Friday, October 19, 2012


I love museums - it's one of the things I love to do when I travel - but I don't " get " a lot of it..................
If something intrigues me, then yes, I can stand for quite a while staring in awe at the incredible talent that
went into producing it. Definitely.
If, on the other hand, I don't " get " it,  I move on - quickly - listening to people whispering their " takes " on them  can cause me to double over with laughter sometimes and that could be misconstrued as being an "ignoramus" - so I quickly move on to the next piece.
And it's very visual for me - I can't look at a line with a circle hanging off the top of it - and perceive it to be
a metaphor for suppressed women and children - don't show me that stuff because really you're just wasting your time - it WILL NEVER SINK IN, trust me on that.  If that's what someone " saw " as they were painting it, I figure they were probably high, period.
Am I UNcultured?

4 Million Dollars

An artist's rendering of an.........................................
4 MILLION DOLLARS FOLKS - ( google the artist name and " extension cord " if you're having a difficult time believing me )

Am I shocked? Most definitely, but I'm also inspired - YES - this painting inspires me - I GET it-
I'm a lover of extension cords - have them all over the place and I think it's high time we celebrate
their place in our society - instead of trying to hide them strategically behind furniture.
AND it's got me thinking maybe I AM an artist and just never knew it before.
What do you think of these?
Seriously now - I want your serious opinions on this - should I open an Etsy Shop and start selling them or should I approach an Art Gallery?
And of course I know I cannot command 4 million for mine - that's why I'd be willing to sell mine for 250,000,00 each - a significant savings and probably an incredible investment - look at how Ron's went up in value!  And if anyone want to purchase a set of them I'd give a HUGE discount on them.

 and I'm particularly proud of the next one ( and a perfect xmas gift for someone who has everything )

 and than I have a couple of " charcoals " for sell - they're signed for authenticity

and lastly

John says - I know I'm going to regret this but why are there wires all over the living room floor?
Suzan says - They're not wires, they're extension cords
John says - why are they all over the floor?
Suzan says - I find you stifle my creativity sometimes - 
John says - THAT'S being creative?  Or are you too lazy to put them away?
Suzan says - THEY represent our future - THEY are going to take us all the way - THEY are........
John interrupts - can you put them away please before I trip over them and end up in the hospital?  Thank you.



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  1. Hi Suzan,

    This is just TOO FUNNY!!!! I absolutely agree with you regarding the outrageous amount that people pay for 'art'. And yes, I also do the museum/gallery walk-by if something doesn't click or I believe it to be ridiculous. I do believe that a lot of this creativity is overrated and unjustified, but it's a wacky world we live in! Having said that, I think your 'photo essays' are superb (especially 'The Race' and 'The Dance')! They made me laugh and smile and sent endorphins through my system and I would gladly pay good money for that!

    Have a great weekend!

    Poppy xo

  2. Ummmmm can you just mail me your autograph now, before you become famous. Then I'll just sell that someday to get me over the top!!! Maybe you better sends John's too, he'll probably write a book someday about your artistic life and how it left him wounded, alone and in the hospital!!!

  3. I think "The Race" should at least get you enough money to buy one of those fabulous Montreal homes you've shown us.

  4. Pleeeeeease send me the one titled, 'So Close and Yet So Far.' I'm putting $255,000.00 into your Paypal account to make sure I get it before anyone else! LOL Isn't it just crazy! I agree with you and laughed all the way through this post. :-)

  5. You know I not only wonder about the painting itself but, I kinda wonder a bout the person that purchases said art??? I do think that your renditions are so much more interesting and original.... Thanks for the early morning giggle and remember Beauty (art) is in the eye of the beholder.....hmmmm

  6. You are on a search for culture. John is holding you back.

    The one titled "The Shunning" made me tear up a little.

    For me, any art I purchase for $40 is a big investment. I'm five zeroes short.

    1. Ok - you made me LOL - too funny! But that cord does look very sad and lonely doesn't it lol
      I'll sell it to you for 40.00 no problem :)

  7. lol! I love this post - if the buyer is there, I guess you can command whatever price you want! If that piece can get that kind of money, some of my art MUST be worth at least $50. Thanks for the boost!

    Have a great weekend!

  8. Don't you get it? It's about the ties that bind, the restrictions imposed by society, the slave in all of us, the fact that each of us is twisted and we need unravelling. I get it. It's poignant in its simplicity. Not.

    Suzan, there's one born every minute and if someone is willing to buy it, then good for the artist, they're laughing all the way to the bank.

    And you think your own renderings are not serious, but I dare you to put them on Etsy: you'll be surprised!!

  9. LOL! You could totally sell those! I love it!

  10. HA! I'm with you...I'm somewhat of an artist...and my daughter is...but really...when I hear someone say something like "it represents the angst of all mankind..." I'm thinking: It's a ear of corn. Or whatever. :)
    However...I do love your extension cord art...I think "the shunning" is my favorite...but I'm not going to pay you $250k for any of them. Can we negotiate? Sorry. :)

  11. I love it!! You are quite adorable how fun are those. Have a wonderful week


  12. Thanks for the laugh, Suzan! Great post.
    Have to say my style of art differs hugely...not feeling any of it. Well, maybe the looks like your signature backwards. lol
    Debbie :)

  13. Just saying this is a dam funny post seems so not enough to convey all my thoughts.


  14. You are hysterical! I love reading your blog. :)

  15. lolol! Just be sure to send me your autograph before you become to big for your artistic britches, girlfriend. lolol!

    xoxo laurie

  16. Suzy you crack me up. I always end up smiling when I visit you!
    Leslie (aka Gwen Moss)

  17. HiYa Suzan!!

    You are a true artist!! I really love the dance picture. It has great meaning to it. When does it go up for auction?

    Alright I'll get serious now.

    Did anyone remember what the Vancouver Art Gallery put up a few years ago??

    How about showing used tampons from around the world!! And they said Robert Bateman's work wasn't good enough to show at the gallery!!

    I'm glad we can shake our heads and be the ones who can appreciate real art.

    Have a great weekend Suzan!!


    1. Ok Pam - I have no words for that really, except UGGHHH - my God I don't recognize this planet anymore lol

  18. It is through simplicity that we can truly see the complex. We merge with the cables and see the world through their eyes (if they had eyes). We feel manipulated and used and, aren't we afraid that John will crush us under his boot? You have captured my angst and that of all my extension cords! ~ Maureen

  19. You are so funny, I loved you art lol And I do not understand how or why people pay the amount they do for art that to me is not art. but then again have you ever watched Hollywood treasures and see what some people will pay for clothing and props that were in movies. I wish I had that kind of money, I would surely put it to better use. I think your creations are more art then that stupid extension cord is. And you and I probably work harder then that artist ever did or will. hugs Tobey

  20. I am so glad I found your blog! This post cracks me up and gosh did I need that today! Big hugs! Linda

  21. "The Race" appeals to me in such a fundamental way. The objects are striving for perfection, for the goal, for the dream, and yet they fall short. The cruelness of life revealed in a simple, but moving photograph. I am sure the artist meant to convey the connectiveness of life and the current of artistry that runs through all of us.

    And, yes, put them away, Suzan, before someone trips!

  22. particularly enjoy the light and balance in Rudolph ;)


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