Thursday, October 2, 2014

A Friday Chat ( about this and that ) AND giveaway winner !!!

A couple of weeks ago I met a fellow blogging buddy from Texas..................
Lynn ( Rustic Gold ) and her Husband BJ were in Montreal on a business trip -

As I hurriedly jumped in the shower at the last possible minute I never noticed the paint on my thigh.
Not visible until I sat down in the car - and there it was - a long streak.

Suzan says - Oh my God - I have to run back in
John says - There's no time - we'll be late

As I put my hands on my face in despair I felt a long chin hair

Suzan says - Oh my God - I have a chin hair - how did I miss that?
John says - Couldn't you have done all this last night - just to be ready?

John burst out laughing - and I looked over - horrified

Suzan says - Oh My God - what happened to your tooth
John says - It broke yesterday - nothing I can do about it - it's Sunday

And so...............the Clampett's drove off.

John says - Do you have Lynn's number?
Suzan says - Oh my God - I forgot it.....................but we're going to meet up at the fountain in
Old Montreal.
Suzan says - Thank goodness I remembered the camera !!!

We got really lucky and found parking right away - and ran off in the rain to stand beside the fountain.
And we stood.
And we stood
And we stood

John says - Are you sure this is the fountain
Suzan says - THIS is the only fountain

And we stood
And we stood......................

After 20 minutes I noticed a tourist office and ran in - to which I found out that there was in fact another fountain a few streets down...................55 years old and I didn't know that.

We ran - and I mean literally ran to the next fountain and there was Lynn - standing under an umbrella, patiently waiting for us in the rain

Her husband had asked her if she was sure this was the only fountain
Yes - she replied - THIS is the only one.

Us bloggers have a LOT IN COMMON lol

We spent a lovely part of the afternoon getting to know each other - laughing a lot - with John and BJ commiserating their lot in life being spouses of bloggers -and when it was time to leave - as we walked out into the rain - I said to John
Oh my God - I forgot to get pics of Lynn and I together -

John says - It's a miracle the rendez vous happened at all.


( Lynn - it was so wonderful to get to meet you - if I ever get to Texas please let's make sure there's not more than one fountain !!! )


Last week I happened to be looking at the thumbnail pics on my follower list - and I saw something that looked strange - on closer inspection I noticed a set of naked boobs staring at me.
I'm not a prude ( I keep saying that - but who knows - maybe I am ? ) all I know is that they don't belong on my blog - so I blocked the site - BEGONE BOOBS -
If you happen to come across a set of them on your blog ( or worse ) because they'll probably be looking for another place to strut their stuff -  here's how you block them.
Go to your dashboard - click on your followers - look for the offensive photo - click on that - and an option to block them will appear.
It obviously won't stop the boobs from reading your blog - but at least you and your followers won't have to see them.
I mean really, what next?
( I must say though - they were massive - and when I first saw the photo it looked like 2 heads )
and really not that great at all................

It's been glorious here the last 2 weeks - Indian summer at it's finest - which means "you know what" is around the corner -
I refuse to call it by its name -




Congratulations Vicky - I'm so happy for you and Sadie !!!

You can either give me your coordinates or  leave a comment directly at  THE B FARM

For anyone interested in having one done - you can contact Cecilia through her blog !

And I want to take a moment to thank Cecilia again for offering to do this - I will love my portrait of Soda forever.

Say thank you, Soda

Good girl !

Have a wonderful weekend everyone -
Much love to all of you


  1. Two fountains? Hmmmm..... I will have to figure that one out. :) Okay, what is up with hair on chin....OMG... this aging thing is nasty.

  2. Woohoo! Congrats Vicky! And you're welcome Soda! :)
    I would so do the same thing only I would probably think I'd been stood up. (Sad, I know). And boobs...omg really? I may have to double check mine just to be safe. Lol. I'm am laughing so hard right now.!!

  3. Congrats, Vicky! What a nice thing to receive!
    (I noticed the boobs photo a while ago. I resigned myself to think it was just another part of the internet that constantly tests my prude limits. I got me some low prude limits.)

  4. oh my gosh you made me laugh so hard it hurts, congratulations to the lucky winner!

  5. I'm sure that Lynn loved the Clampetts! And the chin hair, too!
    Congrats to your winner and please give sweet little Soda a kiss from me. :)

    1. Yes, Tina, we enjoyed the "Clampetts"! Very much so. And the are even funnier in person. Meeting them was a highlight to our trip!!

    2. Awww Lynn - you are so sweet - we loved meeting you and B.J. too !
      ( are you sure the beautiful fountains weren't the highlight LMHO??? )

    3. And 2 blondes waiting under umbrella's at 2 different fountains with both husbands questioning if we were each at the right fountain.
      I don't know what's funnier - Me not knowing there were 2 of them in MY home town - or YOU insisting after your 2nd day visiting that there was only one LMHO

    4. Hilarious. Proved something though!! How gullible our husbands can be because he believed me! Hahaha

    5. So did John - and he lives here too - OMG too funny -

  6. LOL- Well, of course, you had paint on your thigh and a chin hair! You wouldn't have wanted to show up looking perfectly perfect-that would surely put someone off. lol For me it is always and forever my hair. No matter how hard I try to tame it -I straighten it and look and there are two errant curls slipping out from underneath their straight shiny friends- or I let it curl and the two front pieces hang perfectly straight. lol

    You should have blackened a couple of teeth so that you and John matched! xo Diana

  7. Oh my gosh, can you be any funnier!!! My kids are like, "what are you laughing at"... and of course I can't tell them about the boobs that look like heads. LOL! I have no idea what's next! This world! Congratulations to Vicky! Love her! Have a great weekend friend!

  8. Congratulations to Vicky. Only you and John this could happen to. How funny. You are so lucky that you found them at the other Fountain. So glad that you got to met and have fun.
    By the way, how is Soda? Hope she is doing great.
    Have a fun weekend.

  9. You made me laugh out loud sitting at my desk at work with the Clampett reference. I call our family the Clampetts all the time. We identify with either the Clampetts or Sanford & son with all the "junk" in our garage. Congrats to the winner!

    1. LOL - I showed her the color I was going with the floor by lifting my skirt up LMHO !!!
      I always call us the Beverly Hillbillies - I don't think John even knows who they are -
      he knows the name from me - but I guarantee you he's never seen a show -

  10. I have to say Suzan, you always have a great tale to tell and they always and I mean always make me laugh. I think if we met I'd wet myself from laughing so hard. Too much sharing there but oh well. I'm glad you met and had a good time.


  11. OH MY!! two fountains and two boobs. Crazy! Congrats to the winner of the portrait. Have a great weekend.

  12. I broke half my tooth when I was a kid broke half his tooth when he was a kid. Then he later knocked 3 teeth out COMPLETELY. Yep...I feel your pain. Hillybilly Deluxe.

    Glad you finally caught up with your new friends!!


  13. ...speaking of your cute Soda...doing better ? If I can't have John, I want Soda.....

  14. Woo! Hoo! I am over the moon excited to have won the pet portrait! I have been dying to have one of Sadie since I saw the first one Cecilia cool! It will be perfect on my gallery wall! How fun you got to meet a bogging friend! I hope to someday meet some of included! I would love to visit your beautiful city...:) And...boobs! Oh my goodness...soe people are so tacky! I had someone sign up for my ornament exchange last year that did not have a blog and had a questionable profile photo. I trusted her since she also followed a few other bloggers and communicated with nice comments. Well....she ended up being a little cray! I learned a lesson. Anywho...thanks again from me....and Sadie! She can't wait....LOL! Have a blessed weekend.

    Hugs, Vicky

  15. Way to go Mrs. Clampett! You guys are awesome. I will now be looking for boobs just cuz I feel I missed out on something. Congrats to Vicky. That is an awesome win!

  16. I'm hysterical over the Clampets thing...once when we were on vacation, my hubs lost the cap on his front tooth, and for the rest of the week he had a little stub of a tooth. He thought it was hilarious; I was mortified every time he smiled! And, omg, the boobs thing is a riot! Who does this kind of stuff!

  17. You are a trip! I think it's great when bloggers are able to meet in person. When, not IF, you come to Texas you can meet a bunch of us. :)


  18. only you would end up with crazy follower pictures. I say that with no confidence so I am going to look my followers over real good. ;-0


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