Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Do you see what I see? Said the ..................

Again - on Craigs List - at this point I don't even need to use my imagination - this looks like DIY GOLD to me!
They don't have to stage it - or clean it up - or do anything except what they did - take a photo with tons of crap on top of it - and all I see is French Provincial - and curves - and loveliness

it comes with 4 chairs - tattered and in pretty rough shape but I've been dying to try out dropcloth as seat cushions which everyone seems to be doing - and it has a leaf - AND IT'S MINE - picking it up later today!

Suzan says - John do you think we can pick up a table and 4 chairs?
John says - I thought you were going to finish what you have in storage before buying anything else?
Suzan says - But these opportunities don't come around often
John says - Do you have a picture of it?
Suzan says - I don't want to show you the photo
John says - Well here's the deal Suzan, I NEED to see a photo to see if it'll fit in the car
Suzan says - FINE, but just look at the table - try to disregard everything else in the photo

and I show him the photo and wait - because I know without a doubt what's coming next

John says - You've got to be kidding me!
Suzan says - I knew you'd say that - but look at how gorgeous the table itself is
John says - I can't SEE a table
Suzan says - Look at the legs
John says - I can't SEE the legs
Suzan says - Look at the chair
John says - I can't SEE the chair
John says - How on earth can you SEE anything from this photo
Suzan says - Trust me on this one John - just trust me
John says - OK - but this is the last one until you finish everything else you've bought to redo
Suzan says - I promise.
Suzan crosses her fingers behind her back............................



  1. I think you might have found a treasure under all that junk! You are going to have some work space in your new shop, correct? John will do the dance of joy when you stop bringing old furniture to the house. There are several barns dating from the early 1800's behind my house. A few rent out space. I may get serious about getting one just for painting projects. Painting furniture in the middle of the dining room is just craziness!

  2. You are a woman with great vision! You'd think John would know that by now!

  3. Gah! We have the SAME conversations! Hilarious! And I would buy it too! No matter that the garage is full. Try cutting out John and get a man with a van to deliver when he's out, then pretend the new furniture has always been there. Works for me!

  4. Love it! It cracks me up, you are right you have to grab the craigslist opportunities when they come....

  5. Oh my -- YES!
    Go for it.
    Says the woman with half her dining room and her front hall and the back of her minivan filled with furniture that won't fit in her house and won't fit in her antiques booth either.
    GO FOR IT!

  6. That is what I miss from Brawn, the banter about how I have to finish something before I bring anything else home. Instead I get a look and the words........ ooooooohhhhh kaaaayyyyy. Like I'm nuts. Am I nuts? Maybe I am.


  7. great find cant wait to see it transformed

  8. Hahaha, girls can see what guys can't, right?

    1. Unless it's a car lol - then they have vision

  9. Gorgeous! Maybe it comes with all the crap on it? Make sure you read the ad properly, maybe they're actually selling the crap on the table, and not the table, lol!

  10. Hahahahaha .... OMG it sounds soooo much like my house! Thank God my son moved back home because now I can sucker him into helping me pick up the treasures. I can't wait to see how you transform it. How is your business partner healing? Patty/BC

    1. It's coming along beautifully!!!
      Dorothy's doing amazingly well - thanks so much for your concern!
      Big hugs,

  11. Love it, love it, love it...and always amused by the story that goes with it!! My husband is running out of patience..we have a three stall garage, and used to get 2 cars in..since I started projects only my car is in the garage and it's really tight!

  12. Ummmmm...just make sure they don't include all the junk with the beautiful table and chairs, Suzan. hehehe! Love your vision though, girlie! You'll make John happy in the end. You always do. lol!

    xoxo laurie

  13. Hi Suzan!!!

    I know exactly how you feel. I'm a Craigs Lister addict and my husband has asked me NOT to get anymore "stuff". He has seen what great buys I've been able to get on CL, but, he says: "Enough is enough!!" Of course I don't agree, but, for now I'm letting him have his way...For now.

    Oh well, what is a girl to do? LOL

    Have a great week!!

    1. Oh it's looking so nice Pam!!! Can't wait to show the "reveal" lol

  14. Poor John! ;-) Can't wait to see what you do with these. LOVE the table!


  15. lol
    I can see it has very good bones. Looking forward to see what you do with this set!
    Debbie :)


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