Sunday, September 9, 2012

Nice to see you again Craig

I haven't been on a date with Craig for a while now - because of picking with Dorothy and a new warehouse she introduced me to - not to mention I have a storage unit packed to the brim which for some reason I have an aversion to going to........................there's all kinds of things in there to be painted - plus I'm actually paying to keep it every month - sometimes there's absolutely no logic floating around in my brain.

I've found all of these items tonight - and sent inquiries on each of them - we'll see if they're still available - fingers are crossed because they are great finds!

This is my favorite type of dresser to work on - I just love them
and the best part of this dresser is it comes with her mate

check out the handles!!! ( and the back plate ) I so want to get my hands on this!

and then this beauty

think paint will do wonders with this one - and btw this is my second favorite type of dresser! and it's being delivered to me next weekend!

and I found this

it's actually a sewing table - but could easily be a little apartment ( or child size ) desk

and I found this

how special is this little beauty? ( just found out it sold to the inquiry before mine :((

and this

 does that have beautiful lines on it? just loving the curves

and lastly

agghhh - it's the exact same breadbox  as my Ginger Bread Box House - and remember I have to make 3 more of them!  The seller wants 50.00 for the set ( this one comes as a complete set of canisters ) so I could maybe make a motel of 1 room cottages LMAO....................
I've offered 20 which is much more than I want to but what's a person to do - it's supply and demand! Seller came back at 25.00 - think I'll pass -
( Hey John - for 2.00 you got a great deal on your bread box honey )

Ok so those are the things that are within my budget  
now here are the things that are absolutely OUT of my budget but that I would love to get my hands on anyway

OMG - is this unbelievable? ( hey Mister - love your casual pose, you devil you )

and it comes with this

WOW - that shield mirror?
and this? I was going to call it a tall boy - but this is definitely a gentleman's dresser!
and I think they'd be willing to throw in the dartboard to sweeten the deal

   and 2 of these

1000.00 will get you the complete set - which is a great price ( I think ) for an antique bedroom set in such pristine condition -
however it's a little out my budget for buying and selling
I keep scrolling up the page to look at it I love it THAT much

and then I saw this - photo is hazy - but you get the picture ( pun intended lol )

just ridiculously gorgeous?

and I wouldn't mind this little console table somewhere

And that's it for my clandestine meeting with Craig for this evening - John has no idea I see him so much -
He's usually in bed when I sneak away to meet him.................oh and when he travels?  Craig and I are together constantly -
Can't help it - he makes me happy.



  1. Does that gentleman come with the dresser as a mirror holder? He may come in handy at times!

  2. What great pieces to find. Wish we had pieces like that on our Craigslist. Mostly overstuffed sofas and mattresses, lol.... But, I do find some cool pieces at thrift stores occassionally.....

  3. LOL. We'll keep this our little secret! Great finds!

  4. Oh, that Craig is full of temptations! How can you resist?

    Looove the first two dressers! Well, I love everything you showed, but I love the first two the best. I can't bring anymore stuff in here though until I sell a few things, otherwise I'm going to have to get a storage space too, lol!

  5. Craig isn't much to look at in our area. You are a lucky girl and what John doesn't know will only hurt his wallet- xo Diana

  6. Love love love Craigslist. I can browse it for hours. Did that Frenchy dresser have its legs cut off?

  7. wow those are some awesome pieces good luck hope some of them make it home to you to be transformed

  8. Oh my goodness..that console table is so beautiful!!
    But what you have bid on are pretty awesome pieces too. I hope you get what you want!
    Debbie :)


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