Wednesday, October 8, 2014

I WANNA live there Wednesday # 98

Good morning everyone !

I almost forgot that it was Wednesday -
I almost forgot to write up a post -
I almost forgot I had a blog -
( I almost forgot who John was - who ARE you and what are  you doing in my bed? )

And then I remembered all of the above - so here we go - back to my old neighborhood of Westmount.................another Heritage home in the heart of the city !
Again, this is a rowhouse.

999,800 ( under a million is an exceptional price for this property )
Year built 1890
3 beds - 2 baths - 1 half bath

I will never be able to get enough of these older home charms - the molding - the fire place - that chandelier !

Loving the double ( original doors, it looks like ) and my beloved radiators ( does anyone else love radiators as much as I do? )  This home appears to be so bright ( mine was quite dark )

And this next photo?
In the heart of the city - where outdoor space is gold?
I'm absolutely in love !

What a dream come true this house would be to update a little and decorate decorate decorate !!!!!!!!

You all have a wonderful Wednesday - I think I may hop back into bed for an hour - it's raining -
it's pouring - the old man is snoring ( I can hear him from the office )

Much love,

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  1. This is a real beauty, Suzan. I love the oldness of it yet it's in great shape. Thanks for sharing and have a cozy day. xx Pam

  2. Beautiful home, love the front door, but it definitely needs your touch on the decor!!! It is lackly your finesse. The back garden is lovely for a city garden, I would like some more color in it though!!! Aren't I picky today!!!! I guess if I had the mil to throw down for this little abode, I could be, huh? LOL Have a blessed day!!! XOXOXOX Karen

  3. I adore this house. I would fantasize about filling it full of furniture with casual elegance... not too contemporary, not too stuffy. So many neighborhoods in the US could have this same charm if they hadn't been bulldozed for boxy soulless new development.

  4. GREAT property and I love radiators, too. We have had them in several old houses that we owned over the years.

    This house is like a blank canvas waiting for a new owner's touch/style. And I like that it is bright...lots of old homes are not. xo Diana

  5. This home is so inviting to me...I have immediate plans for the decor when i move in!
    Sleep, Suzy, sleep....

  6. I'll have to say, I'd rather live in your house any day, Suzan. This one looks spooky, and way too stark (on the inside) than I like. Are you sure it's not a haunted house?

  7. Haha Cranberry Morning. The first thing I "saw" when I got to the pic of the twin beds was a girl on each bed with a seriously creepy look on their faces. Even so...this place is gorgeous!!! I've always wanted to live in the city. But alas, my hubby is a country boy so here we be. In the middle of nowhere. But, someday...

  8. Oh I love radiators too...and they are so fitting to these homes. Great house, it doesn't look like it has much loving care for awhile although it looks in good shape. Great price. AND great location.

  9. This one by far is my favorite home you have featured! Thanx for sharing at THT.

  10. Hi Suzan!!!!

    I love this house!!! And that backyard is amazing!!!! I've never seen one of these places that had a yard like that!!!

    I would love to live in this place!!!

    My heart will always belong to Montreal!!!



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