Wednesday, October 10, 2012

GIVEAWAY - MyColor inspired by PANTONE painting party

You're going to absolutely love this one everybody -

My Color inspired by Pantone   contacted me a few weeks ago and asked if I would be interested in participating in - ok you know this one made me smile!  I had to pick 3 colors ( that was the hardest part of the whole process, believe me - these colors are GORGEOUS ) and paint away - along with 5 other over the top awesome bloggers - I really was humbled to be included.

So here we go - if you've been following me for awhile you know that I generally stick to pale colors - I don't know why because I love rich deep tones, but I tend to shy away from them for some reason.
This was it, I decided, I was going to bite the bullet and get something deep and luscious and run with it
and so I chose THIS!!!

Is that a beautiful deep blue or what?
It's definitely cured me of my hangups of painting with dark paints -
I have a mirror I'd like to do to match this - but time was of the essence with this project -
And I needed to have 3 projects done ( I chose colors that didn't necessarily go together - so decided to do 3 projects instead of 1 ) I'll post a short tutorial on this makeover at a later date - for now here's one more photo

I used 2 coats on the body of this dresser - and 3 coats on each drawer - and still have all this left!

Pantone Medieval Blue  19-3933

Honestly?  I have NEVER seen paint spread like this - absolutely amazing coverage!!!   It's thick and creamy and goes on like a dream - ( and quick drying - with no odor ) I'm sold!

And then I went back to my light colors lol - hey, baby steps.

I chose a soft pink - and if you remember I had two of these mirrors

I painted one of them a few weeks ago - and still had one left to do
And here she is now

oops - I spy with my little eye dining room chairs waiting to be painted and reupholstered - pls don't call Hoarders on me just yet -
ok - lets move the mirror so you don't have to see all my stuff - it's hard to get a photo of a mirror
A) without your body in it - in pj's because it's after midnight as I'm doing this, once again
B) without showing other current stuff waiting to be worked on
so you're going to have to bear with me - the photos are crap - but isn't the color angelic?
I'll definitely be painting a dresser to go with this - although I think most people paint a dresser and then the mirror - I'm so totally backwards it's ridiculous -
This paint is a self priming one - gotta love any paint that skips time consuming steps!

Pantone Barely Pink 12-2906

And lastly I chose this color  - I LOVE this one too ( maybe it's time to just admit that I love paint )
and shoes - but it's starting to be a close tie let me tell you

I wanted to show you how well this paint covers - this is one coat ( and it's as much of a before as you're going to get - because I totally forgot to take a pic ) Is that amazing?

I have a white high gloss and steel desk in my office - but it's very modern and doesn't have any drawers -
A desk, like ladies, should always have a decent set of drawers - so this is a temporary solution.
This took 10 minutes to paint - and 5 minutes for the stencilling -
And I now have somewhere to store our phone books - and odds and ends

Pantone Blue Haze 15 - 4707

OK - now for the fun stuff !!!
Pantone is offering one lucky follower 3 sample sizes of this paint in their choice of colors!

These are the same size I received - which is like a quart of paint -

Of course Pantone has their contest rules - and then I have mine - I know I know rules are not fun - but winning is - and they're not so bad at all.
As I mentioned in the beginning of the post - there are 6 of us participants in this party - please be kind and visit each one to see what they created and show some love :)

Kristen at  Kristen F. Davis Designs
Caroline at  The Feminist Housewife
Julie at  Belle Maison
Denise at  Pink Postcard
Shannon at  Shannon Berry Design

Ok - are you back yet ? If you're cheating and didn't go - get yourself over there now - I've rigged up my computer so that you will be zapped out of the contest unless you go.
The " badge " underneath will leak every color on to your screen - ( this is a very costly thing to have repaired - so just go visit them please )

Next you need to go to My Color Paints and choose 3 colors and let me know what project you think you'd like to use them for.
Oh and I'd like you to follow me - not a rule but I'd still like you to :)
And that's it!!!
If you'd like an additional chance to win you can tweet your project ideas to @MyColorPaints - with the
hashtag #PassitOn
And for a 3rd entry you can LIKE My Color Paints on their FACEBOOK page.
It's open to all of North American residents ( Yay for Canada!!! )

I'll pick a winner next Wednesday ( Oh God - someone please remind me next week lol )

On a final note I wanted to let all of you know that I would not have participated in this party had I not tried the paint and loved it - I paint furniture - and I sell furniture so I have to be sure it's a product I think is trustworthy - this one went over and beyond my expectations.....................

Big Hugs,
And lots of luck
I WANNA live there Wednesday - will be posted tomorrow :)

I was compensated with 3 quarts of paint to participate in this party - but all opinions are 100% mine

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  1. I pick major brown, seed pearl and blue haze. I gave you a like on fb and, of course, I'm a follower. Will it look suspicious if I win this one, too? lol ~ Maureen

  2. I follow you! More hoops to jump through to get my extra ballots in. I'll be back.

  3. I love the Whitecap Grey, the Pastel Rose tan and the Glass Green. I know. I'm a wimp too, no bright colours, lol! Although I do love the bright colours, but I was looking at it from a furniture painter's point of view.

    That said your dresser in Medieval Blue is STUNNING!!

    And where does one find a mirror like that? Drool!

    I love the fact that this is a self-priming paint.

  4. My color choices would be Seed Pearl, Capulet Olive and Barely Pink. (I was so tempted to choose the Blue Haze instead of the Capulet Olive but I am trying to expand my horizons!)

    I am a total pink freak so I love, love, love the mirror.

  5. Great contest! Wonderful that it's open to Canadians, too!! I've visited their Facebook and been tweeting. Thanks for the opportunity!
    I have to paint the furniture and some decor in the guest room and I would love to do it using Slate Green 16-0713, Whitecap Grey 12-0304 and Goat 16-0806.
    I love the new look of the dresser! The mirror and phone book table turned out so lovely too.
    Debbie :)

  6. Hi Suzan: Great giveaway! I'm excited it's open to us Canadians. I'm going to be redecorating my guest room with blues and grays with gold accents so I'd like the Medievel Blue (it looks amazing on the dresser), Goat, and Nugget. I was so tempted to pick some pinks, because I'm a pink girl (love the mirror), but I let my hubby pick the colours for this room makeover so I'm going with these. Bright colour is the norm for me, so I'm excited to try something different. Thanks for the giveaway. Hope I get lucky! I'll be back later to give the other participants some visit and comment love.
    Tuula :)

  7. Why do you do this to me? I LOVE the blue chest ~ may I please come & pick it up? The other pieces are wonderful but the dark colors really get me!

    I would love to try this paint! I couldn't limit to 3 colors though, it was hard to limit to 5! Depending on the actual color ~ I would choose either Scarlet or Tomato...#2 would be Dandelion...#3 would be Phantom and the Med Blue of course!

    I promise & pinky swear to go by and visit the other participants. This is an awesome giveaway ~ thanks for the opportunity!

    P.S. You haven't signed up for my giveaway ~ :/

  8. Of course, I'm a follower! And, I liked Pantone on FB.


  9. I am a follower and I love, love that mirror. I will take one of those


  10. Suzan, GREAT colors in this line of paints ! I would choose Lily Green, Cafe Au Lait, and Capulet Olive. I have collected a few things lately and would paint a blanket rack, a magazine holder/table, and an end table. thanks for the opportunity to win these paints !


  11. I am already a follower, Suzan. Sorry I don't tweet for a third shot at winning. :-(

  12. I would choose Medievel Blue, Cocoon and Capulet Olive. I would paint a dresser in the Medievel Blue and a small hutch with a Cocoon top and Capulet Olive body.

  13. Pick three colors? You're joking right? I just went over and I can't decide. I'll come back when I can make a decision.


  14. OK... I could not decide by color so I picked by name. Goat, Rawhide and Phantom.


  15. great projects love them all my colors would be phantom, gardenia, majesty
    and i tweeted

  16. Love your projects and would love to win! I have a few different roadside finds I need to fix up. I think I would choose glass green, blue haze, and gardenia.

  17. As always you made an awesome transformation on each piece. My favorite being the blue haze. I have visited all the sites and found them quite inspiring - the colors are luscious. My pick of colors would be Goat, Blue Haze, and Gardenia. I like Pantone on FB but alas, I do not tweet. Thanks for sharing Suzann and thanks for the chance to win.....

  18. They all look great, Suzan! You were a busy gal!

    shannon berrey design

  19. I picked seed pearl, blue haze and fair brown. I want to paint and destress doors for my sister as a room divider. Thanks for ideas you have given me.

    1. Hi Ruthie!!! - Sounds like a great plan - the best of luck!

  20. I like Seed Pearl, Barely Pink and Phantom. I have a buffet the I got off Craigslist that I want to paint. I call it the "monster buffet" because it's huge.

  21. Amazing job on all of your DIY projects! Love the colors you chose and the creativity and detail of each piece! xo - Julie

  22. Amazing dresser! Wow-Nice items and thank you for the honest comments about the paint. Ocean Depths,Green Flash with Dandelion accents on a dresser and screen would be my plan if I won the generous offer of samples. The other bloggers created great items also. This contest is all kinds of fun.

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words!!! And the best of luck!

  23. Love the deep rich colour Suzan! I would choose Cafe Au Lait, Tea and Skylight (and oh, about 10 other colours!:) I did go and peek at the other participating bloggers as well - lots of inspiration!
    Peggy @ The Painted Pear

  24. You know I am a follower - love your John Says/Suzan Says posts! I also "liked" Pantone on Facebook!
    Peggy @ The Painted Pear

  25. Suzan,
    I live your blog and I love these panetone colors, especially the barely pink. I would love for you to link the giveaway at my party.
    Debi @ Adorned From Above

  26. They all look great, especially how they displayed them on the website on the ends of paint brushes... makes me want to paint!
    3 Favourites: Fuchsia Pink (for cottage signs), Ocean Depths (for a table), Barely Pink (for some shelves).

  27. I "liked" My Color Paints @ facebook.
    (Don't tweet, so didn't do that)

  28. Ok, I'm back!! Let's see, so hard to choose, but I like Capulet Olive, Camomile,and Seed Pearl! I also visited each and every blog, and left a comment!! Your dresser looks great! ~Deanna

  29. I just visited and shared the comment love with all the other participants. So many fabulous projects. I also liked My Color Paints on Facebook. Don't have a twitter account so can't tweet.
    Tuula :)

  30. Been so busy working in the garage almost missed this. I have been painting so much with whites and greys and safe colours I call them. I want to be daring and try new bright colours but fear has held me back. But its time to step out of my comfort zone. I would love to try Dusk, Honey Suckle and Carrot. They look like fun colours and it would definetly be fun finding the right projects to use these on. I always follow you, you are my mentor (bowing to my upcycle queen) and now I have a few more bloggers to stalk (I mean follow) and hopefully some new bright paints to play with, liked them on facebook and now I can stalk those guys too. woo hoo hugs Tobey

  31. Tweeted them too, got so excited about the paint forgot to mention that lol

  32. The colors are sooo bright and happy, Suzan! Thanks for this great giveaway and letting me know, sweetie!!!! Since I'm in a bohemian coma (and intend to stay there), I would love to try out Dusk, Renaissance Rose, and Lily Green. Like you, I have a basement full of vintage furniture that needs some TLC, and these colors would make them smile....and me too! :)

    xoxo laurie

  33. Ohhhh....excuse me....just had a senior moment....

    I AM a happy follower of yours!!! ♥

    xoxo laurie

  34. I would use Carrot on some owl bookends, Honeysuckle on a nightstand, and Majesty as an accent color on my bookshelf.
    GFC: Throuthehaze

  35. What a cool giveaway. Love the colors you chose and the pieces you did. I checked out all the other projects too and you all had such fun projects. I would chose whitecap gray, skylight and cloudburst. I use it for so many furniture projects I have piling up in my guest room. Those colors would go perfect at our seaside home.


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