first - that way it can't help but look amazing! ( another tip for you diy bloggers )

and here's the curves I saw from the very beginning

the next photo is blurry because I couldn't get her to stop dancing - she was doing the can-can or some crazy french dance - I mean she was MOVING guys!
She has a " leaf " that I'm not finished yet - so can sit 6 to 8

The paint color is a creation of mine - Van Gogh paints allows each stocklister to create 4 designer colors, this is going to be one of mine - so can't divulge the secret recipe ladies lol

and I don't know if my camera does it justice because it's really beautiful
( if I do say so myself )

shhhh - did you hear something - 
just now
a faint little voice?
isn't that sweet - look what she just whispered

(  Bienvenue ma cherie - Bienenue  )

Have a wonderful day !!!

and maybe just have 2 of those cakes - 3 will make you feel sick

I'll be announcing the winner of the My Memories Suite software package tomorrow morning - so stay tuned!  Today's your last chance to enter - if you haven't already - you can find it HERE

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  1. Hi Suzan!
    It looks like we're both up late...or should I say early?
    Oh...My goodness! I can't believe my eyes! You have turned a sow's ear into a silk purse. What a gorgeous transformation. I love all the French curves...and, frankly, I couldn't see them before. You are amazing, my new friend!
    Thanks for your thoughtful comments on my sewing chair...It really was a "homer" before it's new slipcover!
    Blessings and now we should both get some sleep!
    Carolynn xo

  2. Beautifully done! I love your third fabric choice, I'm a toile de juoy fan! I bet John was very impressed! And I'll try to remember that cake tip...

  3. I LOOOVE the transformation and the last fabric choice definitely was the best!! You also make me feel better to see that I'm not the only it takes more than one try to get the look I'm after.

  4. The table is gorgeous! You are giving me great ideas. Still trying to fix that no reply thing.

  5. I am a total fan of blue and white and this is gorgeous - toile is also one of my favorites so it's a win/win. Loving it....

  6. Sweet redemption!

    And John was obviously just jealous of your cheesecake Ding Dongs.

    1. Thanks Cheryl lol - yeah - I think he was jealous actually!

  7. WOW, WOW, WOW!!! Super gorgeous!!! Not the same table at all. You should send the pictures to the previous owners and say "Eat your hearts out, she's mine now!"

    That's a beautiful blue.

    I'm so interested in that Van Gogh paint, I can't wait to try it, love the fact that it's all Canadian.

    Good, funny post, Suzan!

  8. You know I think you can never go wrong with toile. This suite has a whole new life and loves showing off her curves! ~ Maureen

  9. You have made me a believer for sure, from now on... well since starting this new kind of "vintage/junk blog eyes are opened wider then ever!!

    I want that lovely table and chair set, it came out stunning...what can I say...Van Gogh paint ....hmmm, I'm going to find out more about that too!

    Thanks for your very fun to read blogs!

  10. What a transformation!! I love it and I love the toile. I am a toile girl.


  11. Wow!Beautiful transformation! I love your Frenchy dining suite.
    The French Hens are the newest followers of your beautiful blog.

    Linda and Jeannie

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words ( Jeannie AND Linda )

  12. looks fabulous!!!! worth all the cleaning and showering!!!

  13. Just beautiful! I love the color of the table

  14. Oh my goodness, what a transformation!! I adore the blue top and the fabric choice is just perfect. You newest follower. :)

  15. I'm so glad both of you agreed on the third choice. :) You're both right! Are you sure that one of you hasn't taken to spelling her name Suzanne?

    1. LOL - possibly - but sometimes I sign off Suzana also so maybe there's a third personality out there as well!

  16. Love! The toile on the chairs is perfect and I think the blue is just wonderful.

  17. Please disinfect those needle nose pliers before you use them again to create something awesome.


  18. What a beautiful make over...great job! Hugs, Penny

  19. Isn't it funny how not everyone sees our visions? LOL. Your transformation is lovely- good choice of colors! So glad you came over. I am following you, as well. Off to read some more of your older posts. :-) Sue

  20. Suzan!!!!!! I LOVE it!!!!!!! Thanks so much for linking this up to Creatively Tuesdays at The Rustic Pig!

    So, after I picked myself up from off the floor... was laughing so hard!!! Seriously... I can't tell you how many times my husband and I have had those EXACT discussions!! All of them!! I don't get why people try to sell things with STUFF sitting all over it! It's like the people who are trying to sell a couch with five dogs sitting on it in the picture.. then they wonder why it doesn't sell!

    You did an amazing job on your table!! I absolutely LOVE it!! I think your final fabric choice was a winner!! LOVE!!!!!

    Ok... I'll stop now...

  21. I am SOOO in love with this dining set! I could tell in the before picture there were some pretty legs but you just couldn't see them. You brought out all the beauty in this table & the chairs. I'll be on the lookout for the chair police. lol

  22. Beautiful! I saw the first chair redo, and thought what? seriously, what is wrong with that? Then yeah, boring on the 2nd one, but when I see the 3rd option with that gorgeous table - OHHHHHH perfection!

  23. Suzan - I have been trying to figure out what colour to paint my dining room table and was toying with a turqouise/teal all over but I absolutely love the white base and the turqouise top - it's really beautiful! I hope you believe that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery because I am about to totally copy your table colour choices! Whahoo!
    Peggy @ The Painted Pear

  24. What a fun post--you are so funny, Suzan! Love your conversations with John--I've had similar with my sweetie. There really was a diamond in the rough with that table and those chairs--I love the toile you finally selected--very pretty! And that blue--ah!

  25. Love your makeover, the colors are great, and the toile is perfect. Really enjoy your humor.

  26. Amazing makeover! The set looks fabulous. My hubs always questions my finds as well; only makes it better when I finish a project and prove him wrong!!

  27. what a pretty table! i love those legs!

  28. great job susan she really is a beauty now awesome

  29. Love the table and chairs. I have the crappy Leons set with the parson's chairs. I want to paint, but hubby won't let me. I am your newest follower. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  30. Oh I love that curvy table and the chairs are so pretty!

  31. Love the final fabric choice and the table looks fab! Of course, she thanked you! :) She has a new lease on life and it's stunning!

  32. Hi Suzan once again I have to say it this is beautiful....I wish you had classes in Australia I would be there...I know ask John to take you over here for a working holiday.-love dee x

  33. I can see why your lovely table is dancing! She was just waiting for someone to see her true beauty! Wonderful job. Linda

  34. Oh those nasty chair seats made me get the hebie jeebies!! It looks fabulous now!! I always keep gloves for nasty jobs like that! Traci

    1. Thanks so much - I usually wear gloves if something is filthy too - but they're sometimes hard to work with!!!

  35. It's so beautiful Suzan! You do such wonderful work.
    Debbie :)

  36. Oh my, a woman after my own heart! LOVE, love, love what you did with the table and chairs! Love the toile and the curves on the table! There's always a little magic in a can of paint and some elbow grease, I always say! I enjoyed your story about it all too. Thanks for sharing your fabulous transformation and have a delightful day.


  37. I love the new table! We just picked up a Craigslist find that needs a makeover and I've been browsing for ideas. I LOVE the color of your table top. Thanks for posting this! New Follower.

  38. So cute! Love the color on the top and the toile fabric.

  39. You my lady, have vision! Beautiful redo, and I love the fabric

    xoxo, Tanya

  40. Wow! Awesome job on the chairs...they are gorgeous! The mini cheesecakes look pretty scrumptious too!

    Would love for you to share this at my very first linky party. My sister and I are working together over at “Think Tank Thursday”…would love to see you there!

  41. Oh Suzan! You did such fabulous job! That dancing table is beautiful, love the color you chose!

  42. Gorgeour makeover. Love your color choices.

  43. Gorgeous! Love! Love! Love! Stopping by via At The Picket Fence.

  44. So fun. I loved the dialog and the beautiful color you have whipped up yourself. Your vision beyond the stuff on the table and the creepy filth that we find with our treasures was superb. I just love the dancing outcome!

  45. it turned out darling! i love it!!! xoxo

  46. You gave it life! Lovely! Thanks for sharing this at Rustic Restorations Weekend!

  47. Hello Beautiful, just love the colors! Wonderful work.

  48. Hi Suzy, what a wonderful transformation, I love love love the colors. Thank you for sharing all your hard work on this project, I'm a new follower!

    Have a good day, Nancy

  49. lol! I was half expecting to see a photo of YOU dancing on the table while John stood there rolling his eyes at you, Suzan. lolol! GREAT job on the dining set, girlie! Is John eating his words now...? (or maybe dessert....).


    xoxo laurie

  50. You can put me on the LOVE IT side of this makeover! I ADORE the colour on the table top, and it's perfect with the white base. You really brought the great curves of the table & chairs to life :-)

  51. Replies
    1. thanks so much Ewa! sorry for delay in reply it's been crazy here this wknd!

  52. This French beauty has me dancing the Can Can. Love, love the color! Her curves are so oh la la! Thanks for sharing her amazing transformation with SYC.

  53. Suzan I love it! You have a wonderful eye and one day John will admit it! I'm featuring you at TTT this week. Thanks so much for sharing. :-) Peggy~PJH Designs

  54. I keep clicking on you at ever party! I must really love what you have done. It's very pretty and inspiring how your set turned out. I can't wait to work some magic on my own dining set!!

    1. lol - thanks so much Michele - I'm usually partying every week!
      good luck on yours!

  55. AH-mazing transformation! I love the colors. Just gorgeous!

  56. Oh my goodness, I LOVE this girl!! The colors are amazing! Good luck with the chair cops hahaha! Thanks for sharing at Keep Calm and Link Up!
    Barbara at Chase the Star
    chasethestar dot net

  57. What a gorgeous makeover, you are featured today at Think Tank Thursday! Come grab a featured button if you like. Thanks for sharing!

  58. FREAKIN FANTASTIC! Now I have to go paint my dining room table top aqua. You've convinced me. And I hate what I did to it anyways.


    Thank you for your lovely inspiration.


  59. Love the look you created with the toile and soft blue- wanted you to know I featured this on my Saturday faves - have a great weekend- Claire

  60. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  61. Okay, I'm totally in love with this! And completely cracked up reading this post. Awesome!!!!



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