Monday, July 22, 2013

Approaching Lavender....................

enjoy Diana :)

If you'd like to spend an afternoon approaching Lavender
You'll feel fine but one thing's sure, you'll never feel the same

ascp, custom color, old violet, white, dresser, makeover, contrast, colors, annie sloan

If you'd like to try your hand at understanding Lavender
Then you must be very sure that life is not a game

lavender, annie sloan, custom color, old violet, white, paris grey, dresser, makeover

You might even learn a thing or two approaching Lavender
You'll soon be on a one night tour forgetting your own name

You won't need a reason just to be alone with Lavender
For the light so warm & pure will draw you like a flame

ascp, annie sloan, custom color, chalk paint,dresser, makeover

The colors that surround you there will be a shade of Lavender
Shadows dancing everywhere like flowers in the rain

You will find your tongue's on fire while laying next to Lavender
With words you never spoke before and will not speak again

stencil, french, furniture, dresser, makeover, annie sloan, chalk paint, words

Oh sweet Lavender, I understand you perfectly
There is no way that I can see you living by yourself

chalk paint, dresser, makeover, annie sloan,

Oh sweet Lavender, I must be with you constantly
Your presence means so much to me, much more than life itself

Oh sweet Lavender, as fragrant as the name you bear
Please cast away the clothes you wear
And give your love to me
Oh sweet Lavender , your smile is like the golden sun
I'd love to see you laugh & run
As naked as the sea

chalk paint, annie sloan, spray painted handles,

If you'd like to spend an afternoon approaching Lavender
Don't try and get the best of her, she will not share the blame
If you'd like to try your hand at understanding Lavender
Then you must be very sure that life is not a game.

annie, sloan, lavender, creating custom colors,before, after, makeover,dresser

PRAYING someone will actually want to approach Lavender and take her off my hands!!!!!!!

I think Gordon Lightfoot should buy it, personally.

Colors used:
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
Half and half ( roughly ) of White and Old Violet
You can read about my fiasco HERE

The Humidity has broken here - Oh Happy Day...................oh and Happy Monday too!

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  1. Oh my gosh, you can't even tell it's the same piece. How absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Finally! Someone painted Mediterranean furniture and it looks GOOD!! I swear, if you had pulled out Provence and slapped bunch of dark wax on it I would have driven to Montreal and stolen all your paint brushes! Did you spray paint the hardware?

    I spent fully 8 hours working on a spice box yesterday...and still have at least 2 more coats of chalkboard paint to apply to the front. How you bang out so many pieces of big furniture I will never understand. Do you have more than 24 hours in a day in Canada?!? :)

  3. What a stunner sure have a beauty here now I wonder if you could find a suitcase big enough and bring her over here I know it woukd look divine in my guest room-love dee x

  4. Gordon Lightfoot should totally buy it! So beautiful! Are you ever going to tell me about those white flowers Suzan?

  5. Love the color and the way it turned out!! I am priming furniture today despite the rain today~!Dianntha

  6. Looks like it must have taken an eternity. What a beautiful transformation!

  7. Well, I was just getting ready to head out the door to help my friend and your blog popped KNOW I had to visit when I saw Gordon Lightfoot's name. I love the way the pieces turned out. I am sure someone will want to spend more than an afternoon with Lavender. Now my day will be filled with remembrances because I was, once, someone's Lavender. You have to stop doing this to me!;>) Wish me luck-the auction house is coming today- xo Diana

  8. WOW...what a transformation, I love it. It turned out beautiful...

  9. Personally, it sounds to me like Gordon Lightfoot is a little clingy. If I were Lavender, I'd get out of there! lol I've never heard this before. I only knew him from The Edmund Fitzgerald - which is hauntingly beautiful and sad. And I agree with Cathy - what a transformation, Suzan!! I think you should send an email to Diane at Lavender Dreams. :-)

  10. That's an amazing transformation, really beautiful, lavender is one of my favourite scents and colours and it brings bees so bring on more lavender!

  11. so soooo pretty!! Tell you ever sleep?


  12. Whoa! Now this transformation was a big job. Turned out amazing! I love everything about lavender.

  13. Love the contrast of color. Once again you did it!

  14. Beautiful! Now take a damn break! YOu said you were going to take a break!

  15. Love these!! You have inspired me to use your colors on my Secretary!! You have a new follower and blogging buddy! Thanks for sharing!

  16. I love it, its beautiful, from ugly duckling to a queen, you tell it so well,

  17. So very beautiful, Suzan. Love them.
    (Hope you still have your beautiful hair) Read your last post, and was thinking: Is she going to do it? Hope not.

    Hugs from me

  18. Wow, that is beautiful! What a fabulous change. Just goes to show you that even those old and ugly pieces of furniture can be turned into something you'd want to add to your home. You do amazing transformations.

    So glad to hear that the humidity has broken there like it has here. Let's do a happy dance together!

  19. How do you get those lines so dang straight between colors? Are your a taping magician? And that shade is awesomesauce. May it go like the red!

  20. Hi Suzan!!!!

    I love when you do furniture in grey and white!!!

    Those colours are so rich and puts the items in a different class then when you first received them!!!

    Great job!!!


  21. I'm sure someone will want some lavender in their home. It's gorgeous.

  22. Someone will love the lavender in their home, I'm sure. I can see it in a girl's bedroom surrounded with flowers.

  23. Suzan

    Love this post. These pieces look gorgeous as always.


  24. Those two colors together are very bold and stand out. It looks gorgeous!

  25. Lavender looks great with the white trim! You find so many detailed pieces.

  26. Gorgeous! Great job on these and the lavender is quite stunning.

  27. this is amazing!!! I never would have imagined the before looked like that... my parents had a dresser like that. You have great vision!


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