Wednesday, October 15, 2014

How many guest rooms do we need?

Oh - I don't know - maybe 2 of them?

I had a vision to create the second little room upstairs into a " dressing " room - was all set to go with that actually - even as I pulled out the paint tray and roller.................

And then I decided I was going to create a second guest room -
It's ridiculous -
It's over kill -
It's even absurd

But that's exactly what I'm going to do, because

I'm ridiculous
I'm absurd
And over kill happens to be my middle name, as per John

It'll accommodate another double bed, so.......................

I've been on the lookout - here's a few that I'm interested in !

( all found on Craig's list )

This one's in Vermont - so I'd have to actually cross the border to pick it up - it's only an hour away but John would go out of his mind if I send him out of the Country to get it - BUT isn't it worth it?

This one is beautiful - but there's a nook for the bed to fit into - and I'm afraid the curves may make it just a little too large to fit...............shame

This would be so gorgeous painted !

I just adore this next one - but it's a little higher than I want to go.....................

Just the headboard here - but I think it would be beautiful painted !

The first inquiry's been made on this one - because the price is right and guess what?
I MAY EVEN LEAVE IT WOOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John says - Are you planning on turning this into a " bed and breakfast " for God's sakes ?
Suzan says - Yes John - that's exactly what I'm planning -  I'll provide the beds - you provide the breakfasts
John says - It's ridiculous
Suzan says - Oh I know - and it's absurd - and even overkill, I got it.........................

But the juices are flowing here
The little one's can have their own room each !

Tucked under the rafters..........................
Two little guest rooms are always better than one, right?

Look what else I found while " browsing " - way out of my league price wise - but isn't it gorgeous?

Oh and just as I was getting ready to sign off - I received an email - the bed I wanted was sold yesterday afternoon - a day too late...................

So the search is now officially on

Soda's at the vet today for her surgery..........................trying to stay as positive as I can

Have a great day everyone 


  1. I'm sure you'll find just the right bed for you. Sending best wishes for Soda's surgery xoxo

  2. thank you. I laughed out loud at the bed and breakfast question from John. So like a man. We have one guest room and the other my husband claimed as "his" room, which amounted to him buying and storing musical instruments and bookshelves full of books he's read once and will never read again! Quick...put a bed in that room before John decides he needs a "special" room for himself.

  3. Let me know as soon as your B&B is ready. You might get Wisconsin guests if we don't have to board a plane to get there. Lol

    Thoughts with sweet Soda today. Stay strong.

  4. Why not have two guest rooms? That first bed is so worth the drive to Vermont to pick it up. I love it. The four poster is lovely too, and I would definitely have painted it. Too bad it was gone, but I'm sure you'll find something fabulous. I'm saying a little prayer for sweet little Soda. Think happy thoughts.

  5. Well, first off- saying a little "pet prayer" for your Soda.

    Too bad that bed sold-it was pretty. You will find the perfect one, I know. I do think that one that is just the headboard would be really sweet painted and with no footboard it would make the room seem bigger.

    Well, I have THREE guestrooms. Yes- sad but true...and guess what! When the family is here they are ALL full! ALL!!! Two of them have queen sized beds. (one of them also has a youth bed we pull out of the closet as needed)..and the third room has twin beds AND a crib. lol

    If you have a dozen grandkids you will need those extra guest rooms, if you DO decide to sell the extra bedrooms are always a BIG plus when you market a home. xo Diana

  6. All beautiful...sorry you lost out on the bed you wanted.
    Hang in there....Soda will be back home before you know it.

  7. I just love the first bed from Vermont! So farmhouse looking. I hope Soda does well. xx Pam

  8. I saw the cutest sign! It said "BED AND BREAKFAST! YOU MAKE THEM BOTH!"
    Come think about it, I might have seen it on one of your blogs! LOL!!!
    Anyway, all the beds are gorgeous! I am partial to iron beds and have several here at home! Always a favorite with down comforters or quilts.
    As for your baby girl Soda, we are sending you all positive vibes and hugs! Nanny

    1. I've seen those signs too lol -
      Soda is back and curled up by my side - she just ate - had a long drink of water - siged and curled up in a is good

  9. I may have to go to Vermont for that bed if you don't (I've always fancied a trip to Vermont in the fall but I'm not sure how I'd get the bed back).
    This Christmas I will be accommodating my eldest daughter, her partner and my new granddaughter, my younger daughter and a friend she's known since she was 11 who has nowhere to go this year and my brother. I have two rooms that fit a double bed (that might be queen size to you?) and one single. I also have an inflatable bed that will have to go in the living room. God knows where we're all going to sit, let alone eat, but I guess that's the spirit of Christmas!
    So I'm all for cramming in as many beds as possible, you never know when you might need them :-)
    My thoughts are with you and Soda and I'm praying everything goes well xxx

    1. Oh Vermont is the most charming State Gerry - I just love going there.
      Congratulations on your new granddaughter - how wonderful for you !!!
      I think everyone crammed into spaces is exactly what's so special about Christmas - and make for the best memories !
      Soda's curled up beside me - right where she should be :)
      Thanks SO much Gerry

  10. I think 2 guestrooms sounds perfect...more to decorate :) Good luck!!

  11. My prayers are with Soda today, I am sending her good thoughts all day long!!!!! And she is number one on my prayer list!!!!! All the beds are beautiful, I couldn't chose which one, I love them all. I have 3 guest rooms, so when Jim wasn't feeling well this week, I moved him into the nicest one!!!! Gave him the honored guest treatment!!!! He's all better now!!! Variety is good for the soul!!! When the grandsons stay over, they like to switch up where they sleep too!!! And I think John doing the cooking is a fabulous idea!!! When we went to England, we enjoyed breakfast there, so he could very well be in charge!!!! Have a blessed day. XOXOXOX Karen

    1. Thanks so much Karen - Soda seems fine - sleepy but fine - she just finished eating her favorite meal ( pasta and sausage lol )
      As for the guest rooms - John would make me sleep in them lol - and actually last week I fell asleep in it reading late into the night !!!
      If John were in charge of breakfast - we'd need to hire a maid for the clean up - it's seriously unbelievable when he cooks lol

  12. Loved all the bed frames. I think a second guest room is great. Can hardly wait to see what your getting and what your going to do.
    Have a great weekend.

  13. It will happen, a great bed,and a well dog. Good days are ahead,although i don't know about John. Lol

    1. She's back !!!!
      Life is good
      Thanks so much Marlene !!!

  14. I know you will find the perfect one...and so hope all is good with Soda.

  15. I have three beds in storage. Two are family pieces I don't want to get rid of. Husband hates them. blah-blah-blah.
    So they are in storage.
    And guess what? My son needs a bed and doesn't want any of them.

  16. Keeping good thoughts for your dog, and sending you hugs. Elaine

    1. It's soooo appreciated Elaine - thanks so much - she's home - life is good !

  17. Hope Soda heals quickly and is a-ok! A big hug for you, my sweet friend.

    I think another guest room is a fabulous idea! (Gives me a place to stay if I ever get up that way 😉). Good luck on finding the perfect bed! Can't wait to see the progress on the whole room!

  18. How exciting...another guest room makeover to look forward to! All of the beds are just gorgeous and I know whatever you choose will look amazing! Have a fabulous Friday! Prayers for sweet Soda and for you!

    Hugs, Vicky

  19. Vermont and the four poster get my vote :)

  20. Sending prayers for Soda...keep us posted.
    xx oo

  21. Darling choices. I hope Soda is doing well.

  22. I couldn't agree more! A guest room sounds like way more fun to work on than a dressing room! And you found some lovely options to fill it with. Good luck with the hunt!

    1. Thanks so much Sally - I just may have found a bed frame

  23. I have two guest rooms (not that I use them that often), but it is great when they are filled with friends and family! I'm sure you will find just the right bed frame!

  24. Wishing Soda a speedy recovery! Hope it goes well Suzan. Good luck with your new business. Can I book now??

  25. I'd go a long way to get that marble topped Eastlake dresser. It's a beauty!


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