Thursday, October 11, 2012

A laugh for the day

I'm tired - extremely tired - over the top tired - more than I normally am, tired - can't concentrate long enough to write up a post, tired
so for today I'm going to leave you with this -

And I'll see you tomorrow with I WANNA live there....................
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John says - You've really been snoring lately 
Suzan says - PULease - that is NOT snoring - that's my sleep deprived body saying " thank you "
John says - Could it say thanks a little quieter do you think?



  1. The snoring comment made me laugh out loud. I've been stuffed up from a cold the past few days, so I'm sure I've been snoring like crazy!

  2. Could it be those late night rendezvouses with Craig??? It could be catching up with you.

    Get some rest... do not even consider going to see Craig Slist!

  3. Right there with 'ya. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz


  4. Catching up with sleep, when you don't usually get a lot, is an awesome luxury, isn't it? :)

    Happy snoring.


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