Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I WANNA live there Wednesday # 46

I live in a pretty incredible area - in Montreal, It's an historical neighbourhood loaded with tons and tons of charm - and 20th century architecture, just steps away from the city center, it's also a pretty expensive neighbourhood ( in which I live in servants quarters basically compared to what I'm surrounded by ) 
Because there are days I don't have furniture makeovers to show you - I've chosen Wednesdays to showcase and feature one or two homes that are for sale around here.................( or apartment - or duplex - or teepee )
Keep in mind this is in the heart of the city - so the prices reflect that  - think Manhattan - where these places would cost 3 or 4 times what they're listed for here!
On occasion I'll showcase beautiful homes in other areas - countries - continents - the one thing most of them will have have in common will be their age - because I love old homes with stories to tell, join me won't you?


It's Hot everyone - I don't know how hot it is wherever you are - but it's unbearably hot here............
I told a reader last night - that if it started snowing right now- I'd run outside and roll in it like a puppy,
and then I'd make snow - angels - stark naked..........
I'd even stick my tongue on a light post - and have it stick there.

So today we're headed to the beach and ocean as far you can see 

It's not a real estate post per se - because they're not for sale - just a ton of photos of rooms I wish I could be in this week :)

We'll go back to regular listings next week - hope you enjoy these never the less

                                     Contemporary Patio by Dallas Lighting American Lighting Association

                                Traditional Dining Room by Ojai Architects & Designers Maraya Interior Design

                               Traditional Landscape by Beverly Architects & Designers Siemasko + Verbridge

                                           Tropical Patio by Brooklyn Interior Designers & Decorators LKID

                                             Modern Pool by Miami Pools and Spas Aquatic Consultants, Inc

                                   Eclectic Living Room by Seattle Architects & Designers David Olson Architect

                                    Contemporary Bedroom by Victoria Photographers Leanna Rathkelly Photography
                             Contemporary Kitchen by San Francisco Architects & Designers Studio Schicketanz


                              Traditional Bedroom by Chatham Architects & Designers Polhemus Savery DaSilva

                             Traditional Exterior by Charlotte Architects & Designers Don Duffy Architecture

                                  Tropical Exterior by Santa Barbara Photographers Roe Anne White Photography

Stay cool everyone.................

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  1. Your fave is my fave! Also that kitchen with a view! Holy Moly...if i had that view I might cook something more than frozen pizzas.

    Or maybe not.

  2. These are beautiful. A contemporary place right near the water....I'll take one of those! Sleek, modern, colourful...that always works for me.

    It's boiling hot here, too. I'd love to just lie in cool water all day.

  3. I cannot even THINK about sun and sand. It's too darned hot to think about any of that. I need to see houses in the Alps...perhaps Greenland (if their ice crust isn't melting this year). Truly, the only photo that really appealed to me today was the 9th one with the white Adirondack chairs overlooking gray water and gray skies.

    Off to look at Swiss chalets! :)

  4. Suzan, Suzan, Suzan, pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase hook me up with any one of these, and I will forever do your grunt work. Paint cleaner, here! Scraper? Here! Dishes? Yep, I'll do 'em.

    I would love to live in any one of these places....I'd probably never want to leave!!

  5. Okay, Suzan, I just about swooned when I saw that first photo, and as I scrolled through, there was a growing longing to be by the sea. Sigh. The photo of the Adirondack chairs at cliffside seems like a great Hitchcock movie set. I mean, how easy would it be.

  6. My favorite was your favorite. I am just not a modern steel and glass girl. My college roommate lives in a beautiful home on the Pacific Ocean in Malibu. The view is amazing, but the steel and glass just doesn't do it for me. Her house has been featured in Architectural Digest, but I still prefer my cozy little cottage.

  7. I agree with you! I would want to be in any of these rooms. I especially want to be in that water ;)

  8. What beautiful views and the water is gorgeous! I would take them for a few weeks! It is very hot here too. I am with you I would embrace a cold day right now. I hate when it is very hot and humid out!!


  9. Lovely views. A sea view is the only thing missing in my cottage.

  10. Ohhhhhhh to wake up to those views everyday!!!! Ahhhhh maybe in my next life!! These places are heaven. My fav is the same as yours. How comfy and cozy and sweet it that view and room. Loved all of these this week.

  11. I was just ready to lick a light post with you and then bam, I saw the beautiful beach.

  12. Can you imagine waking up to that kind of a view each and every day? Wow, wow, wow.

    1. No I can't actually Heather - I've been trying to all day though LOL

  13. I cannot begin to pick a favorite this time, Suzan! Each one is spectacular in its own right. Beautiful images. Don't you LOVE that dining area though? xo Diana

  14. I can't believe people actually have homes like this--the views are STUNNING!!! I live right near the ocean yet I tend to complain...maybe I need to rethink my perspective...

  15. Well, I'm a beach girl so you have hit my button!! I would love to live on the beach but my husband would HATE it. I'm a 10 minute drive away but that's still pretty good I think!! Gorgeous pics!!

  16. I like your style! OMG...those Miami Design homes are perfect for me. I could just move right in.....after I win the lottery of course :)

  17. Hey Suzan,
    I love all of these pictures. Great homes. We are featuring this post at this weeks Adorned From Above Link Party tonight. Thanks so much for sharing at our party every week.
    Debi and Charly


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