Saturday, September 15, 2012

And I'd like to keep this too, please

Well the disorder continues - day after day - without any sign of abating whatsoever -
Is there medication for this?
I don't think there's any in Canada - but maybe you guys have something in the States 
that can help me out?  We could smuggle it in with a can of ASCP and no on would be the wiser..................

Ok on to today's post.

Remember this beauty?

And this is really where I sometimes get too smug and think I'm some kind of pro or something - the visions are flying around in my head and the excitement starts to build and I'm practically doing a happy dance all over the place.  Who do I think I am?  Really?  I'm just a " Suzan "............and every now and then things happen to remind me of that. 
I wanted to do a reverse stecilled table top on this - like I did with the Anne of Green Gables dresser - with different shades of grays - 
In comes one tin of Martha Stewart oops paint - a beautiful charcoal gray - now keep in mind I really only at this point use ASCP - so.......................completely not thinking I paint the entire surface with this beautiful paint WITHOUT PRIMING OR SANDING - because that's something I so rarely have to do anymore.

doesn't the contrast against the white look pretty?
Next I painstakingly applied the floral stickers.......................

than painted over the entire surface with Paris Grey ( annie sloan ) 
then very very carefully peeled away the stickers to reveal this

and this

OMG - really Suzan?
Can you really be that stupid?
You betcha!

John says - What now?
Suzan says - Before you come in - I'm warning you that if you shake your head and tell me " I told you so "
I'll completely break down into uncontrollable tears - DO NOT COME HERE UNTIL YOU PROMISE ME YOU'LL HELP ME OUT WITHOUT A SCENE
John says - I think you're overreacting ( but he can sense my despair and very kindly says ) anything can be fixed ( which is NOT his typical response btw ) 
Suzan says - Ok come in - you're simply the best you know - I don't know what I would
John interrupts - What the hell happened here?
Suzan says - I didn't prime the table so the paint didn't take
John says - Well I don't understand - why would you skip such a crucial step?
Suzan says - I messed up - it happens you know - I'm not perfect 
John says - Why the hell do you always have to go one step too far anyway - what's with the flowers - if I've told you once I've told
Suzan interrupts - YOU MADE A PROMISE - ok get out - with my finger pointing out of the room - 
John says - You know you're getting an artist's temperment, you know that right?
Suzan says - I'm NOT an artist, I'm just a " Suzan "
John says - ok - what do you want me to do?
Suzan says - Could you sand the entire surface down for me honey bunny schnookums?
John says - I'm getting fed up of this - it's happening too often - I just wish you'd THINK before you start these projects....................FLOWERS DON'T BELONG ON COFFEE TABLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do your blogger friends know where you keep the sander? No I didn't think so!  You don't tell them that I have to crawl under the dining room table to a box you keep under there and dig through it to find the sander, do you? You don't tell them I crack my head every single time, do you?  

Thank God he doesn't read my blog - because he would kill me if he knew I posted this photo LOL
But because he really is simply the best - he took it outside and sanded the top down - brought it back in - plunked it down in front of me and

John says - Here you go Picasso, a blank canvas - please, though, keep all things botanical off of it.

So - starting all over again - it's gonna be rough - so rough - but we're gonna make it

Agghhh - get that bloody flower away from me - I'm sickened by it now
This time I painted the top with COCO ascp - and the base in Behr "paint and primer in one"
and left some of the details peeking through

Then I applied dark wax to the top and buffed and buffed and buffed until I had this

Suzan says - I'd like to keep this - it fits in our living room better then the one we have now
John says - Oh please don't start this again Suzan
Suzan says - Well I'll just sell the one we have for the same price I would have asked for this one - no difference is there

So - now this one is for sell lol

Far too big and chunky for this small room ( thank god we no longer have a basement - because it would stay as well ) 

Stay tuned for the next disaster I had last week - you won't believe it!

Meanwhile I'm going to sit on the chair - with a good book - and a cup of tea - and put my feet up on this

Have a great supercalifragilisticispialidocious kind of Sunday

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  1. The conversation you shared with John won me over; he sounds like my own Mr. Wonderful ;) Newest follower on your blog - what gorgeous pieces you've found and transformed!

  2. Love the new table - isn't it great when something beautiful can come out of such a disaster. I have had my share. I also like the old table - it would be a hard decision as to which one would be staying......

  3. Sorry you has such a oops moment, but the new color scheme is much better! - Susan

  4. I love the new coffee table. The Coco on top and just the right amount of distressing on the sides is perfect. Thank goodness I DO have a basement because that is where I stash my sander. If the doorway to the basement wasn't so narrow and short and the stairway down there wasn't so narrow (the people who lived hear originally must have been the size of typical 8 year olds!) I would work in the basement. Nah - who am I kidding? There are mutant spiders hiding in the basement. Everyone knows that...

  5. I love the new one better! It is so beautiful! That coco is perfect. I have never painted any terrifies me..I don't know why. But I want to! I don't know anything about the whole wax thing either. I love your conversations...they are hilarious and I think play out in many diy bloggers homes!!

  6. I love this table!! Perfect! I am fortunate to have a single car garage for all the tools so I can find them myself. I still paint in the living room though!
    Other than the fact that I have 2 children, not three, YOur Bio could be mine.
    Thanks for stopping by, I am following your as well.

  7. Hi Susyq! I don't blame you...this piece is awesome and I'd keep it too. Looks great where you displayed it! I love it!
    I just found your blog this morning and have been enjoying your past posts as I drink my coffee! Glad to have found you! I've become a follower! Thank you! Carolyn

  8. I certainly do like the final product, and I'd keep it too, if I were you. :-)

  9. oh man - great story! and your hubby is a keeper :) .... mine just ignores the ever growing pile of beads around the house - ha! except for when the credit card bill shows up:D

    Gorgeous table! kick your feet up and enjoy!

  10. I do think table number 2 is a better fit for your room. I could really use a John to fix my mistakes for me! Does he do plumbing? ~ Maureen

  11. The new coffee table turned out fabulous! You find such awesome pieces to re-do!

  12. I LOVE it! Actually I love them both! You are a very talented "Suzan"!

  13. I'd say that was a happy "accident". It turned out great, just love it! (Good luck with getting to keep it!) :)

  14. What a shame !!! I LOVED the floral design on the top of this table. It is lovely as it is now, but I'm so partial to anything floral - thought it looked divine. It has inspired me as to what to do with an end table in the bedroom I'm redoing. Thanks !!

  15. Your post is awesome! Found you through "I should be mopping the floor..." I am QUEEN of skipping the primer stage. Why do we always do the same thing expecting a different result! Ha. Glad I'm a new follower! Come visit sometime!

  16. I love it! I like that one better in your living room. You know I've had my share of oops, so I completely understand! I loved the flowery design, too bad about that! This is why Annie Sloan is the best paint for people like us, lol!

    Tell John that my most recent project is a small coffee table with a flowery thingie on it...I'll be posting about it shortly.

  17. Oh it is gorgeous though! This is such a great post, I also have to make my hubby promise to be nice if I'm close to tears over something. We almost had a horrible scene about baking the other day but he pulled off being sweet wonderfully. :)

  18. Well, I was loving your flower table~~that is until the peeling. Oh well, all's well that ends well. The new table looks great too!

  19. You are absolutely hilarious! New follower of yours, thanks so much for stopping by my blog as well! I'm still laughing, sounds alot like me and my hubby!

  20. This is awesome! I think we may be married to the same man LOL!!!
    I think it turned out amazing and like I always tell myself when these things happen...Its going to be better than ever!
    Thank you so much for stopping over. So glad I found your page. You are hilarious!

  21. Suzan, your table came out gorgeous! Beautiful save. We have all had the paint lifting thing happen, but I like the gray and white you ended up with. Stunning.

  22. That's the sort of conversation we have in our house all the time haha.

    Glad it turned out great in the end!

    Jan @Door251

  23. Love both tables but the Coco looks smashing with your decor.

  24. Hilarious! It's saintly how our hubbies put up with us, isn't it? Your table turned out gorgeous, anyway!!
    Susan (with an 's' :)

  25. Wow, that looks lovely! What great work you do!

  26. Hahahaha, these John stories crack me up. Looks great as always Suzy! :)

  27. Suzan I love it! Just gorgeous! You are so talented & I've been right where you were. On top of the world because a piece was coming together so well and then...bummer I messed up. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Peggy

  28. Well, I think it turned out great in its final look, Suzy! I love how long it is, too. I can imagine doing the same thing. I'm so used to using the chalk paint on furniture now.

  29. i love the final product~ it's much more versatile!

  30. Dang girl, that looks beautiful! You did a great job. Thanks for sharing it my party Suzy.

  31. My three sanders are in their boxes under the kitchen table, the miter saw sits under the church pew with the saws-all, the Dremel set is tucked beneath the microwave stand, and my huge toolkit is besides the pie safe - all of them in the breakfast nook! I do not understand why my husband can never find the tools! He and John are cut from the same cloth!

    Great decision - keep the new and sell the old. Love that cocoa paint.

    You are now beyond reality show and into the realm of a mini-series!

  32. I should know better than to be drinking a soda and read your posts, Suzan. I had fizzy stuff comin' out of my nose, girl. NOT a pretty sight, believe me.....

    All I've gotta say is that your non-flowered table does look better there than the clock one, Picasso. You ARE an artist...even John thinks so. lol! I do think, though, that dear John needs to build you a barn to keep all of your supplies in. :)

    Your adoring fan ~ xoxo laurie

  33. I love the end result! We all have whoopsies, now and then. Better with something fiaxable than not!

  34. Simply lovely! I'd do it, too. :)

  35. Well, the final result is great! Sorry you had to go through heck to get to that point. Glad you had the determination to keep going! Thank you so much for sharing at the party. XOXOXO

  36. Cute, cute table. It looks fabulous in your room.

  37. I love your table, and I know all to well about painting mess ups. My problem is that my hubby taught me how to use the sander, then bought me a new one for my birthday. I guess he figured teach a person to fish....

  38. Very pretty - it really truned out nice after all!
    Thanks for linking up this week...hope to see you next week at the Autumn Inspiration Linky Party!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  39. Both are beautiful! Great inspiration! Thank you fro sharing your project at Potpourri Friday!

  40. Linking from Redoux. Love that you are real about what happens with projects. Am stunned with the gorgeous result

  41. Your post made me laugh out loud, Suzan! I have a wonderful, musical, comical pip of a hubby who has helped me out in similar situations too many times to count--that's why he's a keeper! So nice to see that your coffee table turned out so fabby in the end--it is very beautiful.

  42. I absolutely love the table!!! You did such a great job & John is such a trooper. I found ya on the Keep calm & link up hop. I hope you & John have a great weekend!

    I'd love if you stopped by to say hi if you get a chance?

  43. Well it all turned out for the best!
    Ah the comedy and the tragedy of it all. Wink wink.

    Thanks so much for linking up at I Gotta Create! <3 Christina

  44. Oh girl you make my tired ache with everything that you are doing. Seriously, do you ever sleep? lol! Another great piece! It looks so great in your room. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  45. That table was so pretty, it didn't need flowers! Looks like that one really is a keeper! Thanks for sharing your talent and even your mistakes with us at Gettin' Krafty!

  46. What a gorgeous table! Thanks so much for sharing this awesome project on Simple & Sweet Fridays.


  47. Hi Suzan,
    I love the way the table came out. It is really beautiful. I also love the table with the clock on top. Thanks for sharing every week with Wednesday's Adorned From Above Link Party. You help make it a success.
    Have a great week.

  48. This table is absolutely gorgeous! Great work!


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