Sunday, July 14, 2013

The WORST furniture Painting day of my life.............

Good morning everyone - and I'm forcing myself to say that because it's not a good morning.
At all.
Last night I started painting this which by the way is much larger than it appears -
Anyways - I didn't want to paint it the same old - same old...................

So I mixed Paris Grey ( chalk paint ) and Old Violet ( I think that's what it's called - not sure now - and you'll know why in a minute ) anyways I didn't measure ( I always measure ) because the mixture came to a whole tin ) I definitely had enough to do two of these end tables and 1 ladies dresser - no problemo........

I couldn't sleep so this was going on at roughly 3 o'clock in the morning...........
It made the most gorgeous color - a light grey / lavender - really pretty!
Here's a photo of it next to regular Paris Grey

I painted the one end table - and then decided I should put the paint tin on the table because it's dangerous with the dog to leave it on the floor and I'm very careful with my paint.
I've never had an accident.
I paint furniture in my house after all so I HAVE to be very diligent with these things -
So off I go to the dining room and promptly trip on the area carpet - and I can actually FEEL the paint slipping from my hand - like slow motion - BUT I'm not panicked because I have another hand that can grab it, right?
Wrong -
Terribly wrong.
Dreadfully wrong.
Because although it feels like it's happening in slow motion - it's really only a blink of an eye

while I'm playing court jester and sort of juggling it in two hands - I see it land on the wall and I think - well at least it didn't touch the chair - and that's not so bad - but now paint has spilled down the sides of the paint can and my hands are slip.............................



( you know the nearer the destination )

the more you're slip sliding away.................

And after that minute passes I start freaking out - OH MY GOD - OH MY GOD - OH MY GOD..........

John's in bed obviously - and I'm running up and down the hall filling a bucket - OH MY GOD OH MY GOD - and I'm on my hands and knees and wringing the cloth - and then running back to the sink to put fresh water in the bucket - and every time I run back I notice more and more paint on the hall floor..........

Maybe it had something to do with the next photo...................half a quart people - of CHALK PAINT - gold.
I actually scooped up some paint with a spoon off the carpet - in a house where I have a dog that's shedding enough hair to create a new carpet to replace the one I've ruined.................
DO NOT LOOK AT MY BUNIONS......................or how white I am - I haven't sat in the sun at all this summer - but this is giving me an idea - I may just paint myself with COCO - for an instant tan.

It was also dripping off my nightgown.
I have half a quart do another table and a ladies may or may not have dog hair incorporated into the finish.
Did I mention I did not follow a recipe this time?

And on a final note - you know you're a blogger when..................

In the midst of a crisis the first thing you run for is your camera.
( and ONLY a blogger could ever possibly understand that ) 

and then sit down to write up a post.................

nice color though, right?

It's the next day - I've just gotten up -   
and the first thing out of John's mouth is this ( I swear to you ) 

" you know you really shouldn't leave paint tins on the floor - it's dangerous "

and for a moment - the briefest moment you can imagine - really it may have been only seconds even - I thought of smacking him in the head..................

SERENITY NOW.................

Time to Party!!!
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  1. I feel bad laughing since I can just imagine the mess to clean up:(( But you always put such a great humorous twist to it, that I am still laughing.


    PS Yeah, poor John almost.........LOL!!

  2. OOOOOOOOOOOOOh no. I'm sorry you had a paint spill.

    I was going to make a joke that you've finally painted yourself, but I realize that is totally inappropriate and could earn me instant John status (aka thoughts of being smacked on the head). ;)

    Besides, I know any spill, but especially a paint spill is awful.

    If it's any consolation, your finished table looks fantastic, and I am sorry about the paint everywhere.

  3. I have done this before! At least you had enough paint to finish! One this about ASCP is that it cleans up well. I have even had paint dry on my wood floors and it came up fine. Men just don't have any idea what we go through lol! Love the color. I have nevr used old violet. I think I will get some of that next time.

  4. Well, I wanted to stop by for a minute and say "hello" 'cause you always make me smile. I did NOT expect this! :) So sorry, my friend!
    I can only imagine the mess...and at 3:00 a.m. it's even worse. I do appreciate the smile I cannot help and the piece looks beautiful!


  5. This is horrible and quite honestly makes me a little nauseous, yet here I sit laughing! I can totally sympathize with the "OHMYGOD OHMYGOD" but still finding time to grab the camera. Hope you got all the evidence cleaned up!! The table turned out great!

  6. Oh Suzan... you must be exhausted! That must have taken a while to clean up. I have to laugh at the thought of you running for your camera at 3 in the morning. You're sooo right... only other bloggers can understand that. lol. Your piece turned out just beautiful though. Maybe the whole dog hair in the paint thing will catch on as a new paint technique. OK. I'm stretching there. lol.

  7. The thought of doing this is always in my mind when painting. Poor you! So sorry. I ran for my camera a few months ago for a coffee spill. That now seems like absolutely nothing in comparison.

    I sincerely hope there will be a follow-up post about getting paint off all those items. If anyone can do it, it's you!

  8. A painter's worst nightmare! At least the dog wasn't around, lol!

    What a lovely colour though, the piece turned out gorgeous!!


  9. Oh yes we've had a few spills in the workshop. One recently.... All I kept thinking of was" my finished pieces ready to be shipped, please god noooooo! I cannot imagine in your gorgeous home. The beauty it does clean up well if you catch it before it cures. So in our workshop on the floor we have an elephant painted in Paris Grey, a old Ochre path leading to the office kitchen and most recently, Coco which Spells Piorra on the floor. Hahaha. The peice and your custom colour are gorgeous!

  10. What a nightmare! And I KNOW you didn't get any sleep after this! I do love the color though! ;-D


  11. This would be so much better if it were a real nightmare-the kind where you actually are asleep and wake up! I cannot imagine the horror!♥♫

  12. I can imagine the sheer panic you must have felt when this happened. It doesn't help when it happens in the middle of the night either. I am so sorry girlfriend. The color is pretty though. I know, not really helping here.


  13. I feel awful that I'm laughing because I can just imagine your heart pounding and the blood rushing to your head as all this is going on. But as I was reading and looking at the photos, I thought to myself "only a blogger would snap photos in the midst of this". And lo and behold, you write that very thought further down! Yes, only a blogger would make sure to snap pictures, and ONLY a blogger could every understand the need to do so. LOL...

    Okay, now that I've had my fun (been so cruel!), I am sorry you had to go through it, and I hope the mess is over and done with!

  14. The blogs I follow are the best. This was so funny. What a great way to start my Sunday morning. Glad you're not hurt and the table looks wonderful!

    1. I noticed paint all over my camera today LMHO....................
      Thanks for the compliment :)

  15. I know I should not laugh, but what can a blogger do? I can see you running around in this situation. But I must say the result is fantastic.

    Buy, buy

  16. That is a very bad paint day indeed. Hope you don't find little marks of paint hiding somewhere else in a few days! Dianntha

    1. LOL - I'm finding it in places where I would swear I was nowhere NEAR lmho!

  17. I watched a little test pot hit the floor once and marveled at the ease with which it wiped up. A year later I moved the cabinet behind the desk to find more paint and it, too, wiped up easily. I cannot imagine a whole quart and while I feel your pain, I have to laugh at both the images in my head and the ones you captured-thank you for making a sad situation pleasant and I hope you don't want to smack me upside the head too! The color is lovely and I hope you can match it!!

  18. Suzan, I can't believe you let your husband sleep through this. I would have been screaming until mine woke up to tell me that everything will be okay, you can stop crying now, you just relax while I take care of this, etc. etc.

    I'm not sure which hurts worse - the mess, or wasting even a drop of paint.

    Btw, your ankle looks great in Violet.

    1. Well Teri - if you think that's the reaction I would have gotten from John - all I can say is - what exactly are you smoking with your cup of coffee in the morning??????????
      What a disaster!!!!!!!!!
      It was hardest to come off my leg for some reason LOL

  19. Oh dear. Only you could make it so funny, though! I think your piece turned out beautifully.

  20. But, it turned out beautiful! There's no (permanent) damage done, right? Only few spills. John had so much luck :))

  21. Suzan, you crack me up! I'm glad you had enough to finish, it's truly beautiful! Hopefully you can re-create the color again. I can't imagine painting at 3am, accidents would definitely take place, I'm clumsy enough during regular waking hours!
    Have a great week!

  22. LOLOLOL!!! I like your sense of humor and keeping it real by painting in the middle of the night, then taking pictures of what happened to show and tell, lol.

    I feel your pain because two weekends ago I went through the same thing with a can of ASCP Pure White! I ran in the kitchen and grabbed two spatulas to guarantee that I scoop up ALL of it. Can't let that great paint go to waste. My husband was in his mancave snoring through my entire screaming session. Then two hours later AFTER I had cleaned up the mess and finish painting our nightstands, he comes down stairs and notices a big dried white section on the concrete floor that is about to be covered with hardwood soon, and told me "we can't have that big white spot, you should clean that up." Men! lol Thank goodness the wood floors aren't installed yet and they won't be until Feb 2014, when our little Louie (Yorkie) is over a year old and trained better. A tiny bit of that paint splatted on an ottoman that was just reupholstered that same week in a natural linen. You should have seen me scrubbing that paint off! Sandpaper did the trick.

  23. Hilarious post -- not so much fun while it's happening.
    Dog hair in the paint? A little texture might be interesting.
    But next time spill WalMart paint, and get guider wheels for your ASCP tins!

    Oh my, THAT'S what hurts!

  24. I do this all the time.I have a beautiful desk in my office with a leather top and I cant count the amount of times I have spilt paint or glue on it.Kev goes off his head but I am used to it now-love dee x

  25. Oh man....oh man. I think the only thing worse than dropping chalk paint is spilling pumped breastmilk that took 45 minutes to express just when you're heading to feed the screaming newborn. Ask me how I know.

    Purple-ish lavender looks fab on you. *snicker*

    The table? Marvelous. Worth it? I'd say yes.

  26. Oh, snap! What a bummer! I hope this means you're no longer painting at 3 AM!

  27. I hear ASCP works on upholstery. Why not rugs? Your description is precious......

    The whole thing happened so fast, yet you saw it in slow motion...interesting....but I know that feeling in the pit of the stomach and around the heart when something like this happens.

    Sort of like the time my sweet husband was ill and I didn't want the beeps on the microwave to wake him, so i boiled water in a pan on the stove to make a cup of tea and tripped on a rug with the hot pan/water in my hands. The ER doc didn't even come past the doorway to look at the skin peeling off my breast. He just gave an order for a burn med and left. I think he and John must have a lot in common....LOL

    The finished paint job is lovely, btw, and I think I'll have to buy that violet. Didn't know they still sold did I miss that? Never mind. Life is strange, then later we think back and remember the strangest parts and all the rest just falls away........

  28. OMG, I'm DYING!!!!!! But I have to say, WTH is up with that camera? Is it drunk?? But I'm seriously loving those green flip flops...I hope you salvaged them. "Simply frustrated"...snort snort...! OH, I feel for you though! Ouch...all that lovely paint...


  29. OMG- You make me feel ALMOST normal! Just when I think that no one could possibly top some of the DUMB things that happen to me- You come along. oh-sorry- I am NOT making fun of you- you know us blonds have to stick together----let's just hope we are not stuck together with spilled glue~xo Diana

  30. They always talk about how easy ASCP is to clean up...LOL! So sorry this happened and hope it came off of everything!!! At least your piece turned out nice...


  31. Oh my. I did something similar with a can of CeCe and all I could think was how expensive that paint is to have it wasted. So sorry this happened. I hope it all cleaned up.
    Let's Add Sprinkles.

  32. Unless the weather is great outside, I paint in my living room. The one time I didn't roll the rug back and move the furniture away, the paint store forgot to hammer the lid on. I gave it a good shake and the paint flowed in an arch out of that can and all over the antique buffet and vintage wool carpet. Mine was fire engine red acrylic paint. You can imagine what that was like to clean up! I had to deliver the cabinet to the client the next day so I scooped the paint up with an egg flipper and carried on. I still see bits of that red in the living room. lol You are a very good blogger to grab your camera record the event for all time!

  33. Oh no!!!! I can see why you were simply frustrated. :(

  34. Oh my Suzan! First, let me say that the color is lovely! Even on your leg! I spilled my chalk paint first thing on my very first project. It's possible I said some very bad words!

  35. Oh my....too funny, although I'm sure it wasn't at the time! Glad you got it all cleaned up and had enough left to finish your projects. The nightstand turned out beautifully by the way. Thanks for sharing and yes, only we bloggers think to photograph everything....:)

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  36. Gee.......looks kinda like the wall paint Brad used to embellish the livingroom once. The leather chair, windows, woodwork, floor, lampshade. Yup.....I left the house and saved a marriage.

  37. Oh, what a mess. I hope you got it all cleaned up. I feel for you. I paint in the kitchen on my wood floor with only a plastic table cloth for a drop cloth. I have visions of the paint tipping over and going into all the grooves of my hardwood floors. Yuk!

  38. OH. MY. I've had nightmares about this very thing happening since I paint in the house and my kids are always running around! At least you did what every good blogger does - you took some pics so you could share. Shows your brain is still working properly even through a crisis!

  39. Bless. Your. Heart. I totally feel your pain Suzan. Unfortunately I've been there. Bunches of green paint on the golden tan carpet. I was glad - now I don't have to feel bad about pulling it out. I'm sure you will find a drops of paint for weeks to come.

  40. OMG!!! That SUCKS! I've had days like that! The table looks beautiful though! :o/


  41. hahaha,I literally was on the edge of my seat going through the pictures slowly thinking "oh no, oh no, wait why did she stop to take pictures? well obviously to show everyone like I would have" : ) I feel your frustration but the end project is gorgeous and I hope you didn't harm your husband too badly!


  42. Suzan, you made me laugh... which is very painful for me right now, so please write more seriously for the days to come!
    Have you ever thought of a ASCP skin rub?

  43. Oh NOOOO!!! What a mess! So, were you able to get it all cleaned up?! I'm so sorry to see this happened to you - it's something I would totally do as well :D Thanks for sharing! Saw you at Not JUST A Housewife :)

    1. Yes - every drop all cleaned up - the carpet feels a little rough in spots though LOL

  44. I feel your pain. As for your rug I would have thrown it outside run water on it to keep it wet cleaned up the rest and than scrubbed the rug. We had just had the living room and stairs carpeted when my son was going to be a helper (about 2 1/2). He decided to bring the full can of paint for his room, upstairs to me. Guess what happened? Thats right the lid must not have been put on tight at the paint store. A paint trail on about four steps and a puddle at the top in the hall. How I ever got it out I'm not sure. Just a lot of water rags and rubbing. You couldn't even tell anything had happened when it dried. So glad we don't use oil based paints very often anymore. But you will have a story to tell for years to come, and even pictures. I am amazed you took the time to photograph your disaster. ;)

  45. Oh I'm so sorry but I'm laughing. I think this is the best post I've read in a long time. Love it.

    ... hm painting at 3 am ... I might have to try this, I usually just try to go back to sleep (which is a useless endeavor), just think of all the stuff I could accomplish...

    Thanks for the great idea ;)

  46. Oh No!!! What a mess! I can't believe you got it all cleaned up, that John didn't notice you had spilt any. What a shame...but sorry, I couldn't help laughing at your post! I hope you had enough to finish, or were at least able to duplicate the recipe because that turned out beautiful!
    Debbie :)

  47. oh Suzan that is hilarious. and i only say that because i once shock a can of 4 litres of paint and i was standing in the middle of my lounge room and hadn't unfolded the paint cloth and the lid wasn;t on the can and 4 litres os paint came out and went all over me but not on the floor or lounge or anything. it was such a lucky escape but 4 litres of paint is a lot to wash out of your clothes and hair!!
    your sidetable turned out beautifully.
    Fiona x

  48. First, that is a great color and I certainly hope you are able to replicate it for future projects. Second, you have mad camera skills to be able to take pics while cleaning up paint. Third, I can't think of anything else I am laughing too, too hard.

  49. Oh noooo!!! It loos gorgeous though!


  50. You are too much! I SO felt for you while you were telling this story! I am always terrified of knocking over my paint. I paint I the house, too and I have visions of paint all over the floor! Good job grabbing your camera! :D

  51. What a story Suzan! Did you save the rug? I need tips on how to get paint off carpet...
    Your chest turned out beautiful by the way.

    Linda at The French Hens Nest

  52. Good to laugh at yourself and to have others laugh with you (rather than at you!) John says "Now what would any g'feerin' womin be doin' outta bed at 3 in the mornin', I ax ya, Pa." Pa says "She got them frits." John says "What's them frits?" Pa says "Danged if I know, I jes made that up on the spot, son, made that up on the spot. Har har har." Gotta watch out for them frits, Suzan. Har har har.

  53. Oh, wow, what a mess. It looks like something I would have done. I'm so clumsy when I paint. Hope you have a great day.

    Heidi’s Wanderings

  54. lolol! Three o'clock in the morning??? Holy moly, girl! You are such a dedicated blogger/painter! lolol Amazing how John didn't hear anything! lol

    xoxo laurie

  55. Oh Suzan, I feel your pain, but I'm laughing none the less! I'm not a blogger, but I really appreciate your immediate thoughts of taking photos! lol The gray/old violet color is STUNNING! I'm here from 'That's What Che Said' and your newest follower. Wonderful post - I'm sorry you went through such tribulations to get it, though!

    1. lol - thanks Camille -
      so nice to " meet " you

  56. I am so sorry about what happened, but you tell a story so well I could see it all happening. I'm sorry about the mess, but I couldn't stop laughing. That was truly a classic. Thanks for sharing. If it helps, I am in love with the dresser set. It is gorgeous.

    1. Want to buy it Pamela - it hasn't sold yet - after all that LMHO !!!!!!!!!!!
      Thanks so much :)
      Have a great wknd

  57. oh my goodness......I am sure we could be such great friends if we even lived in the same country!! I have done this type of thing too many times to admit---shhh don't tell anyone else. I was laughing so hard but not at you. That OMG panicky feeling is just so awful at the time. Your little dresser looks so beautiful in its new coat. Thank you for sharing the project---and the mishap.

  58. Such a great shade on you LOL! Oh that really sucks,at least the draws look fab! Thanks for linking with me!


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