Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I told you so, John!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember this dresser?

Where John told me it was too specific ( or something like that anyway - the original post is HERE )

It sold on the weekend - so I really do not need an agent after all lol - a young couple bought it for there soon to be born daughter -  I am always overly thrilled when my pieces make it into nurseries - and for some reason most of them do - often for the first born - weird coincidence?

And then my country pieces - which were listed 2 weeks ago

 Suddenly had a lot of interest!
 A young couple from Ontario ( again expecting a baby girl ) called and asked me to hold them for them
 until next weekend when they can drive in to pick them up

 AND after I agreed, 3 more interested parties contacted me for them ( it never rains - but it pours )
 but they belong to the first couple -
 Along with this

won't this make the cutest baby's room????  If I remember properly I think the couple have just bought an old farmhouse - or country house -

And an update on that dresser I'm working on - all " dirtied " up

but still not finished lol - I really am taking my time on this one!

Oh and Lindsay from Better After featured my Country Sunshine - thanks so much Lindsay - this makeover has given me more hits than anything else I've done - 12 features are very humbling ( and absolutely thrilling )

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend - mine was near perfect - pickin on Saturday - partying on Sunday - dinner with my daughters on Monday - ( near perfect and not perfect because my Son couldn't join us )



  1. Congrats on all the features - I absolutely love your work and see why it has been picked to be featured so often. Keep it coming - can't wait to see what you come up with next....so enjoy every piece...

  2. wow--beautiful work and GREAT features!! Thank you for commenting on my dresser post--and i am your newest follower... And - yes I would have agreed with on the first dresser--I KNEW it would sell...

  3. Very beautiful pieces! I know isn't it weird how your furniture seems to appeal to a certain crowd? I get the same thing except mine are all college girls or 30 something couples. Have a great week! Traci

  4. Gorgeous job on the chest....I love, love Anne of Green Gables...so want to go to Prince Edward Island!!

  5. Congrats! Your hard work is paying off. I'm not surprised though. Do you just advertise your pieces on Kijiji?

  6. Goodness....I am not surprised they sold. Your pieces are charming and full of whimsy and just fabulous! :)

  7. Congratulations of all those features! But, HOW COULD YOU SELL MY ANNE DRESSER! I thought it was included in my prize. ~ Maureen

  8. Soo funny, your convo with your husband. I absolutely love the dresser. Your work is really beautiful. I am still new at the whole blogging thing. I have been doing furniture for a couple years now, but I am just recently trying to make more of it then just something I do on the side. Your work inspires me. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Wow I can't believe this post! My sister and her family vacation in PEI every year and she's always quoting Anne of Green Gables. Your work is definitely worth showcasing YOU ROCK!!!

  10. congrats on the features & the sales glad to see your work being so appreciated yay have a wonderful week

  11. I'm still crying because you didn't send "Anne of Green Gables" this way! Love it ~

    Your furniture pieces all turn out wonderfully and I can't wait to see this on-going piece finished. The color looks gorgeous!


  12. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog - wow your furniture is gorgeous!! I am your newest fan and follower!

  13. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my Dr Seuss!! I love your Anne Dresser! It's adorable! This is my first piece for a nursery. They are so much fun to do!! btw, that huge buffet/hutch is absolutely stunning. What a monster to re-do! Very nice work!

  14. Oh wow! What gorgeous pieces of furniture. I love that beautiful hutch and your "dirtied up" piece is sure to be another masterpiece.

  15. All of your pieces are amazing, that green gables dresser is adorable. You are a very talented woman, and now your furniture is inspiring new young minds and hopefully future upcyclers. I love that cabinet in the last pic, I know it was alot of work but you did an incredible job it is gorgeous.
    hugs Tobey

  16. Congradulations Suzan. All of those are pieces are beautiful. Have a great week.

  17. Congradulations Suzan. All of those are pieces are beautiful. Have a great week.

  18. I'm not surprised those pieces went so fast ... they look fabulous! And I can see them all in nurseries too! Congrats and congrats on the well-deserved Better After feature!



  19. Beautiful pieces, Suzan! I love that dresser with the poem/text on it. I just redid a roadside rescue chest {that my daughter is going to take at her house}, but it is nowhere near as nice as your work.

  20. Wow...love them all :) Yes, I agree, the thought of them being purchased for a babies room is fun...and a compliment to your beautiful work :)
    Thanks for your sweet comment on my entry!! Chat soon, Laurel


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