Monday, October 20, 2014

Bed Nooks

I LOVE them - and it's one of the great things about this house ( it just may be the only great thing about this house in all honesty lol )

I have a few of them because of small dormers and such.....................but there's a space in the small guest room I'm working on - while not actually a " nook " per se - could easily be made into one.

Here's some inspiration photos - I've linked them to their original source but  you see a lot more on my Pinterest page HERE

You can also see some great reading nooks I featured HERE - ( while not exactly beds they're beautiful spots to curl up )



Down the road - 100% - I'll be building a frame and a support to make a proper nook in this spot
( and one other - in my bedroom which was where the original idea of a reading nook took place )
And had I known how easy it is - I would never have bought a bed frame............check out the below
( and think of all the storage you could incorporate into it )  Looks to be simply made out of plywood and very basic in design..................all of those pieces can by purchased at Home Depot where they'll cut them to size for you for a small fee - really - this is do-able that I wish I'd seen it before I went and bought the bed frame.
I HAVE to use it for at least a little while or John will kill me - and there's so many other better reasons he has to do so - best to leave this one alone for now.

So for now my bed nook will involve placing an actual bed in the space - I love that there's a small window where the bed will be ( there's another small window on the other side of the room )
The view is pretty dull when you're standing because it faces another house - but when you're laying ( I tried it by crouching backwards - think LIMBO ROCK..................and all you see are tree tops - quite beautiful actually - so I'll have to ask guest to crawl in on they're hands and knees and just plunk themselves on the bed.

And here is the beginning of a bed nook in all it's glory LOL ( this is the footboard - the headboard is much taller - but I almost killed myself getting it in here for the sake of a photo so I wasn't about to change it )
Just one more centimetre and it would never have fit...............almost like it was made to measure, right?

Can you believe how lucky I got with this one?

I found 2 of these wall shelf sconces while shopping in my inventory cupboard - aren't  the scrolls a perfect touch ?
I'll be spray painting them black ( they were purchased at Pier 1 maybe 10 years ago )

 I picked up 2 of these from Ikea - 8.99 each - for reading lamps over the bed - I may be making a little something - something for them to hang from ( or I may not be - you never know - because I never know where I'm going from one minute to the next )

I also found this duvet cover and shams in the linen closet ( just sitting there for 4 years now - an impulsive buy because one day I might have the perfect setting for them - that day has arrived ) black and white which is perfect..................... (  sometimes this OCD shopping of mine really pays off in the end )
They're also from Ikea - and they still have them actually !

I'm working my butt off to finish this room - by hook or by nook.  I gave myself a week - it may take a leeeetle bit longer than that.
I think I'm slowing down in my 50's - 5 years ago this would have been done in no time flat - just another one of those perks about aging that makes me want to shout ( not kick my heels up - just shout )

Here's one more for the road - isn't the bedding  gorgeous?

Have a wonderful day everyone !
I'll be painting................and painting .....................
and painting

Much love,

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  1. We have a "Swedish bed" space in our attic...we measured it for a twin mattress and it will be an exact fit....except we built it without making sure we had a place big enough to get the mattress in. Duh *smacking head*

  2. They look great, those nooks. But how do you make up the mattress/bed in the morning? Do you crawl on the mattress in order to get everything tucked in right and tight? How is that managed without leaving knee prints behind??? A mattress on top of a slab of wood, as a practical matter, does not strike me as conducive to comfort. My Grandma's house had a wonderful spaceunder the attic eaves that looked fabulously inviting with a fluffy quilt and lots of pillows. I always wondered why no one ever wanted to stay in that room. I tried it out when I was 8 one afternoon. Where to put my head in order to read comfortably? Up against one of the walls? Ouch. Pillows up against the back didn't help -- not enough support. Legs stretched out in front of me, nope, that didn't work. Legs tucked to one side or the other, I was changing positions every few minutes so as not to cramp up. One cannot lay down and read at the same time, it is hell on the eyes (I know from experience). And I cannot think of anything positive to say about a sleeping nook with no curtains or shades. Hmmmm... May as well hang a neon sign in the window with an arrow flashing - Exhibitionist lives here. Lovely photos, nice in theory, but they are not practical spaces. I do agree with you about the storage. How does one get to it easily if the only access is a trap door on the top? Perhaps one or two access doors on the front and the installation of roll-out drawers would work better for accessible storage. For reading, I'll take a cushy chair with an ottoman and a side table to hold a glass of wine. For sleeping, I'll take a box spring, a good inner-spring mattress with a down-filled mattress pad on top and enough room on both sides to be able to make up the bed without having to unduly contort my aching, aging bod. Geez, I sure am debbie-downer this morning aren't I. Sorry!

  3. sounds wonderful!! I love a nook!! That bedding is gorgeous, I was wondering, what will you do with yourself when this house is finished?

  4. Love your scrolly ideas and how to put everything together. And it's amazing how that bed frame fits in there but (and I hate to be negative)... will you be able to make the bed once it's there? (Question coming from a woman who struggled with a bunk bed fit into a small place many years ago)

  5. I'm jealous!! I've always wanted a bed in a nook ~ so cozy & comforting! And a reading nook??? Fuggedaboutit!!! Give a a good book, a rainy afternoon, and I'm GONE!

    Enjoy your nook!

  6. I love sleeping nooks, Suzan. I remember my mother had one in one of the flats she rented and I got to sleep in it when I was visiting! It was a little dark and dingy though as she was renting at the time and couldn't paint. However, it was cozy and Mum was a great decorator. I think your new bed nook will be sweet. I saw that duvet cover at IKEA this summer and wished I had room to bring it home. Have fun!

  7. Suzan,
    I love that bedding from Ikea that is going to look great. Love that headboard and foot board it is so pretty. You found some great matching accessories to go in the room too. Love the scroll shelves. Score! Very pretty.

  8. I have a little solution for the bed, but it will only work if you get guests using the room.... One day down the road, when all the big projects are done, make up a fib (but it may be true eventually). Tell him you hit your head, knuckles or it hurts your wrist to make the metal bed up. A smooth wood service would be easier, yadda, yadda. Then sell the frame for what you bought it for. : ). I am the queen of oops, made a mistake purchases, there is always a way to recoupe money and effort, down the road. Just helping you keep the dream alive. Patty

  9. Loving everything you've got going here...and, yes, the bed in the nook will be hard to make..but you will learn that a comforter with body (not John's body) will be easier to spread than a bedspread or something thin. I learned this when my son had bunks that were up against a wall.
    I pinned several of over and let my RED bed knock ya down...:)

  10. Holy wow, that is going to be so cool!! I could never tackle a project like that, kudos to you for the DIY! I am a firm believer in buying things that speak to you, and figuring out what to do with them later, it's not OCD, it's planning ahead :) Can't wait to see the finished nook!

    1. It's not so big a project Jenna - or I could never do it either !
      If it's not OCD - than it's PAD ( planning ahead disorder LOL ) because it's most definitely a disorder of some type !!!
      Thanks so much xoxoxo

  11. The perfect, perfect fit! Meant to be and I LOVE it! That bedding is going to look fantastic in there-good impulse purchase for sure! Can't wait to see the whole thing pulled together. xo Diana

  12. How exciting and what a cool thing to have and so cozy. Love the accessories. Can't wait to see it finished.


  13. Oh my gosh! I am so jealous- I want a nook! :) Love the bedding and those shelves are just perfect with the bed frame. What a wonderful, cozy room this is going to be. Lucky you to have all these things waiting for you! (Good disorder to have, if you ask me!)

  14. Whatever you put away in the closet had a purpose at one time, right? You saved it for this spot....even if you had no idea you would eventually have this spot. That's what I tell myself
    when I can't find another place to stuff bedding. LOL It will be a cozy spot for you and Soda to hide away.

  15. I have always loved the image with the King Charles Spaniel. That was the late Charles Fraudree's fishing cabin. I can't wait to see what you create.

  16. Hey. I've got an idea (like you I am chockablock full of them!).

    We can use your new nook as a location for our amazing-vintageous-women-before-and-after photo shoot... stay tuned LOL ;)

  17. Fantastic! And I'm sorry, but I kept reading "nookie." It could be a nookie nook. Yikes. =D


  18. Some gorgeous warm and cozy looking. But then I think about how hard it must be make the bed! Things like that bother me {-{. I really love the red nook one...just love red! Can't wait to see yours.

  19. I would love to have just a smidge of your creativity, talent and energy! Let me tell you, no one told me that growing older came with a lack of energy, muscles that scream after doing something that I never gave a thought to early on and an earlier bedtime. :)

    Can't wait to see this completed! I do love that black & white anything.


  20. Wow what a fluke. You really got lucky Suzan. It is going to be fantastic when you are done.

  21. The bedrooms in this house are too small to allow for a reading nook but I love the idea of one. Can't wait to see it done!

  22. love all of them. it would be a dream to have a fitted bed like those.

  23. I love how cozy all of these look, just beautiful!

  24. I have a hard time sleeping on a bed that isn't pushed up against a wall because I feel like I'm going to fall out. This has never happened to me before ever but you know I embrace all my irrational fears and stuff. I LOVE this idea! I have several nooks pinned to my pinterest as well, reading nooks especially but I think I may get a little more bed nook crazy :)


  25. Oh I can't wait to see more. Wow, these nooks are so gorgeous. I love them all. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me.

  26. It's going to look awesome! Besides, good things should not be least that is what I tell myself1 Found you on A Stroll Thru Life link up! Kyla @

  27. What a wonderful project! Beautiful and very cozy inspiration!

  28. Looking forward to seeing the project progress! The built in platform? Brilliant! I'll be remembering this !

  29. Oh, I could spend the entire day... or a week....or forever in that pink toile nook! I'd only come out for food and then take it back to my comfy, cozy pink toile nook. Beautiful! Hugs,

  30. I love nooks too! Just have such a cozy feel. Don't really have any in my home, but I do have a bonus room over the garage with the slanted walls. Would love to plank them someday! It's where the grands play and I have my vintage toys. Thanks for sharing them with SYC.


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