Friday, October 26, 2012

How far can YOU stretch 25.00?

Not a lot of money today - really - how far can  you stretch it - perhaps a movie for two?
A visit to the dollar store can cost me more than that easily. Ok let me think - hmmm
maybe a quick bite to eat at a diner?
okay give me a minute here - I know there must be something of value you can get for 25.00?

Oh I know!
You can get ALL of this

and the original matching mirror

and this

and this

25.00 for all of it ............................

I couldn't do it - I felt so guilty I can't even tell you - and I didn't have a lot of cash on me so I ended up giving them an extra 25.00 ( they only wanted a token amount - it was listed as 25.00 but it said they were negotiable can you imagine - I probably could have gotten it for 15.00 for crying out loud  ) so I paid 50.00 and gave a dear friend 40.00 for helping us get.  ( Dorothy's Husband )  SO signed, sealed, delivered for

In my world this is like winning the furniture lottery - this has never happened before and I seriously doubt it ever will again

Suzan says - John do you have any money on you?
John says - only 25 dollars
Suzan whispers - Please give it to them
John says - WHY?  There's selling it for 25.00
Suzan whispers - Give it to them please
John says - But this doesn't make any sense - why would
Suzan interrupts - Just give them the extra 25 dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
John says - No - you're being ridiculous - why would
Suzan says - Excuse me sir?  We only have 25 extra dollars on us - but pls take it - I can't just
give you 25.00 dollars for this
John pulls the 25 dollars out of his pocket...................
The " sir " looks at me totally confused - " but we only wanted 25.00 for it "

Am I stupid?  I don't know, maybe I am - I know that 25.00 more is nothing really - but I did and do
feel guilty for some reason.

BUT THEY WERE SELLING IT FOR 25.00 and did I mention they were negotiable lol ?  I'm always
complaining about you ladies in the South getting such great deals - I don't know that anyone can match this!

Has anyone else ever won the furniture lottery?
Has anyone else ever felt immense guilt over getting something for a " steal "

Plus they threw this in - which was very kind indeed

I work with a lot of filth - as all of you who do this know - but for some reason this could make me vomit.
You all have a great weekend, me? I'll be doing cartwheels
and painting........................

Party Time

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  1. you know, people make their prices based on what they think the furnitures are worth. Obviously they didn't think were worth much :) ...and nice toothbrush!

  2. What, that looks like a brand new toothbrush! Don't throw it out!

    Yes you hit the jackpot. I guess they just wanted to get rid of it. That mirror is to die for, so gorgeous, love the garland on it! You could make it look like a Trumeau mirror.

    What do you call that style? Regardless, it's beautiful.

  3. You are so sweet! The pieces are absolutely amazing. Fantastic finds!! Megan

  4. Such a nice lot of furniture for the price! I have purchased furniture at yard sales that they were practically giving away but never felt guilty about it. The only thing I still feel badly about was the guy who sold me and entire (and I mean ALL the odd bits like seafood forks, demitasse spoons, whatever) silver plate service for 12 for $5. It was badly tarnished but I knew it was a treasure. I offered him more but he would not take it. I found the same set of silver plate for sale on eBay for just under $200. I felt like a thief...seriously.

  5. Wow, I always thought that the Montreal kijiji site always seemed over-priced compared to ours but scored the furniture jackpot for sure!! I cannot wait to see what you do with it. Cream tones?? pretty please?

  6. I'm trying to squelch my jealousy...seriously...I don't think it's working....I'M SO JEALOUS! My local goodwill is always selling "fake" wood furniture that's like from KMart 30 years ago for 169.99. I'm like "What are you guys smoking?" Seriously, I've thought about taking the pricing person aside for a little chit chat. Especially when I see used items that are clearly from the dollar store and they have them priced at 1.99 (Doh!)


  7. That's pretty amazing!! I would of done the same thing. And my hubby would of acted the same way. Don't feel guilty now, because both you snd the seller walked away happy!

  8. wow wow wow beyond great deal cant wait to see all the transformations thanks for letting me no about no reply i think i fixed it but we will see lol

  9. You did hit the jackpot! I once got a sideboard for $100 from kijiji and it was over a hundred years old....and they begged me to take the table and chairs too because no one would buy it....but that wasn't for were definitely lucky!

    1. I really did, didn't I - still pinching myself - my arms are black and blue LOL

  10. I would have had to give them some extra. I once went to an estate sale where the guy offered me an entire room of furniture for $25 including vintage art supplies and paper items. He was not connected to the family (all gone)so did not care as long as the stuff was gone. I asked where the money was going and he named a local charity. I got the deceased's name and made a donation.

    The toothbrush did make me queasy - like the toilet brush I found in the cabinet I redid. The two of them could live together.

  11. Wow! What a great score! You did the right thing...I would have done that too! John is married to a sweet lady!

    1. Trust me when I tell you he's usually for more sweeter than I am lol
      Just far more careful when it comes to money!

  12. I enjoy your published conversations with John and 99.9% agree with you except this time only because of the word "filth cleaned" that you used. Everything I get is filthy beyond the word filthy. We search for good prices and that's getting harder and harder as everybody thinks they have an antique. We spend hours and hours repairing, painting and then hoping we'll get a "fair" price. I don't know about you but at my small booth everybody expects it for less than what I paid for it after I repaired and painted it...... They want it for less than what's listed on Craigslist, Kijiji or Goodwill and that's with a "new look." You should have taken a good deal and not looked back. Sorry, if I stepped on anybody's moral toes but I search Craigslist, Kijiji (just getting new to our backward area) and spend hours and gas looking for a good deal. Goodwill around here is like shopping at high end furniture stores so take it gal when you can get it and consider yourself lucky. For once, you might could have really made a profit for all your hard work. Just my thoughts. Today, John rocked and should not have given you $25.00!

    1. You're probably right - but I just couldn't do it - I wrestled with it for the 20 minutes it took to get the stuff out of there - honestly I did.
      But at the end of the day it still feels " right " to me - 50.00 for everything I got still seems like a steal to me and a price that still makes me jump up and down.
      I may be keeping it - and if I don't I can't help but make money on this particular deal!!!

  13. You most assuredly are the deal queen...NORTH of the Mason-Dixon Line girl!! Total score! I did have to laugh and show the dresser and chest to my husband. It was our first furniture exactly....given to us by his parents when they got new.
    Sam: Why are you showing me this picture of old furniture?
    Me: Look at's just like our old furniture!!
    Sam: So.
    Me: She got it all for $25 bucks!
    Sam: Glad we got rid of ours, it's ugly.
    Me: She's going to paint it and make it look gorgeous!
    Sam: Don't get any big ideas.

  14. Hi, I wanted to thank you for linking up to last week's Friday Block Party at Curb Alert! and would like to invite you to join in again this week! Anything goes, hope to see you there~
    Tami @ Curb Alert!

  15. Great deal!! I love the little side table and can't wait to see what you do with it all!

    1. incredible right? I'm so thrilled with it!
      Thanks Lauren!

  16. ok so...score!!!! gorgeous and yes....I would have paid 25 and danced all the way home. You are very gracious and blessed them indeed. I am not so gracious, let me see if I have anything here you might like to buy....hmmmmm :0)
    How exciting, great pieces!!

  17. What a nice find. Unreal. And for the record, I would have felt guilty too, especially if the people were hurting for money. Oh your toothbrush??? Probably goes with the molar I found in the back of one of my drawers! Yes. An actual capped molar. Just like it fell out of someone's mouth. Why would you put it in your dresser drawer??? Ewww.

  18. I have a hard time negotiating at yard sales for a lower price, but I have paid more than asked a few times, especially charity sales. I totally understand where you're coming from...still a great deal at what you did pay! And I know you're going to make them gorgeous, can't wait to see the reveal.
    Debbie :)

  19. What a wonderful thing to do! Is the reflection in the mirror your place? I love the exposed brick!


  20. We're not handy, not me, and not hubby. So we paid an old family friend ('grandpa's' best friend from high school, actually), to come and build bookshelves for us...built in bookshelves that go the whole length of the short end of the rectangular shaped room, with slide-out shelves. He worked all day and night, stopping only to eat...visiting the whole time with grandpa (hubby's dad), who of course came to visit.

    In the end, after measuring, cutting, staining, building, etc., hubby gave him the $100 they'd agreed on (we paid for the materials, though that's still a ridiculously low amount for such awesome work, and a big job like that!!). The builder ate dinner w/us, and when he went on another level of the house I followed and slipped him another hundred dollar bill, and STILL felt like it was way too low of an amount to pay for the work he'd done.

    So long story finished, I totally 'get' the extra $25-thing.

    I can't wait to see what you do with this set. I think it's going to inspire me to try my first re-do on furniture EVER (though I did use a 'kit' to 'do' the real wood cabinets last year...sigh...I'll probably never discuss that in public again ;) ).

    Congrats on your furniture lottery win!!

  21. Sorry about the above deleted comment. I meant to say that you got a great bargain even at $50. They will be beautiful painted.

  22. Agh! They had NO idea the treasures they had, Suzan!! Wow! All of that for under $100 is fabulous!!! You truly rock in the "nab it for cheap" world, girlie! :) Now....get painting. We want to see your beautiful transformation!!! lol

    xoxo laurie

  23. Wow can you say SCORE!!! what a great deal. And yes I would have felt guilty and gave them more money for it too. Can't wait to see what you do with them, I love that little table thingy it is just too cute. sorry have not been around much, have missed your posts and your conversations with john. hope life is good. hugs Tobey

  24. OK, so you really were very thoughtful to give them more I can't let that go by unnoticed. But I'm probably more in the court of Johns thought.


  25. Absolutely amazing! You will make these pieces look like dynamite when you're finished...and I don't mean to blow them up. :)

    You created seriously good Karma by adding the extra $25...please know that.


  26. wow! what a great deal!! & i love the way the little table turned out!!! you can send it to me for christmas. my address is 17.........!!!!

    did you see it? -- i mentioned you & john in my weekend post about fixin' the lawnmower!!!!

    take care!!


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