Thursday, July 11, 2013

I may as well just paint myself Paris Grey and White really

Well here we go again - back to my signature colors it seems.....................

I started off with this - and I would apologize for this photo - except I didn't take it - the seller did -
Hey even I can do better than that

Oh oh - looks like I can't actually !!!!!!!!!!

Trust me this was in pretty rough shape - she has been filled - screwed - sanded - glued and hammered
Came out of a college student's dwelling - but I should have had my camera once again - he was in a 120 year old apartment building - falling apart but filled to the brim with architectural beauty...................

I started off with the drawers - Paris Grey ( Annie Sloan Chalk Paint ) on the interiors - with white trim along the outer edges.

I painted the top of the dresser Pure White -and the body of it in Pure Grey
The handles got a fast sweep of white spray paint ( rustoleum ) and when I say a fast sweep I mean I only just quickly sprayed the surface - I wanted to leave some of the dark in there just to antique them a little.
OK - do I sound like I know what I'm talking about?
Hope so - because half of the time I'm trying new techniques and have no idea if they'll turn out like I want them too LMHO...............and then when I write about it I try to come across all expert like :)

My absolute favorite part of French Provincial furniture is the scalloped edging ( and when they have
" serpentine " drawers, well that's just a bonus ) this photo is before I waxed it

paris grey, white, dresser, makeover, chalk paint, annie sloan, before, after

Behind the middle door ( think " Let's make a deal " )
are 3 small drawers - I painted them white - and then for a cute touch I added these
Whenever I paint numbers on drawers I always picture this conversation in a house
" honey - where's the baby's socks?"
" in number 2 sweetheart "
People that take my furniture have to be in love...............them's the rules.

All the drawers should be numbered in my house - including the ones in the kitchen
Now that I think of it - the shelves in the fridge should be numbered too - that would
save me having to go in it every time John's trying to find something
Where's the onions Suzan?
On shelf 2 John
Where's the lemon Suzan
On shelf 1 John

 John removed the door so that I could paint thoroughly inside the cabinet - which I NEVER do because some of these older pieces are very fickle - and difficult to put back on

french, provincial, paris grey, white, painted, chalk paint,

When John screws something in - anything really - he does it so tight that it never ever closes again - doors to rooms - he's cracked light switch plates - kitchen cupboard doors - it's ridiculous - at some point don't you realize it's not working?
I make mistakes - I make a ton of mistakes - but I tend to learn from them.

I watch him putting the door back on and he's actually shaking with the force he's applying to it  (and maybe some of you remember the table legs fiasco HERE?)
He's shaking - and turning red - and the sweat is pouring down his face - and it's 3 tiny screws ..................

Suzan says - Whoa big boy - please don't do it so tight
John says - Don't start with me OK?
John says - It's too damn hot to be doing this
John says - I don't need you breathing down my back
Suzan says - Well just remember what happens when you screw things in too tight
John says - It needs to be screwed in tight Suzan - or it won't shut properly
John says - You just do what you do - and leave me alone with what I do
Suzan says - You're making it too tight, just saying..............
John says - There you go, perfect!

Suzan says - ummm - excuse me - but the door won't close
John says - of course it does
John tries
John says - well it's the dresser
Suzan says - it DID close before though
John says - Why don't you go blog about it ?
Suzan says - I'm NOT going to blog about it - but you're going to have to fix it, sorry
Suzan says - About 10 less shakes should do it I think
John says - Buzz off ok?

And if he thinks it too hot to screw 3 tiny little screws into a door - he should try waxing in this heat. I think I lost 10 lbs waxing this thing - it's so humid here.
But it's so damn humid lol
I was still able to buff it a pretty decent shine - even though I have one useless shoulder and the sweat dripping into my eyes basically took the color off my irises................

chalk paint, annie sloan, paris grey, white, french provincial, makeover, painted

this piece is huge - wouldn't it make a great changing table in a nursery?

dresser, french provincial, before, after, chalk paint, annie sloan, paris grey, white,

or a buffet?

or a dresser lol .......................

I don't think I'll ever tire of this combination..................although you may get sick of looking at them

I keep running all over the place taking things to stage the dresser - John's watching T.V.
He ignores me on the first two - by the third.................
John says - what exactly are you doing with all this stuff
Suzan says - staging the dresser
John says - dead serious - Overkill - it's too much Suzan
It takes me a moment before I realize he thinks I'm putting it all on at once

Have a great Friday one and all!!!!!!!!!
Much love

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  1. The dresser are beautiful. Love the numbers on the drawers.

    Have a great weekend

  2. Very pretty--and my husband is the same way--I have stopped asking him to help. I feel like a 4 year-old saying "I want to do this MYSELF!!"

  3. I have never been a fan of grey but I cant stop loving the way you paint with it.You are changing my views Suzan-love dee x

  4. Wow, that is beautiful! What a difference a little paint makes.
    Have a great weekend!

  5. What a transformation... love the grey and those numbers are the icing on the cake...

  6. Another beautiful piece, Suzan.
    You are on to something with the numbers all over the house...maybe Magoo could actually find something that way.
    Ha! Who am I kidding.
    Helpful hint: Keep your hammer handy. When he approaches the appropriate number of shakes, smash his hand with the hammer. Job complete!

  7. What a funny handyman that you have! You are seriously talented.

  8. This is so beautiful! I wish gray sold well here--I'd be painting everything Paris Gray! :) You crack me up. Just love your conversations. lol People don't know redoing furniture is actually an excellent workout! You should see my right bicep! ;) Have a fantastic weekend Suzan!

  9. So beautiful! And numbered drawers, what a great idea! I always refer to 'it's about belly height' or 'about shoulder height' etc. These photos make me kick myself for giving away an old dark wood buffet/sideboard (about 20 years ago), which would have looked gorgeous in those colors! I'm going to see if I can find a photo of one like it on Google Images. You may be hearing from me again, if I find it. Like you really need to see it. lol
    Have a great weekend. It's supposed to be hot and humid here too, if that's any consolation. :-)

  10. My reaction to these before & afters is not just 'oh, that looks better'... it's 'Wow!'
    I took a door off my stereo cabinet to spray the 'window' with Looking Glass mirrored spray paint. Once it was done it took me three days to figure out the hinges again. Literally! I could have kicked myself for not completing that advanced engineering degree. Or starting it.

  11. Of course John thinks you're putting everything out all at once. It's either all or nothing for a guy! You paint faster than anyone I know. Looks great.♥♫

  12. just a might need to start screwing the doors by yourself :) prevention is the key. It turned out beautifully. Love the last picture with all that stuff on the dresser. Perfect. lol

  13. LOL! Love that you took a pic of all the stuff on there at once after you figured out what John meant! You know, I'd really love to meet you guys in person someday - both of you! :)

  14. Suzan,

    You have developed into a true artiste! You are a the quintessential furniture fairy!!:) Anyone who can make these changes with some chalk paint is nothing other! It's beautiful, like all your other works of the wand!


    PS: THANK YOU so much for your sweet comment on my last post!

  15. Oh definitely use all your props *snort*

    So seeing your white and grey combos inspired me to do a small desk in those colors....though my grey is very VERY pale in comparison :)

    And you totally sound like a professional, with yer spray paintin' hardware tips. You mean yer not?

  16. Hahaha! Love the story, and love the outcome!


  17. LOL-Well, ya know I read every word! Listen, I see at least 5 sq. inches of top surface NOT covered. Certainly you could find a few more pieces to add ot the mix. A feather duster might be a nice touch! LOVE the way it turned out- you did yourself proud there, my friend- xo Diana

  18. You have certainly found the perfect combo of paint. Looks fantastic Suzan!!! I especially love the surprise numbered drawers inside. Cheers to a wonderful weekend :)

  19. I like that.....about ten less shakes hahaha. Gorgeous. Do you think John sneaks a peak at your blog? Just to see what you are writing about. HIM!!! Just wondering. Lol
    May it go out as fast as it came in.

  20. I would be a fly on the wall for the conversations you don't share. You two are hysterical.

    Steve just shakes at me when I am staging something for a photo. He doesn't get that I have to get it just right. And then, he sets his hat or his Nook or a magazine right in the middle of my perfect vignette.

    Thank goodness he is a great cook. He is making me scallops right now and himself lamb- separate orders just like in a restaurant. I HATE lamb and he is allergic to scallops so they are always a his/her meal at our house. He just looked over at me and said, "I wish I could eat scallops. They look really good."

  21. "About 10 shakes should do it." ROTFL!! I can just see him shaking and sweating, all the while you looking over his shoulder monitoring his progress. You are like Lucille Ball. My kind of humor!!!


  22. Sam screws everything too tight as well! I just thought about what I said...hmmmm. Anyway, your dresser is lovely and I too love the numbered drawers!

  23. Love that colour combination too. But I did a piece a few months back and it still hasn't sold. Think I'll bring it home and repaint it white - cause that always sells boring as it is.

    And your husband screws things for you? I do all that myself because if I waited for mine to do it, the screws would be rusty!

    1. Seems to be the most popular one for me!
      LOL about the screws being rusty Heather..........

  24. Love, Love the redo, great color combo, and may copy you on the numbers on the inside drawers. Your funny, but I think it is a Husband thing, same here, I try to include him, but it turns ugly and he wants to do the strangest things, thinking he is being creative, not to mentions some strange short cuts! They are from a different planet! I have learned to do the most amazing things myself, just to avoid a dispute!

  25. My husband's up in the loft asking me why I'm laughing so hard! You are SO funny! (And your dresser is just spectacular, too!)

  26. That last picture is priceless! Very good job on the dresser; those signature colours of you really worked perfectly on the piece.

  27. Suzan, thanks for making my Sunday morning so priceless!

    I painted a similar dresser like that last year, French Linen and Old Ochre. It was quite the job! They look great all redone, don't they?

  28. Okay, I was looking at the last picture saying, "What the hell is she doing?" when I read it was a joke. Whew! Thought the paint fumes had finally fried your brain! Seriously, the dresser looks smashing with her new clothes.

  29. Looks awesome! I love the hidden numbered drawers inside!

  30. I love old white & Paris grey together. And they are the first paints I worked with. Fabulous job on the dresser, I love the numbers, too!
    (did you get the door to close?? lol)
    Debbie :)

  31. I do those that color combo, Suzan. So elegant and so perfect on this piece.

  32. Paris Grey is the only color of ASCP I've ever used, I love it! The white details and the numbers make it fabulous! Your conversations with John are so funny, they reminded me of the ones with my mister :)

    1. Thanks so much Cristina - now you HAVE to try Emperor's Silk - it's the most amazing red!!!
      ( I'm addicted to it I think lol )

  33. You and he sound EXACTLY like me and my hub! I get the same comments from him as well. Too funny.
    Great piece. I have the tall highboy that matches this. Haven't figured out what to do with it yet.
    I HATE WAXING!!!! Yeppy!! lol

  34. Great story...funny to read. I was looking for evidence of the spilled paint fiasco, but couldn't see it! :) On another note, an article was circulating about the differences in chalk paints and waxes. The author built a case for MMS clear wax vs ASCP clear wax. I was reluctant to try something new, but gave it a shot. It was 95 degrees here today and I didn't break a sweat waxing and buffing with MMS. And the finish seems to be consistently smoother without pockets of cloudiness. So for whatever that's worth...Love to hear if you've tried it.
    I came over from MMS Link Party...You always have lovely projects.

    1. Thanks for that info Robin - I'm dying to try milk paint - so when I order it I'll order some wax too!

  35. She is beautiful! I love the drawers too! Pinning to the Monday Funday pin board!

  36. Reading this (and the pics) just made my morning.... Found you through Freedom Fridays on My Turn (for us) -- and I'm going to spend my day perusing your site (instead of accomplishing work, while I'm at work) ;) I'm sending a link to my daughter who is just a baby fledgling in the upcycle, re-do art...and know she is going to enjoy the site immensely as well as learn alot!

  37. love love love, I have a piece that I am dying to do this same combo to, and you have given me courage! Loved your tip on the hardware treatment, I have been debating about that~ thanks so much!

    1. Thank YOU so much Jenna!!!
      Can't wait to see yours!

  38. This is so great...I love the numbered doors. I love ASCP too :-). It's a beautiful piece! I would love to have you link this up to my Weekend Beautiful Blog Party :-)

  39. Suzan, that sure is a beauty. You (both) did a great job. Has he ever tried to screw down a toilet!! Well, I was just asking. Thought we might be married to the same guy!!..Happy Monday..Judy


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