Tuesday, October 28, 2014

When the stars align.........................

Sometimes you just gotta grab them - pluck them right out of the sky and just be grateful that you happened to be looking up at just the moment when they' were about to cross each other.

No conversations with your better half that go on for days

No second guessing

I was looking for a love seat for the " reading room "
A full 3 seater sofa would be a little crammed because there's no way John is giving up his arm chair
( please don't look too closely - I'm trying to fluff out what isn't finished - which is basically the whole room still )

So I've been checking online for one - without any luck - until I decided I would just purchase an Ektorp from Ikea - the best solution for me because it comes with removable slip covers and they're so reasonable ( 79.99 ) that you can change them out seasonally without much cost involved.

I originally wanted to go with white - to tie in with the white slip covers in the living room - but was torn between getting the grey to tie in with the stencilled floor in the room

Anyway the decision was kind of made - done deal - it was necessary to have it because the t.v. happens to be in that room as well....................

And then I happened to be online and came across this ( in a neighborhood adjacent to mine almost )


Date Listed14-Oct-14
For Sale ByOwner

Very good condition! Must go because new couches .............

And it was still available when I contacted the seller !

That, my friends, is what I call perfectly aligned stars.

White slip cover for under 100.00 -

A perfect match for the room across from this one

You can see the post on these slip covers HERE


A huge disappointment - but hey - IKEA still has them, right?

Until I came across 2 very pretty loveseats ( better then 1 I suppose ) that I figured I could have slipcovered
 - in new condition -
The seller and I agreed on a price  - and then..............
Nothing -
No reply - just vanished into thin air.

Now it's getting heartbreaking

Until I came across another EKTORP Love seat - great price - new white slip cover had just been purchased - again 10 minutes away - ...................
Too late - just sold M'am.................

That's ok - because I saw a another Dark Grey one further down - I'll take that one instead.
Eagerly sent off the email - too late - sorry - just sold.

Now I've come to terms with the fact that I have to get to Ikea - and so I type EKTORP IKEA in my browser and up pops another Craig's list ad - just listed - for a White Ektorp - 3 seater this time.

We picked it up last night.

The strangest thing of all of this story is that in all the years I've been cruising online for furniture - I have never - not once - seen an Ektorp love seat OR couch for sale.  ( other than in the last 2 weeks )
MY stars are like everything else in my world - they get sidetracked - they collide - they explode - when there's a fork in the galaxy, they obviously take the wrong path but somehow - amazingly - every now and then they align -
And for a moment or two it's glorious

I'm still liking the grey ( for the winter at least ) so a trip to IKEA may still be happening this weekend.


But last night we both sat watching the Hockey game together - until John asked me to please leave the room or stop talking.
Hmmmph - I've been kicked out of far better rooms, let me tell you

Suzan says- Can't you talk and watch hockey at the same time?
John says - No actually, I can't
John says - And neither could you if you were actually watching the bloody game
Suzan says- John - I could play hockey and carry on a conversation - I'm all about multi tasking.

I've never bought a second hand couch before - and I'm a leetle teeny beet terrified.....................but I'm not going to voice my concerns - and that way everything will be fine, right?

Have a wonderful day everyone !
Look up - you just never know when your stars will be doing their magic.



  1. I've been seeking for a couch like yours over a year...please send me your stars...

  2. I am left wondering why so many people are selling that particular couch/love seat? Is it comfortable? It truly does seem that the gods were enticing you to that brand. My last post was about a spooky coincidence that happened to us lately. Is it just this time of year? hmmm

  3. That's super! Great that you found the sofa for a good price after all the other loveseats floated off into thin air. Yes, I can understand your concern about buying second hand cloth furniture. Here's hoping it's okay and that you inspected it closely!! I like the grey slipcover too. That furniture is so versatile. Have a great day.

  4. I LOVE that sofa, Suzan. Can you believe all of the ones that POPPED UP when you started looking? I think the "stars" were letting all those other ones go so that a THREE seater would be available! lol

    That FLOOR looks fantastic in there. You outdid yourself there. I love it!!!! And your sofa looks super comfortable. xo Diana

  5. Nice! How can people change their minds like that once they've put something up for sale? Nice that IKEA has what you want and that sofa covers work for you. I've tried them and they were a total misfit. I think I need to actually get some new furniture. Your house always looks so beautiful, Suzan!

  6. How did you keep going?? I would have been in a puddle of tears. Guess it's a good thing you didn't give up. :) It looks great!!


  7. Wow
    Looking good
    And that floor is georgeous!!

    1. Thanks so much Mo - just realized I still owe a tutorial on that floor !

  8. Suzan,
    Try try again. That is my motto and it paid off for you. Love that couch you found to re love. I think it will look so good with the grey cover and you have the white for when you want to change things up. If it is meant to be it will happen. Glad you finally scored one.

  9. The right thing will come along. Patience, grasshopper.
    This room looks great...look at your floor! Are you happy dancing?

  10. It looks great.. I'm wondering if I should look for one (a smaller one) on Le Bon Coin to replace my very old sofa that doesn't have any arms so isn't very comfortable...

  11. The only think I ever find on craigslist are kittens, and I already have two of those.

  12. You lucky lucky lucky girl!! Men just can't multitask.

  13. I often find that I see things that I was looking for a month ago and all of a sudden there is a huge selection of them as well. Crazy!! I love our Ektorp love seats!! Love them.

  14. Love the sofa. It looks good in white and I think the grey would be great to use for Fall and winter...or whenever you want a change.

  15. I can imagine the distress of it all but hey you ended up with a great couch and it did give you a good story to share with all of us! ;)

  16. I wish there were little 'like' boxes next to each line of conversation between you and John. I think I would 'like' ALL of them. Well yours anyway, lol!

  17. Well, Sunshine, I was going to ask if everyone in that area decided to sell their Ikea love seats! :) So happy you found something you love and it looks great in that room. Using the grey in the winter will be perfect!

    I have to tell you, the stars would align if you'd come down here and help me! :)


  18. Love it! I have always been against buying a used sofa, but since it has a washable slipcover, I would probably do it too. If I had been closer to Ikea, this is the sofa I would have purchased. I love it! And your floor is AMAZING! Have a blessed week.


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