Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I WANNA live there Wednesday - AND MY COLOR PAINT WINNER!!!

OK - someone please please please tell me where Tuesday went??????????
Because I thought it was today - I actually had to get a calender to look at  because there was no way today could be - pretty frightening really - I could see that happening after a long weekend but losing a Tuesday? Really?
And I think I even joked that someone would have to remind me about the My Color inspired by Pantone draw LOL - so here we go!

True Random Number Generator  6

That would mean you Debbie ( DEWDROP GARDENS )!!!!!!!!!!!
Send me an email so I can get your coordinates!

Now on to I WANNA live there Wednesday -
I'm off to try to find Tuesday - I want it back since I missed it completely.


Today's post is a little different - it's not in my current neighbourhood - but in a neighbourhood that we are seriously considering relocating to
It's in Lancaster, Ontario - 5 minutes away from the Quebec border - and a 50 minute drive to Montreal where we live now -
This is completely out of my realm actually - I'm a city girl to the bone - haven't lived in the suburbs since grade school - and this is country living personified - but for some reason it has a very strong appeal to me - the thought of open spaces ( 1 acre - which would feel like owning my own country lol ) of glorious fields and trees and a work shop - what do you think?

Ok - so if we just address the obvious, there would be a lot of painting happening here - all of these colors and all the wood, gone baby gone - and the kitchen needs updating ( although I think even that could be saved by lots of paint ) but it feels like " home " to me - it feels warm and spacious ( compared to what I'm living in now ) it's almost 2000 square feet - all wood floors - Victorian era home!!! AND if this were in my current neighbourhood it would be well over 1 million dollars ( well well over ) and this lovely lady costs
228,000 - my heart almost skipped a beat when I saw the price - you forget, when you're a city girl, that there's a wealth of space and land out there for the asking if  you dare to leave your beloved bright lights.

Does anyone else see the charm and the potential in this home?  I think it could be turned into a showstopper with very little effort!

and just 1 more - only the exterior - 3 + acres - with 2 out buildings - also 100 year old, a  hobby farm

Any one interested in coming to my first barn dance lol?
This one is selling for 178,000 - I'm in shock really - absolute SHOCK - at how far your money can go in the country!
I'm starting to think maybe, just maybe, Green Acres is the place to be.....................

Dreaming of wide open skies today


  1. First one is charming...and I know you could make it into a jaw dropper!

  2. Love both the homes, I'm a country girl and they are my kind of places. Those prices ARE low, though, even for the country.

    I wanted to win that paint... darn it, if I had got my act together I would have been number 6, LOL!!

  3. So much character in those houses! We live in the country and those prices are cheap especially for the amount of sq ft and land! I say go for it girl!

  4. Wow! I can't believe the price. So cute and so much potential - definately lots of fun painting. You could use one of the old buildings to store and paint furniture.

  5. I absolutely love the first place, beautiful place on the outside as well. Inside, yes I would be painting but it would be well worth the effort. The potential is crazy. Problem for me would be the location. I love the idea of country but not sure I could do it full time.

  6. Hi Suzan!!!!

    Beauty!!!! I could live in this beautiful house with very little effort. The rooms are beautiful and that stairway is to die for. Could you just imagine with your talent what this place could look like!!

    I also can't believe the price. In the lower mainland of Vancouver it would go for close to $1 million. I grew up on the island of L'lle Perrot and I saw beautiful homes like this.

    Thank you so much for taking us on this little field trip!!


    1. Oh I could live in this house with very little effort too Pam - I think it has an incredible amount of potential!!!
      And the price???
      It's priceless lol

  7. I really love the house, but I am like a magnet to an old house, like other old things, it has a story.

    Just think of all the stuff you could get in those out buildings?? The Pickers would come to you eventually!

  8. Oh Suzan...both these homes are perfect! I'm a country girl at heart, growing up in Toronto I used to dream of being on a farm with all the animals. I love living in a tiny village now but wish we had more land out further in the country.
    And?!?!?!!!! Thank you so much!!! Wow!!! I'm in shock...can't believe I won!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!
    Debbie :)

  9. Wow, you had me at work shop! What a great price. It has lots of potential and you would make it look awesome! (That wallpaper border HAS to go for sure!)

    So you're thinking of making the great leap "across the border"?

  10. I love both of the houses and see the potential in both of them. After years of living in the city i spent two years in the country and I fell in love. When we leave here we will be buying in the country and we are looking for a place very similar. I can see barn sales in the barn, decorated with all of your gorgeous pieces painted and beautiful mirrors hanging on the walls. And vendor tents set up on the lawn for monthly barn sales run by Simply vintageous, chandeliers hanging from the barn timbers yes I can see it all.


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