Thursday, October 16, 2014

John says - It's DIABOLICAL .........................

Last night we were watching the news......................

John says - You know, these reporters are diabolical
Suzan says - Well that's not exactly a word I would use -
Suzan says - I can think of a lot of " D " words to use but that isn't one of them
John says - Like what?
Suzan says - disgusting................delusional................dangerous.............disaster driven ( bonus for a double one ! )
John says - Same thing
Suzan says - No it's not - Diabolical is saying they're like Satan - and I wouldn't go that far
John breaks into huge laughter.
John says - What the hell is it with you and Satan this and Satan that?
John says - The word has nothing to do with Satan
Suzan says - Are you serious?
Suzan says - Are you telling me the word Devil - D.I.A.B.L.O. - is not the root of D.I.A.B.O.L.I.C.A.L. ?
John jumps up from the bed - still roaring -
John says - Oh this is going to be fun
Suzan says - What is?
John says - Proving you wrong
Suzan says - Where are you going?
John says - To get the dictionary
John says - Want to place a bet?
Suzan says - If I'm wrong I'll never post another John says - Suzan says on the blog
Suzan says - WHOA big boy - what will YOU do if you're wrong?
John says - I'll eat the bloody book - because I know I'm right this time.

John comes back upstairs - snuggles up to me on the bed - and starts reading
Suzan says - OUT LOUD please
John says - Not necessary - it looks like we're both right

And tosses the book off the bed - to which I - of course - scramble off the bed to pick up

Suzan says - I don't expect you to eat the whole book - but you have to at least eat this page
John says - I guess this is going on your blog?
Suzan says - Oh yeah ...............
John says - You're diabolical, you know that?

It's sitting on the bench at the end of the bed - for a midnight snack
Enjoy sweetheart, enjoy

The conversation pretty much obliterated the nightly news - which is a good thing

Because between you and me and the lamp post - it IS pretty Diabolical
( but I didn't say that )

Some couples go
We engage in the most ridiculous conversations on the planet
and sometimes we even have fun with it.


Soda should be back home in my arms as you read this - I was a complete zombie yesterday -
She had to be brought in at 7.30 A.M. and was only operated on at 7.30 P.M.
All day in a cage - no food -
I was ranting and raving - really I was - until I heard she came through it and was sleeping soundly.
Then all was forgiven -
I can't wait to see her - I just can't.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone - I'll just be here spoiling a little girl I happen to love.
Big hugs,


  1. I'm so glad she's okay. :) Have fun snuggling today!!


  2. Hahaha! You make me smile :) Will your hubby enjoy the book with a side dish of humility?

    Oh, sweet Soda. I'm so happy to hear that she came through it all well. After snuggles and extra treats and lots of love from you, she'll forget all about that nasty experience. I wish her a speedy recovery!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  3. I'm glad you have Soda back. I bet she's hungry but won't be eating the dictionary!! Have a super weekend.

  4. hope the surgery went well for Soda. Try to get a picture of John eating the page please.

  5. oh my gosh thats good!!!

  6. Oh so happy for you that Soda is okay!!!!

    I always associate "diabolical" with the old Batman tv show. Didn't they use that word regularly?

  7. Oh Suzan, first and foremost, I am SOOOOO glad to hear Soda did so well! Huge hugs to you both. Maybe John can celebrate with a few nibbles on the dictionary. :)))
    Thank you for the laughter and the good news! ~ Christina in Cleveland

  8. Pretty husband and I always had bets to see who was right, I would always say I bet a dishwasher if I'm right...I actually won at least 100 dishwashers before I got

    He knew that as soon as I bet a dishwasher that I was was fun

    1. 100 dishwashers LMHO !!!
      ( I'm sure I've earned at least that in posts :)

  9. I'm going to need some more Soda updates.
    Perhaps we can whip up some herbed mayo to make that page a little more palatable, huh John?

  10. Oh-You and I would have a BALL playing Scrabble! I loved off-the-wall words and used to read the dictionary for fun when I was a kid. lol Twas a sad life I led. xo Diana

  11. ps. So glad Soda came through okay. Spoil her for the weekend!

  12. Maybe you should tear a few pages up and bake them in a Devil's Food Cake for! That was too funny! I'm so happy to hear Soda came through her surgery and is getting a little extra love this weekend. Enjoy...and blessings!

  13. I'm so glad Soda did well ~ please give her a cuddle from me!

  14. I am so relieved to hear Soda is doing well!!!! Bless her heart and yours!!! What a roller coaster to be on for a day waiting to hear the outcome of her surgery. No fun. So glad that is all behind you. Now to John!!! Jim would bet me, and I would bet an in ground swimming pool!!! I won a few of those but he has refused to honor his end of the bet. I have a koi pond instead. Which I am ready to give up. They should know better, shouldn't they, too funny!!!!! Have a blessed day!!!! XOXOXOX Karen

  15. hahhhaaa.....laughing to hard to type...

  16. So glad that Soda did well with her surgery.

  17. Oh my! John is too funny. I can't believe he thought that...still laughing. :)
    Hope Soda is doing well!

  18. So funny, Suzan! I'm laughing because I always have these kinds of conversations with my husband. He's from Brooklyn, and he massacres the English language! I don't know what they teach them in Brooklyn...SO glad Soda is okay- hope by now you are snuggling away with her!

  19. Suzan,
    Too funny and so happy to hear Soda came through her surgery and will be home now with you. Hope she has a great recovery week end. You both will feel better to be together in your own bed tonight.

  20. I'm so pleased to hear Soda is OK, a LOT of spoiling is in order :-) John certainly set himself up for that one, (never mess with a word-smith), what did he think it meant? You should have given him a diabolical forfeit for getting it wrong!!

  21. Glad to know Soda is okay. Silk cord with a tassel at the foot of your bed? Diabolical! LOL! Happy eating John!

  22. Poor Soda, lots of love and kisses and cuddles. I had to leave my babies with Dave for 2 days and it was so hard to leave them. Had no problem leaving Dave though ; ). Patty

  23. Great news about Soda and her surgery. I do wonder what exactly John thought was the root of diabolical.

  24. I would have turned in to Freddie Krueger! That's horrible, IMHO. I'm so, so glad she's ok! Little girl will love snuggling for awhile until she's completely well. :)

    John is a Hoot ~ has he enjoyed that 1 page?


  25. Awesome, I hope Soda is well Suzan, I have been flat out and not been around to anyone lately. I would have served up a warm drink at bedtime with the paper on side LOL

  26. Good to hear that Soda is doing well.
    Was wondering; would John like some hot sauce to go with that so called midnight snack :}

  27. Just playing catch up and glad I read that Soda is okay before I read the earlier post. I haven't had TV in a few years so John wouldn't have much news casting to argue about here!


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