Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I WANNA live there Wednesday # 100

Good morning everyone !

I found the cutest little bungalow for this week -

Hudson, Quebec
( an area that we looked in last fall when we first sold our last place )
2 beds - 1 office ( could be 3rd bedroom ) 1 bath
Wood Fireplace
Partially finished basement

I'd love to see this hanging light even closer

I just love this tiny kitchen - filled to the brim with charm

I want a mug shelf now !!!
This kitchen proves you can still go " big " in small spaces - the floor length drapes and light fixture bring elegance to the room

And I LOVE the bedroom

They'd have to include the chiffonerie in this sale - how beautiful


The little house in the woods ! ( with lots of room to add a pool )

I think it's just adorable - and had it been available last October when we were frantically looking for something - anything - to buy - this may very well have been where I'd have been blogging from tonight!

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone -
I'm working non stop to at least show you something from the 2nd guest room by tomorrow

Much love,

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  1. This little house is very cute. I could see myself living there. So charming inside and out!

  2. And of course the village of Hudson is absolutely adorable!! I love it there!

  3. It's lovely! I even like the paint colours. I would repaint the ceiling in the kitchen, though and do something with the dishwasher situation... It looks so weird in the wall all alone... But I would definitely try to keep that amazing piece of furniture in the bedroom... Maybe if I stayed in front of it the owners wold forget it... I need to eat more chocolate, jsut to be on the safe side of this plan!

  4. That is a wonderful house, Suzan. They have made the most of those spaces...even the basement is great. Love that cute little kitchen. Did you notice how the one kitchen cabinet door is hanging open? Things like that always make me smile. xo Diana

  5. of all the houses I've seen you feature so far, this one is my fave. Love the decor and the bones of the house too!

  6. Oh Suzan,
    I love this place. So me. I could move right in. Cozy, cute and small. A little tweaking and this would be such a sweet place to live. The price is right too. I love this one.

  7. Good heavens! I am mesmerized by this homeowner's decorating style! (Most notably the "Alien With Child" sculpture by the front door.) What a way to take a relatively simple architecture style and make it fabulous. (Suzan! They have a dishwasher bumpout!)

  8. Love this home, so quaint, just beautiful! I love it best because it's tucked away from everything, I want to live there!

  9. Gorgeous home tour! I love all the warm soft colors and that chandelier is really cool! I agree, I'd love a closer look at it too!

  10. Drool..... like playing Wendy houses in the forest!

  11. It is nice. It'd be a nice guest home... pref. on the property (so I could entice my grown kids to visit more often). :D :)

  12. I love this place!!!! But, what is up with that dishwasher???

  13. Susan,
    I love the house.....really cute! Just enough space so you don't have to work so hard to keep it clean!!

  14. This is a beautiful little house and well decorated. I notice some great antiques too. :) I also noticed the front door which looks like a vintage 60's one. Now, if you had bought this place last year would you have had the fun and challenge of making it over like your current house? Just wondering. xx Pam

  15. I could so live in this adorable cottage. The bedroom and kitchen would be the selling point for me.

  16. Lovely house but I think your's has charm now too! You are working so hard to make it shine again. And just think of your beautiful garden with it's flowers and and fun you had with the little ones in the pool this summer..... xo Patty

  17. I like both the exterior and the interior. But, I am wondering what the ground will look like in 2 months. Will it be covered in snow? Will you get snowed in at your new house? I know in big cities they plow the streets, but are you going to get stuck in the house for days?

  18. Hi Suzan!!!

    When we were there 2 years ago, we were in the Hudson area everyday. I fell in love with the area because it's close to the water and the quaint homes. This home(to me) is perfect. It's so cozy and comfortable.

    I can't get over the house prices there compared to here in Vancouver, BC.

    Have a great weekend!!!


  19. I love this house, Suze. Close to perfect!

  20. This one is so, so me! Thanks for sharing it.

  21. This reminds me of many of the small cottages here in Fairhope. So charming and beautifully decorated! I love the touches of fun-fun-fun!

  22. Suzan, I pretty much love most everything about this little house and could gladly move right in! I have seen that same light at a local store about 10 min. from my home. I fell in love with it and wished I had somewhere I could use one. The kitchen is so quaint and I love the master bedroom! Thanks for sharing it with SYC.

  23. I'll buy it! I love that tile in the kitchen!

  24. Cute house!! Thanks for joining Home Sweet Home!


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