Monday, July 8, 2013

Before and after French Provincial

Sometimes on these 70's dressers you'll find that the molding is actually plastic
I much prefer the wood variety - snob that I am - even though I'm slathering
them in paint !!!

So the first thing I did was paint in between all those " criss crosses " as well as the 4 flowers
in each corner with black craft paint - so there would be some contrast in the details
if you look at the photo above you can barely tell it exists even
 I wasn't overly careful at this stage as  you can see because you really want
to be sure to get " in " those lines
It can all be fixed up once the white goes over it

and here's how it looks once a coat of white covers everything

much better, don't you think?

I did the same thing to the drawers

isn't it amazing what white paint can do?

The interior is painted a baby blue

What's new pussycat?
( does anyone else see a cat's face on this? ) 
 her and her pussycat eyes
woah woah

 Sometimes you have to work with what you have
and I really do believe that anything can look better
Even 70's furniture with plastic molding
that looks like a cat when you squint your eyes
Cats DO NOT belong in landfills either

Have a good one!
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  1. Suzan!!

    It's regal, glamourous and poised to perfection.

    My blogging break is over {see recent post}, but I've missed you, girlie!


  2. Hi Suzan,
    Wow you work fast!!!! That piece is so great. It is amazing how much the white paint brought that piece into the 2000 and out of the 70's. White paint is the fountain of youth for this piece. Now I wonder if I put that white paint on my face would that make me look younger by 30 years!!!!!! Ughhh, I probably would just look like the joker from Batman!!!! Beautiful job.

  3. I think we need to do a house swap. You come to southern California and paint my dresser and we'll fly to Montreal so I can make you slipcovers.

    This piece is perfection.

  4. lovely piece, you did a great job! Glad I found your blog from the link up party!


    1. Thanks Lauren!
      I'm coming by to follow back :)

  5. Another great are such a clever lady but sadly I cant see that dam cat-love dee x

  6. I didn't until you said it lol, great piece!

  7. You certainly make these older pieces come alive. The criss crosses are too cool!

  8. This is an amazing transformation! I swear you could see the potential in just about any piece of furniture. Just fabulous!!

  9. What a difference a coat of paint makes! All those dated pieces of furniture can be given a new lease on life. And thank goodness you rescued that kitty from the landfill :)

  10. Suzan, you worked wonders on that piece! I generally shy away from the furniture with plastic parts, too, but did a 70's hutch recently with a large decorative piece on the top that just sold and went into a little girls nursery. I was so happy it went to a great spot like that!
    What kind of paint did you use on this piece?

  11. Yes, she does look like a pussycat! Turned out amazing, sooo pretty!

  12. That looks awesome! Although that last picture makde me think I was on some psychedelic drug... :P


  13. Suzan,

    You really did a fantastic job on this piece!! I love all the detailing. You are a talent for sure girl!!


  14. Looks great, Suzan! Once, years ago, I was given a very ornate upright piano. I decided to refinish it, so I started in with the varnish remover. What I had thought was intricate wood moldings began melting away onto my cloth. wah.

    Every time I visit your blog I feel like such a slacker. lol
    Don't worry, I'm getting used to it.

  15. Looks waaay better. I tend to see faces in all sorts of inanimate objects. I think I read once that's a symptom of some psychiatric disorder. Glad I'm not alone. lol

    1. OMG Betsy - I have so many disorders LMHO - everything I see - hear - do - also reminds me of a song...........
      Would they have a field day with me LOL

  16. While you know how I feel about plastic "carving", I like the French Provencial style better than that ugly old Mediterranean. Really looks good. I think it would have also looked amazing in the Paris Gray and white combination you have used on so many pieces. The dark craft paint first layer really makes a huge difference!

  17. Definitely better! Good job once again Suzan! What did John have to say about this one?!

  18. Given that I am a dog lover...I still think your cat dresser turned out great

  19. Ha!! OMG, you had me worried at the first photo or 2...I thought uh-oh, Suzan has lost control of her paintbrush...not good!!
    But, nope, as usual...stunning!!

  20. Ha! Great treatment, and totally rad do-over. I didn't see the cat, but then I'm so ding dang tired, I can hardly see the 'puter screen :)

  21. You sure are a miracle worker, your transformation is incredible, it's gorgeous now. You did such an excellent job, loving it now. Glad the paint covered the plastic trim. Yes I did see the cat without even squinting my eyes. Kinda spooky in the dark huh? Happy summer.

  22. Oh my goodness pretty lady, this is totally gorgeous! What an awesome transformation of the beautiful piece! You are soo talented, too. Big hugs,

  23. Looks fantastic!!! Good job girl :)

  24. Suzan I love this...I need it for my bedroom! So how did you keep from getting the white on all of those black lines? Did you wax this piece?

  25. I really thought it was gorgeous until you opened the door to reveal that baby blue... Now I don't think gorgeous is a strong enough word.


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