Sunday, July 14, 2013

X-mas in July? Bah, Humbug ..................

There's a Christmas in July link party going on right now -
I was dreading the conversation that was going to happen in this house while I prepared for this party..........
And here's how it went.

Suzan says - John, do you think you could go to the storage unit and just bring me back one box of Christmas ornaments?
John says - Pardon me?
Suzan says - There's a Christmas in July party going on and I have to make something Christmas-y
John says - Have you totally lost your mind?  It's 180 degrees out there
John says - What the hell is Christmas in July - only a blogger could have invented that
Suzan says - DO NOT TELL ME you've never heard of Christmas in July?
John says - NEVER
Suzan says- what about camping when you were a kid
John says - there was NO camping in England - we played cricket in the summer - we did NOT wait for Father Christmas to show up
Suzan says - Who the hell is Father Christmas?
John says - Your Santa Claus............
Suzan says - I thought he was Santa Claus everywhere
Suzan says - What a ridiculous name for Santa Claus
John says - Yeah - just about as ridiculous as celebrating Christmas in July.............
Suzan says - Can you just................
John says - NO - I'm not doing it - I'm not rummaging for an hour in this heat looking for wreaths.........
John says - forget about it -
and he heads for the door
Suzan hopefully says - You going?
John says - Nope - I'm going to the park
John says - To have a Christmas cigar - see you later...................

And that was that - he left me - JUST WHEN I NEEDED HIM MOST...................

What to do?  What to do?
I have 2 Christmas ornaments in my bedroom drawer - my panty drawer - had no idea why they were there but do you see how funny life is?
They were meant to be there - so that I could pull them out and do something magical for Christmas in July :)

One of them ended up on a candle holder -

ok that's just pitiful I know - but it's really really hot brain is lazy

But I know I can do better than this - I mean after all - everyone has their glue guns out - their saws and hammers and craft supplies - this is embarrassing really............
Let's see

I can turn this

into this !!!!!!

hmmm - still sorely lacking - I'm definitely going to have to up the ante here
maybe this???

Meet Giselle - the blue nosed Giraffe ???

Now you may think I took the easy way out here - but believe me if you've ever tried to balance a Christmas ornament on a Giraffe's nose - you'd be pretty impressed !!!
It looks all Christmas-y in my living room now!!!

Can't wait for a Star Wars themed party -
Meet Princess Leia :)

Ok so here's the part where I shamelessly plug Christmas things I made..............because you can't walk away today thinking I'm inept in that department

I made this ( HERE )

and this ( HERE )

and this artwork

and these ( HERE ) 8 of them in fact

so it's not that I CAN'T do it - it's just that my face can't be melting onto the project when I do them............

AND my earmuffs go off to the incredible bloggers that actually came up with Christmas projects and executed them and put me completely to shame...............

God help me - I'm singinng O Holy Night at my desk
Ho Ho Ho

John comes back from his walk ( and Christmas Cigar )
John says - SO..............what's for dinner - Turkey and all the trimmings?

Have a good one all!

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  1. You are too funny. I hate to tell you what that two balled giraffe looks like. Lol I commend you for trying. You are better than me! I wanted to and didn't get my act together.

  2. Well it's hot here too, so not only didn't I get anything created for this linky party, I also didn't get my Bastille Day post created. But I certainly did chuckle at this fun post, Suzanne! Merry, Merry! ~ Sarah

  3. I made a wreath - turned out cute, started a garland of handmade stars, and said, "I can't handle this pressure" and went to read a book.

    I would not even go there and tell Steve about the Christmas in July party.

  4. Hohoho fun, Christmas in July? Don't you wish you could jump in a nice big mound of snow right now? Thank God my son got the air finally working. But it took awhile. Imagine the thermopump kept heating instead of cooling while he was trying to program the complicated device. I thought I was gonna die. While this was going on I was trying to cook. I would not be able to think of Christmas in this heat, not now!!!!! I tip my hat to you. Btw LOVE THOSE BLUE BALLS.

  5. I love the silver mirror.

    My sister texted me today that she took down her Christmas tree. I texted her back and asked, "Why now? "It' almost Christmas".

    Hobby Lobby was putting out Christmas decorations and crafting the other day.

  6. Your Christmas decor is gorgeous. We have both Father Christmas and Santa and Summer, most unfortunately is for cricket but so is Winter, is John watching the Ashes at the moment?? Sadly I am! Boxing day is the big Aussie match where you fend off a food coma and no one can be bothered moving to change the channel. Funny!

  7. Good Morning Suzan, Well, I was laughing when I read about your husband's response to finding the Christmas Decorations. George would have had the same reaction, he would have thought I had gone loopy if I started creating Christmas decorations in July. Believe it or not we are in the middle of a heat wave here in England, which would have made it worse for him as he would have had to climb up to the loft where it is roasting.
    Fun aside, you have created some lovely Christmas items, I really like the silver frame with the baubles, it is lovely.
    Thank you for such a fun post I always look forward to seeing what you are up to and you never fail to bring a smile to my face.
    Have a lovely day,
    Best Wishes

  8. Hi there

    What an amazing blog! I'm a new follower through GFC. Hope that you'll have a look at my blog and follow back.

    Have a wonderful week!

    1. Thanks so much !!!
      Happily following back :)

  9. LOL! I just love your sense of humor. I am still laughing about the blue nosed gazelle.

  10. Oh that's hilarious Suzan! So that's what I've been suffering from... lazy brain. Knowing and admitting is the first step to recovery. I didn't know you were a magaician? lol. Is there no end to your talents?????

  11. LOL at the blue nose, it's perfect.

    You can't make turkey when it's hot...nothing that requires the oven can ever be made when it's hot like it is right now. ;)

  12.'re priceless, Suzan...........hahahahahaha

  13. Christmas in July...have never been able to wrap my brain around that.. Way to hot here at the beach and all I could muster up was to peruse Pinterest and think there is no way when I still have 4th of July decor on the mantle and guests arriving in a few days.... Christmas will have to wait... Ho,Ho,Ho......

  14. OMG! You are absolutely hilarious! I laughed until tears came...
    Now, do you think you could send some of that HEAT our way. It just rains and rains in Alberta. I actually did cook a turkey yesterday because the weather was so chilly! YIKES!

  15. I actually like the IDEA of Christmas in July, if you lived in the southern hemisphere it would be winter! But do anything about it? Not me...I want a fully decorated house at Christmas time, but it's never happened yet. And most likely won't happen in July either. But maybe if I started in July it might be somewhat done in December!♥♫

  16. You are too too funny, Suzan. I think your Christmas Leia reindeer is so cute and she's ready for the festivities very early this year.

  17. I love the idea of Christmas in July but never execute it. It is so darn hot right now and humid!! All of our stuff is in storage and if I told my girlfriend, I think she would look at me and say really, now, five dogs and doing Christmas in July. We are only doing Christmas in this house at Christmas time! John does crack me up.


  18. OMGoodness this is too funny...Giselle is adorable! Your John sounds like my Charlie!! Enjoy your day, Gail

  19. Who the hell is Father Christmas?? YOU ARE FREAKING CRACKING ME UP! I love Princess Leia. And your blue-nosed reindeer...or...giraffe... Just love you girl...!


  20. This absolutely cracks me up!. You should put all of these conversations with John into a book. You are so funny and charming!

    1. Do you know how many people have asked me to write a book LOL ???
      I should look into it :)
      THanks so much for your over the top kind comment!

  21. Hey, you came up with a fun to read, entertaining post about Christmas ornaments! That is all you had to do - and it was great! Thanks John for yet another John says - Suzan says post to chuckle at!

  22. Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha.....

  23. I think I'm just going to make Christmas desserts....maybe some fudge. Or a cake. Hmmmmm.... I love ornaments on a candle stick. You have no reason to be ashamed. Hold your head high.

  24. You have me laughing here and you get an A for effort. A million and one things to do with one ornament:-) Love all your creative projects. Turkey with all the trimmings sounds pretty good to me. Thanks for sharing at Christmas in July.

  25. Love the star wars Christmas.too funny-love dee x

  26. I want to come and live with you just so that I can eavesdrop on the conversations you and Santa....ooops...I meant John.....have every day. lololol! You sure know how to start my day off with a giggle! :) Oh...and...ahem... great job on the Christmas decor, Suzan. Santa would be proud.

    xoxo laurie

  27. K, so my brain is in the gutter, 'cause when I saw the Princess L shot I went a whole 'nother direction....and about spit my tea at the screen. I crack myself up.

    At least you attempted it. I was gonna pull out one of my old posts...'cause I really ONLY get crafty at the holidays. And about pull my hair out doing it.

    I also find it fascinating that you keep christmas balls in your panty drawer. Hmmmmm.

  28. Sooo...there's a (Christms) party in your panties(drawer)? Yes-that is what I got out of this post- well, that and the fact that I have a hubby a lot like yours...and the fact that you really ARE creative...although I see something besides Princess Leia there- xo Diana

  29. Hilarious, Suzan! Hey, I painted a cereal box late at night because I "suddenly" had to come up with something :) That should be good for at least an eye roll from John! Still giggling...


  30. That sounds so like the sort of conversation there would be here if I tried to do it!! Like what you've done anyway. Just shows that you don't need a lot to get into the Christmas spirit! Must fly....gotta see to the presents! Joan

  31. Hilarious! Love your Christmas decor though. Who would have thought you could balance Christmas balls on a giraffes nose. Happy Half Christmas!

  32. Only you Suzan...only you would make a blue nosed giraffe for Christmas! You have made some awesome and enviable Christmas projects that I have adored. I am going to ask you about that white flowery thing that was in that vase. It's gorgeous...what is it?

  33. I couldn't do it either - saw the link party and thought they were all crazy for even thinking about Christmas. Let's enjoy the summer before we head back into the craziness of blogging at Christmas.

    That being said, I did once many years ago put up a Christmas tree in August for a party. My husband thought I had completely lost it!! But it was work related and the best way to introduce the Christmas line to my team. The kids wanted me to keep it up till the Christmas season arrived. But I took it down - couldn't stand to look at it when it was 90F outside.

  34. A house not far from my cottage still has its Christmas decoration up. Maybe they are joining the Christmas in July party?

  35. I love your approach to "Christmas in July," you are just the best!
    But it does leave me wondering why you had two blue balls in with your panties.

  36. Great post, Suzan! Had me chuckling when I really needed the laugh. It's after 10 at night, and I'm sitting here Christmas in July isn't something I'd want to think about. Mind you, I could really use some snow right about now! I'd be dashing through the snow for sure! lol
    Debbie :)

  37. What a great and awesome creation! i love how you turn your stuff from elegant to holiday themed :) Lovely!

    Christmas decorating ideas


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