Saturday, December 28, 2013

When is Antiques Road Show coming to Montreal?

Because I found some antique items here yesterday when the living room heaters came off..............

Remember them?

not only was it smack in the middle of the hallway and living room - but in every room along the perimeter of every wall
anyway the ones in the living room were removed yesterday - time for those babies to go.............................

you know those stories you read about where people find all kinds of hidden treasures under walls and such?
I'm sooooo excited to show you what we found that I can barely contain myself

are you ready?

lovely, isn't it?
it's definitely very old - and yet in such pristine condition - so it has to have some value, no?

and this - a handle from a tool?

and this

and one red package that looks suspiciously like an old Du Maurier package..............which was being used as a shim ( you'll find more people today are smoking du mauri ori ori ay - have had that jingle in my head all day - I can even still remember the girl smoking them in the commercials - 70's I think )
I'm not going to get rich but those panelled heaters are Gone Gone Gone ...................
They took up more space than you can believe - all different angles and heights - a friend of mine said it looked like a 60's ski lodge lmho
We're going to make new ones out of MDF - uniform ones -
Oh I wish I had been blogging 2 houses ago when John and I made radiator covers
Anyway - here we are - box free in the living room

The floors have been patched

and there's light at the end of the hallway

here's the before of that particular view

Did I show you all the fridge niche?
Sorry - really can't remember - here it is - with it's " backside" in the mud room - which means it takes up
zero space in the actual kitchen

Did I show you the microwave niche?
Here it is with it's " back side " on the other wall in the mudroom which means it takes up zero space in the kitchen

I was going to make a " butt " niche - so that when someone stood in the kitchen they wouldn't be taking up any space at all either but you can overdo niches - so I won't bother with that particular one.

(All in all it's just another niche in the wall........................)

Now excuse me - I have a couple of more walls to knock holes into - I'm sure there's money somewhere in this place !!!

Have to tell you - some of your comments make me laugh my head off - some make me giggle - ALL make me smile on days when there's sometimes very little to smile about - THANK YOU so much.
There's been a few moments in the last month where I've seriously considered shutting down my little blog because I'm not doing my bit  - but as long as some of you are interested in what's going on here - I'll keep documenting it :)

Enjoy your weekend everyone
( weekend? what's a weekend? it's sounds sort of familiar but I can't quite put my finger on it - does it have something to do with 2 days off? )
Much love,


  1. I definitely think you should include the butt niche. lol Can't believe all the space those radiators took up!!! So glad you got rid of them. I love the demo part of remodeling. We've done this a few times ourselves and I always seeing progress made by others' projects. Don't even try to remember the definition of Weekend. Like the Dowager Countess, you have no need for that word in your vocabulary - but for different reasons. lol Just think though: Next spring you will have wonderful weather and a lovely home to match - and then you can add Weekend again. :-) and UNlike the Dowager Countess, you will have the satisfaction of the results of your hard work! xoxo

  2. oops, meant 'love' seeing progress... (My mouse is being temperamental this morning, skipping all over the page!! Grrrrrrrrr.)

  3. Suzan, the place is coming along nicely. You and John have taken on a very big task. I think they should have sent a film crew out for a DIY show! Don't shut your blog down because it's fun to see your transformations and it's understandable if you can post everyday!

  4. Shut down your blog????? Are you kidding? I save your blog for last because l enjoy it so much. l even read it out loud sometimes to my husband, who sounds like yours sometimes.

    1. Ditto, right down to reading to my husband! I love your blog. Please, please don't shut it down. We all understand if you can't post too often. Great reno you are doing, and I truly look forward to your posts.

  5. Do you suppose that cigarette might have been smoked by a certain premier of La Belle Provance? It might have value after all. LOL I see improvement there. Amazing. Are you actually keeping the old hot water heating? (if that's what it is) Copper pipe is worth some $$$$. I'd rip it out and put in electric baseboard. That's what we did at a house we own. The old boiler was outdated and leaked and was inefficient. Keep on blogging. We're interested in this makeover. We know you'll start visiting us when you're done. Have a good weekend!!

  6. Don't stop blogging about all this, it's very interesting, informative and funny!

  7. OMG please don't shut down your blog. I look forward to your posts. You are doing a fabulous job with the reno's. I can't wait to see what happens next and what comments John comes out with. It's almost as good as Downton Abbey :)
    Wishing you all the best from Vancouver Island.

  8. You know you can't shut down your blog because we all need to read our favorite series , "The Saga of John and Suzan".

    You know, if you had listened to me and moved to southern California you would have no need for those radiators.

  9. I'm pretty sure that cigarette butt is worth something...especially with how much a pack of cigarettes cost these days. I love visiting and watching the progress you are making. Think how many memories your blog holds when it's all said and done you can sit down and view the transformation in a whole new light...Cathy said

  10. Hi Susan...I echo everyone's pleas...keep on bloggin'....I enjoy reading about all the hard work that is being done. You are the only person who has ever commented on my blog & that meant a lot to thank you from the bottom of my bloggin' heart!
    And I am certain that butt (the cigarette one) is priceless!! We have what I call a "one butt kitchen"....our kitchen is long (22 ft) and narrow ( 9 ft). Maybe we need a butt niche too!
    Happy New Year!!

  11. Don't you dare stop updating us on your niches! I live for your nich.

  12. Hmmm would the butt niche be "one size fits all"?,.....please keep posting I am redecorating my home vicariously through your and hugs from the south....Sheryl...

  13. you can take all those things you found put them in a shadow box and hang it behind your hot water heater for the memories lol..please please don't shut your blog down i roar every time i read it..... the old honeymooners show has nothing on you and john lol xx

  14. Oh my Don't Never stop giving us updates. I look forward into reading and seeing all what you have accomplished.
    As for that old tool handle.......Awesome. I may be female but I do like old tools.

    Wishing you and the rest of your family a Very Happy and Blessed New Years

  15. Please don't give up telling us about your adventure...I truly enjoy them...and there's not much else going on around here! I love those conversations between you and John....I think you are winning! Enjoy your w.e.e.k.e.n.d. ;)

  16. Please, oh please! Don't shut down your blog! I love reading it. Much like you always say that your followers make you smile.... well, you do that for us, too! I am very interested in following along as your bring your home into the current century.

    Have a great new year! 2014 will be the year of your dream home! OK, well, your almost dream home! :)

  17. Wow girl you are a true treasure finder. LOL.

  18. Boy Suzan,you should frame your finds. That cigarette may be worth a few bucks, LOL. You keep hanging in there. Miss you


  19. How the heck can someone show so much progress through the holidays??? You guys are freaking machines. Happy New Years to you and John!! Cheers!

  20. Keep digging…there's a pony in there somewhere! LOL!
    Happy New Year, Ginger

  21. Don't you dare quit blogging! Your stories are the highlight of my day and I can't wait for the next one! LOL! Thank you for sharing and thank you for being so real! Love Love the construction and what you are doing to your home! I know it will be beautiful!! Can't wait for the next one!

  22. You simply must NOT stop writing for us! Who else would make my life interesting. The cat sure doesn't supply any laughs around here--only a need for strangulation!♥♫

  23. OMG, A butt niche??? LMAO, or should I say LMBO. And one more thing...DNSB (Do Not Stop Blogging)...You are truly one of the best out there, Suzan, and I look forward to your posts!

  24. Oh Suzan, please don't stop blogging! I SO look forward to yours everyday! Girl, I lived a 7-year remodel, so I feel your pain! Butt niche??? LOVE IT! Hang in there, looks to me like all of us are willing to follow along as you have time!

  25. Hi Suzan!!!!


    Well, now that that's over with...I can't wait to see your house(Even Pam's room) A la Suzan!!!! You're doing something I'll never get to do and that's to redo a house. You teach me sooooo much in your blog!!!!

    You haven't found the hidden stash of diamonds and emeralds? Remember, I love emeralds, you can keep the diamonds!!!

    Now, let's talk about that butt niche. You're going to need it when I come to visit. My family will let you know of incidences when I could have used one in my kitchen!!! LMBO(or I wish, anyways)

    The before and after pics so far, to me, are amazing!!!! So, you just keep it going my friend and one day we'll be laughing about this in your beautiful house when I come to visit!!!!

    Take care and all the best for 2014!!!!!


  26. please please por favor don't stop I need your blog !!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Oh Susan...remodeling a house is hard work, but it will be so worth it in the end. Please don't stop blogging...we all love being on this journey with you. Hang in there!!

  28. So glad that things are coming along for you. And no, I don't think you will get rich on the items you found LOL. But it's fun finding things that people leave. I look forwar to your post telling us all about your challenges.......
    Have a Wonderful New Years!!

  29. Oh, I'm pretty sure you're going to pay all your remodeling thanks to the amazing finds you had when your removed those gorgeously vintage radiators!
    Keep the posts coming, I want to see that kitchen!

  30. Oh good Lord....don't you even consider taking away my daily source of laughter, entertainment and inspiration by closing your blog. I would be lost without you in my life! LOVE the amazing progress you've made. <3 YOU!

  31. I just love it when the walls come down and the light is shining through. It was always the hardest thing to talk clients into and the thing they loved the most when it was all done!


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