Sunday, July 7, 2013

Just to send it on down the line....................

I'm like a human assembly line right now - they're coming in - getting painted - being sent down the line as a new one rolls in.

I just finished this -  you're only getting sneak peaks today - because I plan to get a lot of blog mileage
out of these lol

Which originally looked like this

I'm working on this - sorry for the quality of the photo - it's the seller's - and I've finally found someone who takes worse photos than me YAY - this is in pretty rough shape - but some real magic is happening.

( back to my Paris Grey and White Chalk Paint as you can tell lol )

I have a gorgeous dresser waiting in the van - can't find a photo

I'm picking this up tomorrow - no chairs - no extra leafs - but check out those legs!!!
Monica - if you're reading -  for your new house?

I sent an inquiry on the below desk - it was available - told them I'd pick it up the next day
When I sent a confirmation email that we were coming - they replied it had been sold in the meantime,
Don't you think if I had first dibs on it - they could have at least let me know?
What's the Craig's list protocol on this...............very very upset.

but I have a back up desk I'm working on here -

In the meantime - this set has become available ( huge argument going on around here about this - but I know - I just know I need to have it ) what do you think?

2 end tables

a ladies dresser

with mirror ( although the mirrors don't sell - I have a ton of them actually - if anyone needs a mirror )

But this next part I know you'll " get " - more than John ever will

I mean come on now, is that gorgeous or what?
Can you see the potential in it?
Would you have to have it?
Would it be worth the arguing that lasted for an hour?
Would it be worth the silent treatment he's now instilled on me?
YUP - I would think so
( actually it would be worth it just for the silent treatment alone now that I think of it lol )

"I work a 40 hour week for a living - just to send it on down the line..................."

Does anyone know that song?
One of my favorite bands - I used to BLAST this song constantly.................
If any of you get the band right - you can have the mirror LOL

Ok the break bell just sounded - time to get back to work
Have a good one!



  1. Good Morning Suzan, You have a knack for finding fabulous pieces of furniture to work with and then you re-invent them into something which is much nicer.
    I do love the final piece, I can so see it's potential.... sorry John didn't, as you really have a good eye for choosing furniture.... maybe it wasn't a good day for him.... did his favourite football team lose????

    The song you mentioned is 40 hour week, by Alabama..... I first heard this song when I visited my daughter in Atlanta...... sorry I live too far away as I love mirrors. I'm surprised they don't sell very well as mirrors are really popular here in England.
    Have a lovely day,
    Best Wishes

  2. All those pieces are beautiful, I never see nice stuff like this in Australia, or if I do it is too expensive to make it worth doing anything with!

    1. Well Deanne I used to say the same thing about here - but I'm on Craigs list constantly and this was a particularly good week for finds!!!
      Thanks :)

  3. You do such amazing BIG things. I do lots of small projects, but you go big all the way.

  4. Oh Suzan,
    That final wardrobe is amazing. It reminds me of the robe out of Beauty and the Beast (all singing, all dancing). It is gorgeous.
    Oh I wish I lived close enough to shop at your place but shipping to Australia would be a little prohibitive. lol.

  5. What- My comment disappeared? lol I love those pieces and can see potential in them. I know that song- it's by Alabama and it starts out about Pittsburg (in my home state) steel mills- working on the steel and sending it on down the line. You do gorgeous work...and your blog is still "quivery" here. like it has the shivers- xo Diana

  6. WOW Suzan, you sure do LOVELY work. Love the pieces you find. I have a beautiful long dresser with a chest of drawer that I would like to re-invent. I have Anne Sloan's pant, just need to get some confidence and just do it.

  7. Oooh I love the John hated one, I'm very soon to try chalk paint, fingers crossed!

  8. Love the armoire though I am not as excited about the companion pieces. I do not understand the current craze for "Mediterranean" style furniture from the 80's. I thought it was ugly then and haven't changed my mind. I see pieces all over blogs that women pick up for a song and then paint with either yellow, turquoise or red, slap on some kind of dark glaze and everyone goes ga-ga in the comments. Sorry. Those big, ornately "carved" (pieces of plastic) door fronts were ugly in 1982 and they are ugly today. THANK GOODNESS you are not one of those women! I am sure you will do something lovely. (Went off on a bit of a rant there, didn't I?)

  9. Yeah, that has happened to me, too, on Craig. But, I've also been burned the other way around, where someone says they're coming and then they don't and meanwhile you have turned other people away, so I usually go with whoever can get over to my house FIRST.

  10. That last piece has so much potential, and I just know you'll do something wonderful with it. I look at it and think: storage, storage, storage! Any piece that can accommodate (hide) a lot of things so the house is not cluttered is a good piece :)

  11. On my gosh... you found some great pieces. Sorry you lost that desk. That's a bummer! I know you would have done something beautiful with it. Love that armoire!!

  12. Wonderfully creative work with your 'vintage' pieces ~ Happy Day to you.

    Thanks for 'visiting' ~ ^_^

  13. All wonderful finds! Good for you... I never have luck on Craigslist!

  14. I love those 70's furniture pieces, they look amazing painted. I have the same problems on Kijiji that you have with Craigslist. I tell people I will take it, I set up a time, then they email me that it sold , What ??? Drives me nuts !! I love mirrors but I know what you mean about them not selling. Not sure why they don't sell in this area either. I wish I could be as motivated as you, my assembly line seems to be broken lol . hugs Tobey

  15. You are super busy with a lot of great pieces! I would have called you back (the desk) and told you it was sold, but I don't hold furniture for anyone anymore... I got burnt to many times! Can't wait to see all of the transformations!

  16. You really have a lot going on never stop!!! You are the Energizer Bunny. That armoire is a must, it has so much potential. I think I may hear a story coming with that piece. LOL! Can't wait to see everything when it is done!


  17. Wowsers! You sure can find awesome stuff! I'm on a picking freeze til I get some other pieces finished and sold...but man, I'm missing the hunt :)

  18. That was fun to see all of the happenings with your painted furniture.
    I think the two night stands are pretty great shapes too.
    Looks like you are staying very busy. Thanks for sharing!

  19. With a spirit you can't replace with no machine....Alabama. Keep me coming. Nice pieces with great bones.

  20. Such great finds! You seriously crack me up!

  21. You are making my head spin. I can't wait to see how they all turn out! And i hate when people sell things after they've already committed to you. BAD FORM!!!


  22. Well Furniture Whisper you have your work cut out for you. I love that you found such great pieces and I know you will re love them beautifully.

  23. You're making me tired!
    I should get up and attempt to do something.
    Nah. I'll have a lazy day, but I'll think of you working you booty off.

  24. I really like the thing John didn't, and I'm not even sure what it is. Table? Desk? Bench? I know the song you quoted isn't Rush, but it couldn't help but bring to mind, "I get up at 7 yeah, and I go to work at 9, got no time for livin', yes, I'm workin' all the time." I guess that's why they call you the working (wo)man. lol

    1. Which thing that John didn't like? He usually hates everything until I've worked on it LMHO........
      btw - he's talking to me again :)

  25. Gorgeous furniture! Ahhhhh the silent treatment. Sometimes it's a joyful thing! Bless

  26. How many cups of coffee do you need to get you through all of those make-overs, anyway, girl?? lol Your commitment and dedication and talent is sheerly amazing! ♥

    xoxo laurie

  27. OOOO, I think I could use those legs! They are wonderful. I'm serious about the legs - email me!

  28. We are so much alike!! I feel like an assembly line too when I get people buying quicker than I can paint! Love the finds by the way!

  29. Those all have great potential. Where do you send the pieces are they're painted?

  30. I love what you have got to do.I wish I lived closer I want your goods they are the best I have seen in blog land-love dee x

  31. You are going to be busy, busy, busy! I know you will breathe new life in all of those pieces. They look like they need it!

  32. You are a painting machine for sure!! Don't know that song..but I'm guessing it's country!!

  33. John will calm down as soon as he passes into Narnia...

  34. Wow-you sure got talent, girl! Great job on some great pieces! ;)


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